2015 WA Elementary & Middle School Chess Championship

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Your reporter was at the playing site in Spokane for awhile on the Saturday of the event and took some random photos. I am sure there were others with cameras there and if I find links to more photos I will add them to this post. 875 players in 7 sections took part in the Elementary part of the event.

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Becca Lampman ties for 1st Place in 12th All Girls Event.

Becca Lampman of Vancouver, Washington, scored 5-1 (2 draws) the same as 3 others for 1st place in the Under 18 section. “Becca won First Place on tie breaks and was awarded the championship trophy and prize,” so reports her mother to your reporter. The tournament was held April 17-19, 2015 in Chicago, Ill.

CLICK HERE for the USCF crosstables of the 359-player event.

Naomi Bashkansky of Bellevue, Washington, won 1st in the U12 section, reports Jill Lampman to your reporter. Also see “Naomi Wins the US All-Girls Chess Championship Again” on the family’s Chess Travel blog.

Becca won clear first with 8-0 the BLITZ event part of the tournament.
The USCF crosstable for the BLITZ can also be found at the above link.

1st report on USCF website: CLICK HERE.

2nd report on USCF website: CLICK HERE.

2015 Reno Larry Evans Memorial

A number of players from Washington and Oregon took part in the event. Phillip Seitzer of Portland, Oregon pushed his rating over 2200 for the first time with his result in this event.


CLICK HERE for the crosstable.

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There was a 22 player BLITZ tournament held as part of the event. Several PNW players took part including your reporter.

CLICK HERE for USCF crosstable of this event.

2015 Clark Harmon Memorial

35 players took part in the tournament held at the Portland Chess Club on April 11-12, 2015.

Lennart Bjorksten won the event with a 4.5 – .5 score. Three players scored 4-1: Nick Raptis, Jason Cigan, Becca Lampman.

Mike Janniro and Mike Morris handled the TD tasks. This event alternates between sites in Washington and Oregon in memory of Clark Harmon a many time Oregon Chess Champ, a chess organizer from the late 1950s until the time of his death several years ago.

CLICK HERE for the USCF crosstable.

CLICK HERE for a few photos that I took on Saturday.

Seattle CC April Tornado Results

22 players took part in the event held at the club site on April 12 under the direction of Fred Kleist. The two master rated players in the tournament, Viktors Pupols of Kingston and William Schill of Seattle. Schill got 3.5-.5 while Pupols had 3-1. They drew their 4th round game. Since both played in Reno the weekend before and that event has not been rated yet the ratings for them should be changed in a rerate of this G/60 d5 time control event. This tornado event effects both ones regular USCF rating and quick rating.

CLICK HERE for a photo of Bill Schill in Reno.

CLICK HERE for the USCF crosstable. This report was made April 14 so readers might want to check back for the rerate of the event.

CLICK HERE for photo of Viktors Pupols in Reno. He is in the blue jacket.