Washington State Girls Championship Results

Sangeeta Dhingra won a one game playoff at a time control of G/15; d5 over Naomi Bashkansky. They scored 3.5-.5 in the main event. They drew with each other in the 4th round.

David Hendricks directed the event for the sponsoring Washington Chess Federation. Winner got $500.00 in travel expense money for a national USCF event. The event was held in Bellevue on March 28-29, 2015 and 13 players took part.

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For Photos taken by Josh Sinanan and by the TD of the event, CLICK HERE.

Girls Wiinner photo by TD
Girls Wiinner photo by TD

More Info from the TD: Congratulations to Sangeeta Dhingra who won the WA State Girls Championship held Mar 28-29 in Redmond and Bellevue! Sangeeta is a 9th grader attending the International Community School and was rated 1891 USCF. Sangeeta upset Becca Lampman rated 2103 and the winner of this tournament for the prior 3 years with a round 3 upset, trapping her queen in 19 moves. Then Sangeeta and Naomi Bashkansky drew in round 4 and ended tied after 4 rounds with a score of 3.5 each. An Armageddon style playoff round decided the winner with Sangeeta playing Black with draw odds and 12 minutes against Naomi playing white with 15 minutes, both with a 5 second delay – Sangeeta finished with a checkmate. Sangeeta wins $500 to reimburse her travel expenses to the Susan Polgar Invitational later this year. Naomi qualifies to be the Washington representative to another national tournament where each state can send one girl.

Seattle CC Seattle Spring Open Results

55 players in two sections took part in a Fred Kleist directed event on March 20-22, 2015.

Roland Feng and William Schill tied for first place with 3.5-.5. Schill won games against three master rated players. They did not play each other. 24 players were in this Open Section.

The 31 players in the reserve section was won with 4.5-.5 score by Mary Kuhner. 2nd at 4-1 was Jason Yu.

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Number of Chess Events held by some affiliates in WA/OR

I noticed that the Seattle Chess Club was getting close to having 1000 events listed on the USCF website. CLICK HERE The USCF records listed on the website only start in 1991. So the clubs listed below have run lots more events but to get those numbers would take searching of NORTHWESTS CHESS magazines.

As of March 25, 2015, affiliates checked:
Seattle Chess Club 994 events
Portland Chess Club 985 events
Spokane Chess Club 546 events
Tacoma Chess Club 285 events
Washington Chess Federation 216 events
Oregon Chess Federation 38 events

Usually an event is a tournament of some kind but matches between two players count also as an event. Other things that one can find on the USCF website in another place are the number of events a person has directed. Fred Kleist of Seattle has 2209 sections in 850 events.

Coffee Time Quick Chess Event on March 7 results.

Nick Raptis won a 10-player G/15 event at Coffee Time in Portland. For the USCF Crosstable, CLICK HERE.

Editor’s Note: The annual Northwest Open was held at the Tacoma Chess Club the same day, in three groups (of 6, 4 and 3 players). The group winners were Viktors Pupols (3 of 3), Murlin Varner (2.5 of 3) and Michael Munsey (2 of 2). For the USCF crosstables, click here.

Portland Spring Open results

(L) Lennart Bjorksten vs Nick Raptis

Lennart Bjorksten vs Nick Raptis; Photo Credit: Brian Berger

One of the TD’s reports:
Mike Lilly – Congratulations to the winners:
Open –
first under 2000 BRENT BAXTER

Reserve –
tie for first & second Jack Woo McClain and Conor O’Sullivan
first under 1600 Danny Phipps


2015 WA State Scholastic Chess Championships

The 2015 WA State Scholastic Chess Championships were held on March 7th at Interlake High School in Bellevue and on March 8th at the Seattle Chess Club in Northgate. 169 players took part in 6 sections: K-3U800, K-3U1400, 4-6U1000, 4-12U1400, K-8 U1600, and K-8 Open. The tournament was directed by David Hendricks with assistance from Josh Sinanan, Dan Mathews, Chouchan Airapetian and Duane Polich. Neo Olin, an 8th grader at Dimmit Middle School in Seattle, won the Open section with 5/5 and will represent WA State at the Barber Tournament of K-8 State Champions helding concurrently with the U.S. Open in early August.  Kyle Zhang and Garrett Casey tied for 1st in the U1600 section with 4.5/5 each!

The event has now been rated: USCF crosstable, and also see the Chess Ratings Northwest report.
Top boards round 4