Portland CC Winter Open Results

For USCF Crosstable Click Here. In the 13 Player Open Section, Nick Raptis of Portland finished in first place with 4.5-.5. His draw was with 2nd place finisher Steven Breckenridge of Texas Tech who scored 3.5-1.5. The 18 player Reserve Section was won by William Sercombe of Portland also 4.5-.5.He gained 197 rating points! TD tasks… Continue reading Portland CC Winter Open Results

Lincoln High Scholastic Event Results

Edward Addis of Portland directed a 20 player 4 round event held Dec 7, 2013 in Portland Oregon. They played at G/60; d5 so the event was dual rated by USCF. Andrew Lam Trattner won the event with a 4-0 score. 2nd place at 3.5-.5 was won by Cameron Kocher. CLICK HERE for the USCF crosstable.

Dec 5 was Blitz Chess Time in Spokane

The Spokane CC held a 8 player event rated in two sections of G/5; d2 chess. They called it BLITZEN. One section called FREEZE was won by a 7-0 score by Nikolay Bulakh. David Griffin won the second section with 5.5-1.5. Kevin Korsmo directed and played. USCF Crosstable CLICK HERE.

Seattle CC Dec Quads Results

13 players in three sections took part in an event on Dec 7, 2013 under the direction of Fred Kleist. David Bragg gained 16 USCF rating points when he won a 4 player section 3-0. Skylor Fryberg gained 8 rating points for his 3-0 score in an 8 player section. USCF Crosstable CLICK HERE.

2013 Redding Sundail Bridge Chess Event Results

Several Oregon residents played in this event in Redding California. 9 Players in the 4 round MEA section and 5 of them got 2.5-1.5: David Bowman (CA), Paul Romero (OR), Edwin Battistella (OR), Matthew Rudd (CA) and Eric Isberg (CA). The Reserve Section finished with two players 3-1: Peter Grant (OR) and Michael Nielsen (CA) in a… Continue reading 2013 Redding Sundail Bridge Chess Event Results

2013 Washington Class Results

149 players in 10 sections, including reentered players, took part. USCF Crosstables CLICK HERE. See page of photos on the NWC website. The master section with 20 players was won with a 5.5-.5 score. Nick Raptis of Portland was that player. At 4-2 were: Roland Feng, Bryce Tiglon and Daniel He. Expert Section with 17 players was… Continue reading 2013 Washington Class Results