Portland Chess Club Nov G/60 Event results

Couple of young players at the event. Megan Cheng and Marcus Chi-Kin Leung
Couple of young players at the event. Megan Cheng and Marcus Chi-Kin Leung.

Photo Credit: Brian Berger.

Phillip Seiter of Portland scored 4-0 to top 17 other players on Nov 22 in an event held at the Portland Chess Club. Neil Dale was the tournament director. Phillip appears to be a fairly recent resident of Oregon. He has lots of events in California and Ohio that I noticed on the USCF MSA pages.

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KingCo Chess League Starts 2014-15 Season

Patrick Van Dyke reports on Facebook:

KingCo Chess League: Round 1:

The KingCo Chess League got underway today at Interlake High School. Fourteen teams, representing ten unique schools, gathered for the inaugural round. In the first of five Swiss rounds, the favorites mostly prevailed by 5-0 or 4-1 scores. The big surprise: 10th ranked Issaquah A held 3rd ranked Interlake B even to a 2.5- 2.5 draw.

While most of the overall match scores were relatively predictable, some of the games themselves were not. The most notable near-miss: Mercer Island’s Carlin Chuck was well on his way to a draw in a N+2P vs. N+2P ending when he lost on time against Redmond’s NM Daniel He.

November Portland CC Quad 45 Event results


Micah Smith and Mike Lilly directed the event held Nov 15th at the Portland Chess Club. They had 12 players in two sections including two unrated players.

Time control for these events is G/45 with 5 second delay. Mike Lilly won the 8 player Swiss with 3-0. Two players scored 2.5-.5 in the 4 player quad for the higher rated players who took part, Jeff Austin and Moshe Rachmuth.

Brian Berger took the photo of Micah Smith at the computer that helps run Portland CC club events. Sure a lot less work than the old days of pairing cards and hand written wall charts and makes reporting to USCF to get the event rated quick and easy.

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New Oregon Jr. Champ

Yogi Saputra, a senior at Clackamas High School, won the 2014 Oregon Junior Closed. The event was a 6 player round robin played at G/90; d5 time control. He was the top rated player in the event and scored 3.5-1.5. The sponsoring affiliate was the Oregon Chess Federation. Michael Morris of Portland was the tournament director for the event held November 8-9, 2014.

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Van Dyke sweeps Seattle Club Championship with perfect score

Congratulations to Patrick Van Dyke for dominating the annual Seattle Chess Club Championship, winning with a perfect 7-0 score, while second place (Fred Kleist and Michael James Hosford) was 2.5 points behind with 4.5 of 7. The 17-player event was held on Friday evenings in September and October at the club. Despite his perfect score, Van Dyke only gained 22 rating points (2141 to 2163) due to his initial high rating and the lower ratings of all his opponents. See the USCF crosstable.

The Seattle CC November Quads were held on Saturday November 1, 2014 in three sections. Section winners were Roland Feng (2 of 3 points); Peter O’Gorman and Boas Lee (2.5 of 3) and Sujatha Chalasani (2.5 of 3). See the USCF crosstable.

Washington results: Blitz Championship and Challengers Cup

Two important annual events recently took place in Washington (reported by WCF secretary Gary Dorfner):

Roland Feng at 2014 Washington Blitz Chess Championship
Roland Feng at 2014 Washington Blitz Chess Championship

The Washington State Blitz Championship was held at Cross Roads Mall in Bellevue on October 11, 2014. There were 32 players participating in this event. This year’s winner is Roland Feng with 11.5 points. 2nd and 3rd places were shared by Daniel He and Marcell Szabo with 10.5 points each. In the Scholastic Section Jakey Snyder was first with 13.0, with a tie for 2nd and 3rd between Christian Jordan and Vignesh Anand with 9.0 points each.

The Washington Challengers’ Cup was held at the Seattle Chess Club, October 25-26, 2014. There were 67 players in all, 32 in the Open and 35 in the Reserve. The winners were: 1st FM Curt Collyer with 4.0. He will be seeded into the 2015 state championship; 2nd Bryce Tiglon 3.5 (taking a second round bye and winning the rest of his games); U2100 David Rupel, Kyle Haining and Derek Zhang 3.0 each; U1900 Severo Caluza, Jason Yu and Trevor Jung 2.0 each. In the Reserve UW undergrad student Alan Tan was 1st with 4.5 (conceding his only draw to WCF tournament coordinator Dan Mathews); the 2nd/U1600/U1200-Unr. prizes were split among Catherine Smith, Addison Lee and Frank Hou with 4.0 each; while U1400 was a four-way tie among Oscar Petrov, Joshua Lewis, Jared Huang and Anshul Ahluwa with 3.5 each.

The Challengers’ Cup Scholastic was held at the St. Thomas More School on November 1, 2014. There were 70 students participating in all. In the K-1/U800 section Walter Barr was 1st with 5.0, Dhruv Ojha and Elizabeth Flynn shared 2nd with 3.0 each and David Wilson was 3rd. In the 2-3/U800 section, Arjun Handa was 1st with 4.5, and 2nd was shared by Pranav Venkatesh, Aaryan Dhingra and Krish Doshi with 4.0 each. In the K-3/Open section, 1st place went to Miles Kuipers, 2nd place went to Daniel Qian, and there was a 3-way tie for 3rd, with Andrew Nguyen, Anirudh Rajesh and Sophie Szeto finishing with 3.0 each. In the 4-6/U900 section, 1st went to Arvind Manivannan with a perfect score of 5.0, 2nd to Aditya Venkataraman with 4.0, 3rd to Harvey Yang with 3.5, while Terence Sinn, Elliott Riedy, Matt Flynn and Marcus Lam tied for 4th with 3.0 each. In the 4-6/Open section, Ishaan Puri and Ethan Kam finished 1st with 4.5 each, while 3rd place was taken by Revanth Pothukuchi with 4.0.

Portland results: Club Championship & Oregon Class

Two important events recently concluded in Portland:

2014 Portland Chess Club Championship

This 5-round 16-player event, held on consecutive Tuesdays September 30-October 28, ended in a three-way tie, with Nick Raptis, Brian John Esler and Alex Grom scoring 4 of 5 points, each losing only one game to one of the other co-winners. See the USCF crosstable.

Oregon Class Championships

The Oregon Class Championships were held November 1-2, 2014 at the Lloyd Center DoubleTree Hotel, sponsored by the Oregon Chess Federation. Winners by class were as follows: Master/Expert – Aaron Grabinsky and Yogi Saputra (4 of 5 points); Class A – Seth Talyansky (4 of 5) with two draws; Class B – James McAleer and Aaron Nicoski (4 of 5) each with two draws; Class C – Jack McClain (4 of 5) with two draws; Class D (U1400) – Tony Midson and Karl Wallulis (4 of 5) each with either two draws or a draw and half-point bye. Both raised their rating to over 1400. See the USCF crosstable.

Photo description (by Mike Morris): The C Section had a stand-alone winner in the person of Jack Woo McClain, who turned his 4.0 points into hard cash, to the tune of $260—a lot of money for a very young player, who should have taken pity on a second-round player who must be nearly seven times his age!

Jack Woo McClain shows prize check from Oregon Class.

Jack Woo McClain shows prize check from Oregon Class.