2014 Metzger Winter Classic Scholastic Event Results

Tigard Oregon was the site of this event with the sponsoring USCF affiliate being the Oregon Scholastic Chess Federation. Jeff Risher was the Chief TD. A perfect 4-0 score by Corbin Frias of Beaveton won the 16 player USCF rated event Kings section which was dual rated by USCF and Chess Ratings Northwest.

Another 4-0 score won the Rooks Section and that was by Kushal Pai of Portland over 25 other players.

The Bishops A section of 31 players was won by another perfect score, 5-0 by Melissa Phung of Hillsboro. The Bishops B section of 18 players was a three way tie for 1st at the 4-1 score by William Guo of Portland, Anish Goswami of Wilsonville and Jacob Strayer of Hillsboro.

The Knights A section had 24 players and topped by a 5-0 score by Orie Zadok of Portland. The Knights B Section also finished with a 5-0 score by Linus Hoyt of Portland.

The event was held January 11, 2014.

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Washington Junior Open and Reserve Results

Tournament Director David Hendricks.
Tournament Director David Hendricks.

Lots of kids played chess on January 20, 2014 under the direction of David Hendricks. Two players topped the Open section with 3.5-.5 scores, Kyle Haining of Lake Forest Park and Derek Zhang of Bellevue. Haining won the G/10 playoff game. The Under 1600 rating section was topped by two 4-0 scores Nate Getz of Bellevue and Revanth Pothukuchi of Bothell. The under K-3 1400 section had one perfect 5-0 score by Gene Yeng of Bellevue. The K-1 under 800 also was won with 5-0 score by Aaron Bogolyubov of Bellevue . The 4-12 under 1400 section had two 4.5-.5 scores by Jared Huang of Shoreline and Justin Chen of Bellevue. Grades 2-3 under 800 section had a perfect 5-0 score by Ethan Saw of Bellevue. Grades 4-6 under 900 rating section also had a 5-0 score by Ashley Mead of Edmonds.

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Seattle Chess Club January Friday Results

On the Fridays in January 2014, 26 players in two sections played at the Seattle Chess Club under the direction of Fred and Carol Kleist.

The THAW section was won by Joel Taylor of Kent with 3-1. Three unrated players took part in the NOVICE section. Ajit Kunar scored a perfect 3-0 to top that section.

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NFC Championship Tornado Results

In an event held at the Seattle Chess Club on January 19, 2014, Roland Feng of Seattle was again a winner with a 3.5-.5 score. He drew with third place finisher Viktors Pupols of Kingston in round 2. Vikram Ramasany of Kirkland scored 3-1 to take 2nd place. Fred Kleist of Seattle directed the 11 player event which was dual rated by USCF.

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Seattle City Championship Results

27 players in two sections took part in an event held at the Seattle Chess Club on Jan 10-12, 2014. Fred and Carol Kleist handled the TD tasks.

NM Roland Feng of Seattle with a 4-1 score won the event’s top section. Brian McLaren of British Columbia was 2nd with 3.5-1.5. He defeated Roland in round 4. The 12 player lower section had two 3.5-1.5 scores by Man Tran Quang and Arjun Thomas of Shoreline, WA.

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Portland Chess Club Jan G/60 Results

Sign on a street near the Portland Chess Club. Photo Credit: Russell Miller
Sign on a street near the Portland Chess Club. Photo Credit: Russell Miller

Once again the top rated player in the event won. And once again it was Nick Raptis of Portland with a perfect 4-0 score in the Game in 60; d5 event at the Portland Chess Club. It was held January 25, 2014 with Neil Dale and Jonathan Fortune handling the tournament director tasks for the 30 players who took part. The announced prize fund was based on 20 players but since there were 30 it was increased. Watch for more details in the March issue of NORTHWEST CHESS.

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