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Current Chess News (see below for tournaments completed)

Note: See calendar and TA pages for more info about upcoming chess events.

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This Week/Holiday Weekend - NWC Grand Prix events!

  • May 26-28 Washington Open, Lynnwood, WA
    - See half-page ad/flyer | See full-page ad/flyer with details

    Note: New members/subscribers from the WA Open will begin receiving NWC magazine in July. A few sample back issues may be available at the event.
    WCF hats! - This is a new WCF logo item available for purchase in the Etsy store now. The listing of the hats is here. Hats may be picked up on Saturday at the WA Open, and a company representative will be there with shirts to sell as well.

This Week/Holiday Weekend - Other (non-GP) events!

  • May 22 Portland Tuesday Night Quads (Rd 4 if needed), Portland, OR
  • May 24 WA Open GM Lectures, Blitz & Pizza, Seattle, WA - See ad/flyer

Local Juniors Qualify! The US Chess Federation recently announced (on May 8) the list of junior players who have qualified to participate in the 2018 World Cadet Chess Championships to be held in Galicia, Spain, Nov. 3-16, 2018. 14 Washington and Oregon players qualified either for this event or for the World Youth (ages 12-18) event, which will be held in Halkidiki, Greece, Oct. 19-31, 2018! Please see the blog post on this website, and congratulations - Looks like some travel coming up!

Scholar Award! The U.S. Chess Federation (US Chess) named five recipients of the 2018 Scholar-Chessplayer Awards, and we're pleased to report that Seth Talyansky, age 17, from Portland, Oregon was one of the five. See the article on the US Chess website. Seth previously appeared on the cover of Northwest Chess for May 2017 - see the 2017 news page.

U.S. Championships! - The 2018 U.S. Chess Championships were held April 17-29 at the Saint Louis Chess Club for the tenth consecutive year. Congratulations to new U.S. Chess Champion GM Sam Shankland, with a final score of 8.5 out of 11, going undefeated. World championship candidate GM Fabiano Caruana finished a close second with 8 points, losing only once.

In Memoriam (reported by Russell (Rusty) Miller) - Jack Arthur Schrader of Vancouver, Wa., and originally from Oregon, passed away on Apr. 18 at the age of 82. He is survived by his wife, a son and daughter, 5 grandchildren and 2 great granddaughters. Jack was a man of many talents, of which chess was one, playing at a respectable amateur level. A number of his cartoons have appeared in Northwest Chess. Photo: Jack Schrader at Biscuits restaurant. Photo courtesy of Esther Schrader.

Local youth to represent U.S.! - Sophie Velea will be the Official U.S. Representative for Girls U10 at the 2018 Pan-American Youth Championships in Santiago, Chile, July 21-29! Stephanie Velea and Bryce Tiglon also qualified by Personal Rights by achieving gold medals at the 2017 North American Youth. See the official news on the US Chess website, and congratulations to Sophie, Stephanie, and Bryce! Note (added 4/25): Stephanie and Anne-Marie Velea also had great results at the All-Girls National Chess Championships held Apr. 20-22 in Chicago. Stephanie tied for 1st place in girls under 12 and Anne-Marie took 2nd place in girls under 14. Photo at right: Stephanie and Anne-Marie Velea at the April event. Photo courtesy of Monica Olaru.

Reported by US Chess - Congratulations 2018 World Championship Candidate GM Fabiano Caruana! US Chess proudly congratulates GM Fabiano Caruana for winning the Candidates Tournament in Berlin, Germany. The entire American chess community, along with chess fans around the world, will be excitedly anticipating his match against World Champion Magnus Carlsen this November 9-28 in London, England. Also see "The Candidates Lift," "Absolutely Fabi-lous!," "The Shape of the Challenger" (and other related postings) on John Henderson's blog.

GM Yasser Seirawan stuff (reported by Rusty Miller) - A History of Chess Openings (on YouTube, 41-min. lecture from Oct. 2014) and doing commentary for the 2018 world championship candidates match, March 10-28 in Berlin.

May magazine! The May issue of Northwest Chess is in production, and should be mailed by about 4/25. It's a 32-page issue with "Letter To The Editor" and "Letter To The Northwest Chess Board" (with various responses) by Micah Smith, "2018 PCC Spring Open" and "PCC March Game 60" by Brian Berger, "Kings vs Princes Match V," "2018 Intermat Candidates Tournament" and "Seattle Super Masters" by Josh Sinanan, "2018 Washington President’s Cup" by Jacob Mayer, "Annotated Game" by Ralph Dubisch, and a back-cover photo of GM Julio Sadorra doing a pushup at Kerry Park by Jacob Mayer. Cover: US Chess Master Owen McCoy (now rated 2201 as of 4/14) by Sarah McCoy. See the teaser (selected pages with color).

April magazine! The April issue of Northwest Chess was mailed on 3/28. It's a 32-page issue with "Spokane Chess Club Officers" by James Stripes, "2018 Idaho Closed State Championship" by Jeffrey Roland, "Introduction to the Inman vs. Machin Game" by Garrett Reynolds, "PCC February Game 60" by Brian Berger, a Letter To The Editor by John P. Christy, "Dave Collyer Memorial" by Kevin Korsmo, "2018 Washington State Girls Championship" by David Hendricks, "Megan Lee Lecture" by Josh Sinanan, "2018 Washington Closed State Championship" by Josh Sinanan, and a back-cover photo of Alex Machin by Jeffrey Roland. Cover: Roland Feng and Alex Machin, by Jacob Mayer and Jeffrey Roland. See the teaser (selected pages with color).

Seattle Sluggers Update! - The Sluggers ended the 2018 season with a bang on Wednesday 3/7 by clobbering the division-leading Chengdu Pandas 9-7! See the full write-up about the match on chess.com. Also check out commentary of the match on the Nakamura's Knockouts channel. The Sluggers finished with 4 wins, 1 draw, and 4 losses, tied with the San Jose Hackers, just missing the playoffs but avoiding relegation. Final pre-playoff standings: https://www.prochessleague.com/standings.html. Josh Sinanan would like to thank Sluggers management - Eddie Chang, Tian Sang, Siva Sankrithi, and Jacob Mayer. Also, many thanks to our fans and sponsors for supporting the team. We will be hard at work in the off-season to improve the team and come back stronger in the years to come!

See the original blog post (about the Sluggers qualifying for the league in 2018). Note that the PRO Chess League is truly international - the Sluggers first match was held on Jan. 18 against the Australia Kangaroos!

March magazine! The March issue of Northwest Chess was mailed on 2/28. It's a 32-page issue with "Shah Mat" by Glen O’Harra, "John (Johnny) D. Walker (1948-2018)" by John Donaldson, et.al., "2018 Washington Junior Closed" by David Hendricks, "Neil Dale Memorial" and "PCC January Game 60" by Brian Berger, "2018 BC vs WA Challenge Match" by Josh Sinanan, "Chess Poem from the Idaho Closed - Peace" by David Zaklan, Miscellaneous Games, "2018 Washington Junior Open" and "2018 WA State High School Individual Championship" by Gary Dorfner and Josh Sinanan, "Tacoma News" by Gary Dorfner, et.al., "Washington Closed Bios," "2018 Idaho Blitz Championship" by Jeffrey Roland, and a back-cover photo of Bryce Tiglon and Roland Feng by Jacob Mayer. Cover: Kevin Xu, Idaho State Blitz Champion by Dylan Porth. See the teaser (selected pages with color).

In Memoriam (reported by IM John Donaldson) - National Master John (Johnny) D. Walker (1948-2018) passed away on Saturday 2/10. He was one of the strongest players in Washington during the early and mid 1970s. A late developer, who began his chess career at Bothell High School under the direction of Stephen Christopher, he ended up playing in six state championships (1970-75), continually improving his performance culminating in his win in 1975 with the excellent score of 5.5 from 7. (See list of Wash. chess champions.) Photo scan courtesy of John Donaldson.

Walker played almost all of his chess in the Northwest, but did participate in a World Open around 1973 and won a tournament in Italy roughly a year or two later. He played very little after 1976, one short-lived comeback being the 1984 President's Cup in Seattle. Walker, who was a regular at the Last Exit Cafe, was a strong blitz player who played quickly and used his skill in rook and pawn endings to rescue many a difficult position. He had a narrow opening repertoire, but what he played he knew well, particularly his favorite English Opening.

Chess Olympics! See "Global Moves: Americans in Chess Olympiads," on the World Chess Hall of Fame website.

GP Final Results! 2017 Neil Dale Memorial Grand Prix final standings and results are available from links on the GP page. Checks were mailed to the winners this week (on 2/8), or some winners will receive NWC subscriptions if not currently members of their state chess organization. Congratulations if you're one of the winners!

February magazine! The February issue of Northwest Chess was mailed on 1/25. It's a 32-page issue with "Northwest Chess Open" by Duane Polich, Letters To The Editor, "PCC Winter Open" and "December 2017 PCC Game 60" by Brian Berger, "Chess4Girls Strategy Session Report" by Shifi Somji, "Another Washington Class Game" by Viktors Pupols, "December 2017 Seattle Masters" by Josh Sinanan, "Pan-American Intercollegiate" by Walter Borbridge assisted by Benjamin Mukumbya, "Washington Winter Classic" by Josh Sinanan, "Aaron Grabinsky at Pan-American Intercollegiate" by Aaron Grabinsky, "January 2018 Seattle Masters" by Josh Sinanan, "A Piece Of Idaho Chess History" by Mark McAllister, "2018 BCC #17" by Jeffrey Roland, and a back-cover photo of David Zaklan by Jeffrey Roland. Cover: Stephanie Velea and Sophia Velea by Duane Polich. See the teaser (selected pages with color).

Bryan Black memorial chess park - The non-profit Puyallup Parks Foundation would like to dedicate a new outdoor chess park to the memory of Bryan Black, a very good local chess player and one of the U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers killed in action last October. The new chess park is planned for Pioneer Park in downtown Puyallup. There will also tentatively be a chess tournament the weekend of the dedication. For more information and/or to make a donation to the chess park, see https://www.gofundme.com/legacy-4-soldier-who-died-in-niger. (Submitted 1/12/2018 by Phil Watson.)

Fischer series of books! IM John Donaldson recently gave an interview for the Perpetual Chess Podcast, much of which is spent discussing the Fischer series of books. The interview is available at https://www.perpetualchesspod.com/new-blog/2018/1/9/episode-54-im-john-donaldson. Including in the book series is BOBBY FISCHER: THE LATER YEARS 1963-2008 by John Donaldson and Eric Tangborn.

January magazine! The January issue of Northwest Chess was mailed on 12/27. It's a 32-page issue with "What’s In A Logo?" and "Western Idaho Open" by Jeffrey Roland, a Letter To The Editor by Cleve Johnson, "World Senior Chess Championship" by David Rupel, "Norman Friedman Memorial," "Southern Idaho Open" and "2017 South Central Regional Scholastic Tournament" by Adam Porth, "WA Challenger’s Cup/WA Challenger’s Cup Scholastic" and "WA Class Championships" by Josh Sinanan, "Oregon Class Championship" and "PCC November 2017 Game 60" by Brian Berger, "Coquille at National K-12 Championship" by Nancy Keller, and a back-cover photo of Gaby Dagher by Jeffrey Roland. Cover: DeWayne Derryberry and Larry Parsons by Jeffrey Roland. See the teaser (selected pages with color).

See old news previously appearing on this page.

Completed Tournament / Match News

Some local tournament reports are posted to the Northwest Chess (NWC) blog, found at http://www.nwchess.com/blog/. Links are to NWC blog post or other report, usually US Chess or scholastic rating report. Thanks to Rusty Miller for writing most of the tournament reports from 2013 until April 2014. Rusty stepped down, but started blogging again occasionally as of Nov. 2014. If you are interesting in blogging for your club's events, please let us know. Click on photos to enlarge, or see photos in some of the blog posts.

May 5 Intermat group photo by Victoria Doknjas.
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Photo: NM Joshua Doknjas vs WCF President Josh Sinanan at the WA vs. BC match. (Credit: Victoria Doknjas)
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Photo: Playing room scene at the Thanksgiving Scholastic. Courtesy WCF.
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See old tournament news previously appearing on this page.


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