Spokane Chess Club Results

New Spokane City Champion, Nikoly Bulakh.
Photo Credit: David Griffin

Nikolay Bulakh won the Spokane City Championship title by a match win score of 2.5-.5 over James Stripes.

The club held on July 13-14, 2013 the Spokane Falls Open with 20 players. Jeremy Krasin had the top score of 4.5-5. David Griffin was the TD.

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Summer Open Results

Sign on a street near the Portland Chess Club. Photo Credit: Russell Miller
Sign on a street near the Portland Chess Club. Photo Credit: Russell Miller

The Portland Chess Club hosted the event on July 13-14, 2013. 45 players took part in two sections with Gregori Alpernas running the event.
Both sections had lone winners, both with 4.5-.5 scores. Brian Esler won the Open Section and Christopher Burris the Reserve Section.

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Seattle Chess Club July Tornado Results

Part of playing room at Seattle CC

16 players in 4 quads took part on July 6, 2013 at the Seattle Chess Club. Fred Kleist was the tournament director. Michael Lin of California scored 2.5-.5 to win the top section quad. Kyle Haining and Anthony He both scored 2-1 to top the 2nd quad. Dalton He’s score of 3-0 won his section. Breck Haining scored 2.5-.5 to win the 4th section.

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TIS Your Move June Results

TGIM June 2013 had 24 players in three sections played June 3-24. Open section of 19 players was won by Steve Witt 4-0.
Reserve section of 5 players was won by Aaron Probst 3.5-.5.

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TGIF June 2013 had 14 players in 2 sections played June 7 to June 28. Open section was topped by 3.5-.5 score of Steve Witt and Bradle Bogle. They drew each other.

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Sunday Slam held on June 30 had only 4 players. Maybe the HOT weather had something to do with the small number. Adam Culbreth won with 3-0.

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Sean Tobin was the organizer and TD for these events.