Seattle Spring Open Results

Nick Raptis photo by Russell Miller

67 players total in two sections at the Seattle Chess Club on March 21-23. Nick Raptis of Portland won the Open event with 3.5-.5. The reserve section was 5 rounds and winner scored 4.5-.5, Brumas Newstead of Seattle. Fred and Carol Kleist were the tournament directors.

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Dragonslayer Results

Photo Credit: James Stripes
Photo Credit: James Stripes

James Stripes directed a scholastic event in Spokane on March 22, 2014.
Ryan Waters of Northwest Christian School in Spokane won the 28 player K-3 section with 5-0 score.
Ethan Naresh of Northwest Christian School topped the K-6 section which had 25 players.
Savanna Naccarato of Farman Elementary in Sandpoint, Idaho won the K-12 section with a 5-0 score. 15 players in this section.

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James Stripes report from his Facebook post:

“A Day of Upsets

Savanna Naccarato (5.0) topped the Dragonslayer’s competitive K-12 section at Saint George’s School March 22 to take the $60 top prize. Shawn Lewis (4.0) was second, earning $40. There were five players with 3.0 sharing third place. Christian Monzingo won the prize for biggest upset ($15), while the others–Alex Herron, Alex Anderson, Logan Faulkner, and Suhang Liu--split the prizes for third and fourth place ($10 each).

As the highest rated player, Savanna might have been expected to win. However, the top rated players in the other sections fared less well as ten players each scored upsets of 200 points or more. There were also several strong upsets in K-12. Christian started the day with a 277 point upset and then scored a 511 point upset in the second round. An even larger upset of 522 was achieved in the K-3 section by John Paul Schlegel. In the K-6 section, both Malachi Hernandez (311 points) an Emmett Davidson (295 points) won prizes for their upsets.

Individual trophy winners in K-6 included Ethan Naresh (4.5), Grand Champion; Tariq Ravasia (4.0), first in fourth grade; Dawson Jury (4.0), first in fifth grade; Cameron Simonds (4.0); A.J. Stenbeck (3.5); and Evan Craciun (3.5). All those scoring 3.0 won trophies or medals depending on the strength of their tie-breaks.

Ryan Waters topped the K-3 section with the day’s only other perfect 5.0. Derek Phipps (4.0) was first in third grade, Josh Lubanski (3.5) was first in second grade, Enelyn Arquette (3.0) was first in grade one, and Ethan Shan (2.5) was first in kindergarten. Noah Brody and Kara Chiang each scored 4.0 an won trophies. Those scoring 3.0 won trophies or medals based on tie-breaks.

The team competition in K-6 earned Northwest Christian its second trophy in March with 14.5 points among the school’s top four. Saint George’s School and Pioneer School placed second with 13.0 each. North Wall School won the trophy for bringing the most new players.”

Spokane Chess Club Event Results

Spokane Chess Club reports on Facebook:

“A total of 16 players competed in the G/45 dual-rated March Madness event that started March 13 and ended on March 20. Jeremy Krasin was a perfect 4.0 to top the field. Second place at 3.0 was shared by Ted Baker, Brad Bodie, and Walter van Heemstede Obelt. That threesome shared the u/1800 prize. The u/1500 prize was shared by Jim Burney and John Frostad with 2.0. The u/1300 prize was won by Travis Jones (2.0), who also directed the tourney.”

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Seattle Chess Club March Tornado Results

Part of playing room at Seattle CC

March 16, 2014 found 18 players taking part in an event at the Seattle Chess Club under the direction of Fred Kleist of Seattle.

A 4-0 score by National Master Roland Feng of Seattle won the tournament. Clear 2nd place score of 3-1 was made by Toshihiro Nagase of Redmond. The event was dual rated by USCF. The time control was G/60; d5.

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Chessmates Springfest Scholastic Results

Photo Credit: Bruce Haley.

The Chessmates group of Seattle held a large scholastic event in Seattle at Broadview Thompson Elementary on March 15. Directors were Georgi Orlov and Mr. Bo Cao.

Two players topped the 67 player K-1st grade section, Milo Wright of Pathfinder Elementary in Seattle and Griffin O’Connor of Stevens Elementary in Seattle with 5-0 scores.

76 kids in Grades 2-4 section also were topped by two players with 5-0 scores, Forest Berg of TOPS at Seward Elementary School, Seattle and Daniel Shubin of Rockwell Elementary in Redmond.

Grades 5 to 8 section had 50 players. The top score was 4.5-.5 by both Andreas Farny of Leschi Elementary School in Seattle and George Michailov of Audubon Elementary in Redmond. Andreas has now played 359 rated scholastic games.

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Tacoma Chess Club Event Results

H. G. Pitre of Seattle held a two weekend event at the Tacoma Chess Club on Saturdays March 8 and March 15. The event was 4 rounds, two on each Saturday at time control of G/90 with 30 seconds added to each move. Paul Bartron of Tacoma won the event with 3.5-.5. 3 players missed the games on the first Saturday including Viktors Pupols of Kingston just back from playing in Iceland. Those three were allowed two half point byes for the games they missed. 11 players took part. The same type event was held on Sundays, March 9 and 16. This one had 10 players, some of the same people who played in the Saturdays event. Paul Bartron and Alan Bishop of Tacoma plus Naomi Bashkansky of Bellevue tied for first place in this section with 3-1.

The total amounts of prize money won from the events.
Paul Bartron $270; Alan Bishop $190; Naomi Bashkansky of Bellevue $120; and Steve Buck of Tacoma $120. There was $1,200.00 total prize fund.

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Napavine Scholastic Event Results

Chess4Life held a tournament in Napavine, Washington, at the Napavine Elementary School on March 15, 2014. Darren Campbell was the tournament director.
6 different sections were held with players from several different school districts in the area taking part. Two players scored 3-1, Adin Stratton of Napavine Elementary and Haarika Yajamanam of Olympic View Elementary in Oak Harbor in the Beginners 2-3 section. 6 players in this section.
6 players also in the K-3 under 800 rated section. A 4.5-.5 score by Travis Vestal of Centralia Christian School topped the section.
Samir Amin of Olympic View Elementary in Lacey and Nathaniel Serl of Napavine Elementary both scored 4-1 in the 8 player Grade 4-6 section.
Brian Lee of Napavine Elementary won Section Grades 4-6 under 800 rated with 5-0. 9 players in this section.
15 players in the Grades 7-12 Open Section. Another 5-0 score won this section. That player was Ian Richards of Onalaska Elementary/Middle School.
10 players in the Beginners Grades 4-8 section. 4-0 score by Daryl Leischner of Rochester Middle School topped the section.
Your reporter visited the school before the event and left some old chess magazines to be handed out at the tournament.

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Pacific Northwest Players in Iceland

BY MIKE MURRAY (a bit was added by Russell Miller)

Three Northwesterners competed in the ten-round 2014 Reykjavik Open: Viktors Pupols of Kingston, Washington, Jason Kenney of the Vancouver, BC area, and Mike Murray of Port Townsend, Washington. Kenney and Murray scored 5-5, while Unkel Vik scored 4.5 – 5.5, but the picture painted by the final numbers is a bit distorted. Vik and Jason faced substantially stronger opposition.

Pupols started with a loss to GM Richard Rapport, scored two draws and a loss against IMs, drew an FM, dropped a couple games to 2250 rated untitled players, and picked up three points against class players — a respectable score against a tough field. Pupols had 3 wins 3 draws and 4 lost. His starting rank was 130 and finish was 148.

Kenney had a superb start. After winning his first round game against a 1513, drawing an IM, then a GM, beating an IM, and drawing another GM, he could seriously contemplate an IM norm. But after pushing too hard to win a drawish position against WGM Alini L’Ami, he scored only 1.5 points out of the last five rounds. Still, he had a good tournament, with an Event Performance Rating (2244) exceeding his FIDE by 120 points.

My own results were somewhat less than mediocre, no upset wins or draws, a couple of draws against lower rated players, and a loss to a 1624 junior. I finished 5-5, 4 wins 2 draws and 4 lost. My starting rank was 147 and finish rank was 141.

Chinese GM Li Chao won it with 8.5. Four GMs, including Canada’s Eric Hansen, tied for second with 8.

This was the fiftieth anniversary of the tournament, held the last three years in Reykjavik’s Harpa Hall, and was superbly run, as usual. Rounds 2 and 3 were played on the same day, with one game a day for all other rounds.

Chessbase website has several reports.

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