PNW Players do Well in Reno

The 31st Annual Reno Western States Open was held Oct 17 to 20, 2013. There were 201 players in 8 sections including a Blitz Event. As usual, Jerome Weikel of Reno was the organizer and TD.

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37 players in the Open section with 6 players getting 4.5-1.5 scores. Check the crosstable for the list.

Gil Lapid Shafriri of WA was the best PNW scorer at 3-3. Corey Russell of Medford had 2.5-3.5 as did Aaron Putman of Seattle, WA.

The Expert Section was won by Aaron Grabinsky of Coquille, Oregon with 5.5-.5. Preston Polasek of Lafayette, Oregon had 4-2. Fred Kleist of Seattle was at 3.5-2.5 as was Edwin Battistella of Ashland, Oregon.

Drayton Harrison of Seattle won the A Section with 6-0. At 3.5-2.5 was Ritchie Duron of Oregon. At 3-3 was Mike Schemm of Seattle.

In B Section Ralph Anthony of Mukilteo, WA scored 3.5-2.5. At 3-3 were Dan Mayers of Idaho, Ewald Hopfenzitz of OR plus August Piper of Seattle.

In the C Section Kerry Van Veen of Seattle WA, Josiah Perkins of Coquille, OR, Bernard Spera of OR all scored 4.5-1.5 to tie for 2nd., Joshua Grabinsky of Coquille, OR was the only 4-2 score.

Best score by a PNW player in the D Section was by Tim Sheehan of WA at 4-2. At 3-3 was Sarai Perkins of Coquille, OR. She also won a side game.

20 players took part in the Blitz tournament won by Enrico Sevillano of CA with 10-0. Nick Raptis of Portland was 2nd at 7.5-2.5.

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Per this article the Seattle Chess Club won the team prize.

Challengers Cup

The annual Washington Chess Federation event drew 66 players in two sections of 33 players each. The Seattle Chess Club was the playing site with Fred Kleist directing. Curt Collyer of Seattle won the Challenger section with 3.5-.5. Reserve Section ended in a tie for first at 4.5-.5 between Robert Allen of Tacoma and Vikran Ramasamy of Kirkland. All but one lone player from British Columbia were from Washington.

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Information added by WCF Secretary Gary Dorfner:

The Washington Challengers’ Cup was held Oct. 26-27 at the Seattle Chess Club. There were in all, 33 players in the Open and 33 players in the Reserve. The winners were: Open Section 1st Curt Collyer 3.5 $255.00 (he will be seeded into the state championship); 2nd Josh Sinanan, Dereque Kelley, David Bragg, Harley Greninger and Bryce Tiglon 3.0 $32.00 each; 1st U2100 Jofrel Landingin 2.5 $125.00; 1st U1900 Nicolo Gelb 2.5 $125.00. Reserve Section 1st-2nd Robert Allen and Vikram Ramasamy 4.5 $157.50 each; 1st U1600 Breck Haining and Zuberi Wilson 3.0 $47.50 each; 1st U1400 Eugene Chin 2.0 $95.00; 1st U1200 Cheyenne Zhang and Augustus Herbst 1.5 $47.50 each. TD for this event was Fred Kleist.

2013 Spokane CC G/10 Event

Spokane Chess Club report from a Facebook post


Nikolay Bulakh was a perfect 14.0 in sweeping this eight player double round robin event held at the Spokane Valley Library. Michael Cambareri (11.5) finished second. Brad Bodie (9.0) won the under 1800 prize, while Travis Jones (6.0) won the under 1300 class prize. Dave Griffin again directed this event and donated $100 to the prize fund and all of the entry fees also were returned as prizes.

Eastern Washington Open Results

Spokane CC posts on Facebook

Leslie Wins EWO

Cam Leslie swept the field to win the 2013 Eastern Washington Open with a perfect 5.0 score. Second place (4.0) was shared by John Julian and Nikolay Bulakh; Nikolay’s score also won the class A first prize. Second prize in class A went to Jeremy Krasin (3.5). Nicholas Wolff won class B (3.5) after falling to Leslie in the final round, while second in the class (3.0) was shared by John Dill, Kevin Korsmo, and Walter Van Heemstede Obelt. Ted Baker and Dave Griffin (3.0) won the class C prizes. Ted also scored the biggest upset of the tourney (503 points in round 1) to win the upset prize. Pullman high school sophomore Peter Schumaker (3.5) easily won the class D/under prize, while second place in that category went to another rapidly improving newcomer, David Dussome (2.5). Steve Wallace and Harold Wetmur (2.0) tied for third.

There were 29 players competing this year in addition to two house players. Loyd Willaford directed the event this year, which once again was played at Gonzaga’s Schoenberg Center.

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Portland CC Fall Open Results

On National Chess Day weekend, Oct 12-13 49 players took part in a two day event at the Portland Chess Club. Lennart Bjorksten scored 4.5-.5 to top the 21 players in the Open Section and win $250.00. Perfect 5-0 score by Vinka Doddapaneni won the $175.00 top prize in the Reserve Section. Chief TD: GREGORI ALPERNAS

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