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Daniel He repeats as winner of Washington Junior Closed

Congratulations to Daniel He for winning the Washington Junior Closed two years in a row! This is a six-player annual invitational tournament of the best junior chess players in Washington. Daniel He finished with 4 of 5 points, drawing twice but going undefeated. Ethan Bashkansky finished a close second with 3.5, drawing three times (including to He) but also going undefeated. All players in the event, including Daniel’s brother Samuel, are rated above 2000 USCF. (A USCF crosstable will be posted when available.) Daniel qualifies as a seed in the Washington State Championship to be held in Seattle in February. Results reported by TD and WCF Scholastic Director David Hendricks.

Daniel He, winner of 2015 Washington Junior Closed.
Daniel He, winner of 2015 Washington Junior Closed.

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