Portland CC Dec G/60 Results

The dual USCF rated event held at the Portland Chess Club on Dec 28, 2013 was won by Dagado Bapurao Gaikwad of Beaverton, with a 4-0 score. Rated both regular and quick he went up regular 1678 to 1799 and quick 1424 to 1559. Neil Dale directed the event. 20 players took part.


Neil Dale at Dec Portland CC acting as tournament director of the 20 player event.
Neil Dale at Dec G/60 Portland CC event acting as tournament director of the 20 player event.

Your reporter took some other photos, CLICK HERE. I did not get one of the winner as I was only at the playing site during round one.

Portland CC Winter Open Results

For USCF Crosstable Click Here.

In the 13 Player Open Section, Nick Raptis of Portland finished in first place with 4.5-.5. His draw was with 2nd place finisher Steven Breckenridge of Texas Tech who scored 3.5-1.5.

The 18 player Reserve Section was won by William Sercombe of Portland also 4.5-.5.He gained 197 rating points! TD tasks handled by Gregori Alpernas.

Photo by Brian Berger of West Linn, OR.
Photo by Brian Berger of West Linn, OR.

Photo: Nick Raptis and Steven Breckenridge in round 3.

2013 Redding Sundail Bridge Chess Event Results

Several Oregon residents played in this event in Redding California. 9 Players in the 4 round MEA section and 5 of them got 2.5-1.5: David Bowman (CA), Paul Romero (OR), Edwin Battistella (OR), Matthew Rudd (CA) and Eric Isberg (CA). The Reserve Section finished with two players 3-1: Peter Grant (OR) and Michael Nielsen (CA) in a 10 player section. Another 10 players took part in Amateur Section and it ended with a 4-0 score winner: W V Graham Matthews (CA). The event took place Dec 7-8 under the direction of John Mccumiskey and sponsoring affiliate of Sacramento Chess Club. Several of the Redding area players have been taking part in chess events in Grants Pass Oregon.


2013 Washington Class Results

149 players in 10 sections, including reentered players, took part.

USCF Crosstables CLICK HERE. See page of photos on the NWC website.

The master section with 20 players was won with a 5.5-.5 score. Nick Raptis of Portland was that player. At 4-2 were: Roland Feng, Bryce Tiglon and Daniel He.

Expert Section with 17 players was a 3 way tie for 1st with 4.5-1.5 scores by Ethan Bashkansky, Sara May of Vancouver WA and John Donjas of British Columbia.

Class A section of 25 players was a two way tie for 1st place at 5-1 by Micah Smith of Vancouver WA and Skylor Fryberg.

Class B Section had a clear winner at 5.5-.5 score by Travis Olson. There were 30 players in this section. At 4.5-1.5 score group were Dan Mathews and Naomi Bashkansky.

Class C Section drew 15 players to the event. Two players scored 5-1: Trevor Jung and Robin Li-Yang Tu and only one player Howard Hare scored 4-2.

Class D Section had 32 players and another 5.5-.5 score. That score was by Neil Doknjas of British Columbia. Three players had 4.5-1.5: Jason Yu, Andreas Farny and Nate Getz.

Class E Section was topped by Emily Saletan with 5-1. Those with 4-2 were Jed McCaw, Alexius Buntaran and Alexander Popescu.

9 players took part in a Under 1000 rating section. Another 5.5-.5 score won this section. George Michailov. Only one 4-2 score by Ethan Huang in this section.

A BLITZ tournament of 10 players was won by Yaman Tezcan with 9.5-.5. In second place at 6.5-3.5 was Luke Pulfer.

Fred Kleist of the Seattle Chess Club was the chief TD with assistance from Gary Dorfner of the Tacoma Chess Club. Mostly players from Washington but several from British Columbia. The event was open to all.

CLICK HERE for photos taken at the tournament.