Seattle Chess Club May Quads Results

One of many wall hangings at the Seattle Chess Club
One of many wall hangings at the Seattle Chess Club

26 players in 7 sections played at the Seattle Chess Club on May 11, 2013. Fred Kleist handled the TD tasks. Section A had all master rated players and 3 of the 4 players in the section scored 2-1: Nat Koons of Kenmore, David Bragg of Bothell and Viktors Pupols of Kingston. Section B was won with 2-1 score by Skylor Fryberg. Section C was won by Bellevue resident Faris Gulamali 3-0. Section D winner at 2.5-.5 was Boas Lee. Section E top finisher at 2.5-.5 was Eric Zhang of Sammamish. Ilya Tsemekhman scored 3-0 to win the 5 player Mini-Swiss Section.


Chess Play in Chelan May 7, 2013

Valerie’s Waterfront Bistro in Chelan Washington hosted a chess event on May 7. 2013. Kids from Manson and Pateros took part in this the third of an annual event. Russell Miller (a Chelan High grad in 1960) donated some copies of CHESS LIFE and CHESS LIFE FOR KIDS to give away and was told the kids loved them! Valerie Flories the bistro owner reports they had approximately 40 players this year and as usual the kids had a blast eating pizza and playing. There was a camera man taking photos and you can view those at

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Sunday Slam May 5, 2013 Results

Sean Tobin holding NWC Banner but face is in a shadow so cropped him out.

The G/90; d5 section had 6 players and was won by the TD and Organizer Sean Tobin of Portland. He scored 3-0. The G/5 event had 8 players and Nick Raptis of Portland won it, 14-0. The crosstable says it was held in Beaverton but play really took place in Portland at Red Castle Game store, 6416 SE Foster Rd. TIS Your Move is the sponsoring affiliate.

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Coffeetime May 2013 Results

Coffee Time has bagel sandwiches also.
Coffee Time has bagel sandwiches also.

Michael Pendergast of Portland scored 4-0 to win the May Quick Chess event at Coffee Time,  712 NW 21st Ave. in NW Portland. 21 players took part in the G/15 event. Galen Pyle of Portland was the TD. All the players were from Oregon but your reporter. Melt Bistro & Bar, 716 NW 21st Ave., Portland gave a gift certificate to all the players.

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Photos of my visit to the playing site and the area around Coffee Time in NW Portland.
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Cedar Hills Crossing Chess Club

Took my camera and the NWC Banner to Beaverton on Friday May 3, 2013. The club organizer Sean Tobin talked the mall management into letting chess be played in a empty store front. It was the TGIF May chess tournament that I visited. There is some space behind a barrier where the tournament play happens if the turnout is small. Casual play takes place near the front of the store. There were people of all ages when  I was there. Some pictures are below.

NWC Banner laying in the front window of the store front.
NWC Banner laying in the front window of the store front.


Round 1 play.


Brian Berger with cap.


Kids on large set.


Little girl there with her dad.

Photos from Pasadena 1932.

Dake vs Alekline 1932
Dake vs Alekhine 1932
Prize awarding Pasadena 1932.
Prize awarding Pasadena 1932.

These two photos comes from the chess archives of Jacqueline Piatigorsky who inherited them from her chess teacher Herman Steiner.

The first photo can be found in Casey Bush’s book Grandmaster from Oregon about the late Arthur Dake. The second, showing Sammy Reshevsky, Arthur Dake and Herman Steiner receiving their prizes for tying for third place, is apparently new. The man presenting the envelopes is likely Dr. Robert Griffith. Both photos were taken during Pasadena 1932.