Dragonslayer Results

James Stripes directed a scholastic event in Spokane on March 22, 2014. Ryan Waters of Northwest Christian School in Spokane won the 28 player K-3 section with 5-0 score. Ethan Naresh of Northwest Christian School topped the K-6 section which had 25 players. Savanna Naccarato of Farman Elementary in Sandpoint, Idaho won the K-12 section… Continue reading Dragonslayer Results

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Chessmates Springfest Scholastic Results

Photo Credit: Bruce Haley. The Chessmates group of Seattle held a large scholastic event in Seattle at Broadview Thompson Elementary on March 15. Directors were Georgi Orlov and Mr. Bo Cao. Two players topped the 67 player K-1st grade section, Milo Wright of Pathfinder Elementary in Seattle and Griffin O’Connor of Stevens Elementary in Seattle… Continue reading Chessmates Springfest Scholastic Results

Napavine Scholastic Event Results

Chess4Life held a tournament in Napavine, Washington, at the Napavine Elementary School on March 15, 2014. Darren Campbell was the tournament director. 6 different sections were held with players from several different school districts in the area taking part. Two players scored 3-1, Adin Stratton of Napavine Elementary and Haarika Yajamanam of Olympic View Elementary… Continue reading Napavine Scholastic Event Results

Pacific Northwest Players in Iceland

BY MIKE MURRAY (a bit was added by Russell Miller) Three Northwesterners competed in the ten-round 2014 Reykjavik Open: Viktors Pupols of Kingston, Washington, Jason Kenney of the Vancouver, BC area, and Mike Murray of Port Townsend, Washington. Kenney and Murray scored 5-5, while Unkel Vik scored 4.5 – 5.5, but the picture painted by… Continue reading Pacific Northwest Players in Iceland

Success Through Chess Event

On March 14 at Round Table Pizza on SE Mill Plain in Vancouver, Washington, American Chess Institute held one of their events for kids. I took a few photos. CLICK HERE for the photos. I did not try to get any names of the kids this time. CLICK HERE for their website.