Ed Groth’s Sunday Chess Slam Results

The USCF affiliate Tis Your Move held a three section event on Sunday May 26 at Red Castle Games in Portland. The organizer and TD Sean Tobin won two of them. In the 6 player G/25 d5 he scored 3-0. He won both games played in the 3 player G/90 +30 seconds event. Dennis Hoefler of Portland won the G/5 d0 6 player Blitz event with a 9-1 score.Sean Tobin holding NWC Banner but face is in a shadow so cropped him out.

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52 Players in Washington Open Scholastic Sections

Winners with TD David Hendricks. Photo credit: Gary Dorfner.

5-0 scores won both sections of the Washington Open Scholastic held May 25, 2013 at North Seattle Community College as part of the annual Washington Open. The 20 player 4-6 section was won by Aaron Probst of Richfield WA and the 32 player K-3 section by Eamon Thakur of Sammamish WA. David Hendricks handled the TD tasks.

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Michael Wang Wins Washington Open

Michael Wang photo by Jeff Roland NWC Editor
Michael Wang photo by Jeff Roland NWC Editor

The 2013 Washington Open was held in 4 main sections. The Open Section of 69 players finished with the top score of 5.5-0.5 by Michael Wang of Kirkland. Three players scored 5-1: Nick Raptis of Portland, Joshua Sinanan of Brier and Yamn Tezcan of Portland.

32 players took part in the Premier Section. Two players scored 5-1: Mark Saarenas and Brett Becker of Carpinteria CA.

Reserve Section had 41 players with three players finishing with 5-1: Justin Yu of Shoreline, Todd Damish and Dalton He.

Booster Section had 57 players and Gilbert Lomboy topped the group with 5.5-0.5. At 5-1 was Neil Doknjas of BC.

199 players are listed on the 4 crosstables. Chief TD as usual was Fred Kleist of Seattle with assistance from Gary Dorfner of Tacoma plus others.

There were several side events one of which was the Washington Blitz won by Nick Raptis 8.5-1.5. 2nd in this 20 player event was IM Ray Kaufman of CA at 7-3.
The event took place May 25-27, 2013 at North Seattle Community College, sponsored by the Washington Chess Federation.

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Patrick Van Dyke Wins Pierce County Open

Patrick Van Dyke of Maple Valley WA topped eight other players to win the Pierce County Open on May 18 (note the date on the USCF crosstable is wrong!). His score was 3.5-.5. 2nd at 3-1 was Paul Bartron of Tacoma. Gary Dorfner of Tacoma directed and even played a couple of games. The site was the Tacoma CC. Time control on the crosstable says G/65; d5 but your compiler believes it was G/60; d5.

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NWC Banner Visits the Vancouver WA Chess Club

NWC Banner Visits the Vancouver Washington Chess Club on May 20, 2013.

NWC Banner Visits the Vancouver Washington Chess Club on May 20, 2013.

The club meets at the Vancouver main library on C and Evergreen in downtown on Mondays 5pm to 7:45pm. There is a kids group that meets 4pm to 5pm the same day.

Usually there have been more people attending the club than appear in this photo. The weather was very nice on the Monday I took my camera. Play is just skittles some times with clocks. The library has a number of chess sets and boards.

Portland CC May G/60 Results

8 from Washington State took part in the monthly G/60; d5 4 round event at the Portland Chess Club on May 18. Michael Morris of Portland handled the TD tasks.

Two players finished with 3.5-5, Nick Raptis of Portland and Vlajko Lakic of Vancouver WA. They drew with each other in round 4. Two players scored 3-1, Preston Polasek of Lafayette, OR and Dillon Murray of Gresham, OR. Event was dual rated by USCF. CLICK Here for the crosstable.

Nick Raptis photo by Russell Miller, not taken at May G/60 but March Quads
Nick Raptis
photo by Russell Miller, not taken at May G/60 but March Quads

Newport Open in June

Newport Beach in 2009.
Newport Beach in 2009.

From the beach at Newport in 2009 a short distance from the tourney.. We are expecting the beaches will be just as beautiful this year. Come play in the chess event on June 15-16, 2013. As of May 16 there are 16 advanced entries.

As of June 3 … there are 24 players entered … See tournament listing for details to register by mail through June 7.

Open: Corey Russell 2200, Becca Lampman 1981, Greg Freeze 1932, Jacob Reid 1922

Premier: Paul C. Leblanc 1889, David Bannon 1844, Michael Vaughn 1770, Jeffrey Roland 1700, Lon Brusselback 1599

Reserve: Ralph Anthony 1629, Alex James Machin, 1629, Mike Vinyard 1600, Sean Zlatnik 1548, William Hanlan 1541, Russell W. Miller 1508, Mike L Hasuike 1500, John James 1470, Bill Barrese 1407, Michael James Lilly 1295

Booster: Harry Buerer 1256, Tai D. Pruce-Zimmerman 1246, Dave Prideaux 1220, Martin Van Order 924, Jerry Waterman 918