Seattle Chess Club Championship 2013 Results

Fred Kleist of Seattle won the 2013 Seattle Chess Club Championship with a 6-1 score. The event was held Sept 6 to Nov 1 with 19 players taking part. The time control was 35/100, 25/60 no delay. 2nd at 5-2 was a new player to the area, Vahe Muselimyan. USCF Crosstable CLICK HERE.

Picture taken at Tacoma Chess Club

Vivi Bartron posted this photo on facebook so I assume she took it. This not the Tacoma CC that I remember visiting several years ago. This looks like more space than I remember. Maybe some one can take some more photos. Understand there maybe some new type events held there next Spring.

Portland CC Nov Blitz

12 players took part in the event held Nov 21, 2013. Chief TD was Mike Janniro who tied for 2nd place in the event. Chief Assistant TD was Michael Morris who won the event. USCF Crosstable Link CLICK HERE.

Portland CC Nov 2013 Quads Results

8 players took part in the event held Nov 5-19, 2013 at the Portland Chess Club. They were divided into two sections. Lennart Bjoksten, the top rated player in section A, won his section 2.5-.5. The same score by Yurty Kamsha won section B. Gregori Alpernas handled the TD tasks. USCF Crosstable link CLICK HERE.

Washington G/60 Championship Results

Report by WCF Secretary Gary Dorfner: The Washington G/60 tournament was held at the Tacoma CC on Nov. 9th. 7 players showed up for this event. The winners were: 1st Viktors Pupols 4.0 $40.00, 2nd Ralph Anthony 3.0 $30.00, U1600 Richard Sewell 2.0 $25.00, U1400 Ronald Purbaugh 1.0 $25.00. TD for this event was Gary Dorfner. There was one upset when… Continue reading Washington G/60 Championship Results

Seattle CC Nov Tornado Results

27 players played a 4 round 1 day event at the Seattle Chess Club on Nov 10. Two players, Bryce Tiglon and Ethan Bashkansky tied for 1st place when they both scored perfect 4-0 tallies. Fred Kleist was the TD. CLICK HERE for USCF crosstable.