Washington Junior Open and Reserve Sections Tmt.

Compiled by Russell Miller from the USCF cross table and the Scholastic Ratings list plus the Seattle CC ad in the Jan issue of NORTHWEST CHESS.

On January 21, 2013 in Redmond WA a lot of scholastic players took part in a one day event in Redmond WA under the direction of David Hendricks.
Open Section of 30 players had three players with 3.5-.5 scores tie for 1st-3rd places: Marcell Szabo, 6th grade Hamilton Middle School; Trey Michael,
8th grade St. Louise and Toshihiro Nagase 6th grade Lakeside Middle School.

Josh Sinanan provided some info about the 2013 WA Junior Open Playoff Games:
Congratulations to Marcel Szabo for winning the 2013 WA Junior Open! He tied for 1st with 3.5/4 along with Toshihiro Nagase and Trey Michaels. For his victory, Marcel is seeded into the 2014 WA Junior Closed and the 2013 WA Premier.

The playoff games were played at the following time control: White starts with 10 minutes (no delay), Black starts with 8 minutes and receives draw odds. By virtue of having superior tiebreaks, Toshihiro was awarded a bye and got to face the winner of Marcel and Trey. Marcel picked black from a random draw and won via unstoppable checkmate against Trey.

Marcel and Toshihiro then played for the championship. Toshihiro selected white from a random draw. Marcel played the Budapest Gambit and won a piece with some well calculated tactics, forcing resignation on move 42.

Results of other sections:

U1600 Section had 27 players with a clear winner at 4-0 in Edward Strong, 12th grade Garfield High School.
K-1 U800 section drew 12 players and was won with 5-0 by Eugene Fong, 1st grade Somerset Elementary.
K-3 U1400 section had 25 players and a tie for 1st with 4.5-.5 between William Fang, 2nd grade Window School and Krushal Dhingra, 3rd grade Bellevue Children Acad.
2-3 U800 sections had 32 players with a clear 5-0 winner: Dylan Walker, 2nd grade Samantha Smith Elementary.
4-6 U900 section had 36 players and another clear 5-0 winner: Oliver Reese 4th grade Mark Twain Elementary.
4-12 U1400 section also had a clear winner at 4.5-.5 with 22 players taking part: Kevin Song 5th grade Medina Elementary.

Cross tables can be found here

Seattle City Championship

The Seattle Chess Club hosted this event on Jan 11-13, 2013. Fred Kleist handled the TD tasks.

14 players took part in the Championship Section. It ended a three-way tie at the 4-1 score. Bryce Tiglon of Louisa Alcott Elementary 6th grade, Redmond WA, Daniel He of Redmond Jr. High 8th grade, Redmond WA and Samuel He of Thoreau Elementary School 8th Grade, Redmond WA. Tiglon drew with both of other two and they had taken a 1/2 point byes.

18 players took part in the Reserve Section for players rated under 1800. The top score was 4.5-.5 by Anthony He, Christa McAuliffe School 2nd Grade of Sammamish WA and at 4-1 was Catherine Smith of Mill Creek WA.

Cross table can be found here.

Compiled by Russell Miller from the USCF cross table and the Scholastic Ratings list plus the Seattle CC ad in the Jan issue of NORTHWEST CHESS.

Tacoma Chess Times News from Tacoma CC

TACOMA CHESS TIMES 1/21/2013 by Vivi Bartron

Don’t forget to come to the general membership meeting Friday night Jan. 25th at 8:30 pm. Your input is needed.


Minutes from last meeting
Financial report
Tournament report
Membership report
Other officer reports

New Business:
Results from survey conducted last Oct.
New computer for club to replace one that was stolen last fall.

Special membership for services rendered
Patriot membership for 1 year for $20.00
Other items; promoting the club & events, membership blitz, things aimed at the kids.

Mike MacGregor is 2012 Tacoma Chess Club Champion.
Mike MacGregor successfully defended his title for the 2nd year in a row.
He won all 7 rounds of the TCC Championship & he won the Oyster Bay Classic 4-0. He also tied for 1st in the Oregon Open with 4.5.

February 2013 issue of Northwest Chess

February 2013 Mock Up (Page 1)

The February issue of Northwest Chess was completed this evening and will be sent to the printers soon. The above link is the Formal Mock-up of the issue,  summarizing page by page what is in the issue.

I feel this is a fantastic issue. It should arrive on or before the 1st (or somewhere around there). I want to thank the readers (there were several) who contributed material for the magazine. There are some very interesting articles, games, and photos. I also put several crosstables in the issue.

I also want to thank Ralph Dubisch who did a great job annotating games, and Eric Holcomb, Duane Polich, and Rusty Miller for their comments and suggestions as the issue was taking shape. They also did a great job proofreading.

Jeff Roland,

High School Chess League Report

FROM Northwest Washington Scholastic Chess Ememo 219
by Randy Kaech

Two rounds yet to go, which will be played Monday evening, January 14 at Ferndale HS, 6:00 p.m.
The top eight teams qualify to play in the Washington State High School Chess Team Championships, held February 8 and 9 at Interlake High School in Bellevue, Wa.

25.5 Ferndale
23.0 Lynden Christian
17.5 Lynden
17.5 Ferndale B
17.0 Ferndale C
15.0 Sehome
15.0 Meridian
14.5 Blaine
13.5 Mount Baker
13.5 Burlington-Edison
12.0 Ferndale D
11.5 Sedro-Woolley
8.0 Bellingham
4.5 La Conner

Round 5 Results:
5.0 Ferndale A vs 0.0 Sehome
3.0 Lynden Christian vs 2.0 Ferndale B
0.0 Meridian vs 5.0 Lynden
3.0 Blaine vs 2.0 Sedro-Woolley
1.0 Ferndale D vs 4.0 Ferndale C
5.0 Burlington-Edison vs 0.0 Bellingham
0.0 La Conner vs 5.0 Mount Baker

Round 6 Results:
4.0 Ferndale A 1.0 Blaine
4.5 Lynden Christian 0.5 Lynden
2.0 Sehome 3.0 Ferndale B
2.0 Bellingham 3.0 Mount Baker
5.0 Ferndale C 0.0 Sedro-Woolley
2.5 Ferndale D 2.5 Burlington-Edison
0.0 La Conner 5.0 Meridian