Portland CC G/60 June Results

Sign on a street near the Portland Chess Club. Photo Credit: Russell Miller
Sign on a street near the Portland Chess Club. Photo Credit: Russell Miller

Since over 30 players signed up the June event was split into two sections. 16 players including 4 master rated players played the 4 rounds of the Open Section.
3.5-.5 was reached by both Steven Breckenridge and Nick Raptis. They drew with each other in round 3. At 3-1 was Aaron Grabinsky who lost in round 4 to Breckenridge.

Jazon Samillano with 3.5-.5 won clear first place in the 16 player lower section.

Mike Janniro and Mike Morris handled the TD tasks.

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Emerald City Open Results

Your reporter was at the playing site in Spokane for awhile on the Saturday of the event and took some random photos. I am sure there were others with cameras there and if I find links to more photos I will add them to this post.

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Harold Winston, website like this
Noah Fields, view Neo Olin, Sangeeta Dhingra ” width=”3860″ height=”2933″ class=”size-full wp-image-2655″ /> Photo credit: Angela Fields
Caption: L-R Jon Haskel, Harold Winston, Noah Fields, Neo Olin, Sangeeta Dhingra

WA Fields, Noah Denni 2105 4.5 Denker High School
WA Olin, Neo Edward 2029 4 Barber K-8
WA Dhingra, Sangeeta 1909 4 National Girls
Total points for Washington Players of 12.5 placed them in 3rd place among the states that had players in all three events.

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Noah Fields was among the players who tied for 2nd place in the Denker Tournament of High School State Champs.
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photo taken by Russell Miller ” width=”1467″ height=”1100″ class=”size-full wp-image-1184″ /> Part of playing room at Seattle CC, surgeon
photo taken by Russell Miller

The Seattle Chess Club was the site of a 38 player event on June 12-14, physiotherapy
2015 under the direction of Fred Kleist. The tournament results were submitted to USCF on June 15 but not rated until June 25 for some unknown reason.
William Schill with 4.5-.5 won the Open Section. 2nd at 4-1 was Noah Yeo.
Joseph Truelson scored 4.5-.5 to top the Reserve Section.

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June Newport Open Results

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Top two sections both were won by 4-0 scores. Open/Premier section of 15 players was won by Aaron Grabinsky. 11 players in the Reserve Section were topped by Patrick Huang.
Booster Section was won by Bradley Larson. Event was directed by H. G. Pitre for the Central Coast Chess Club and held June 13-14, pancreatitis
2015 in Newport Oregon.

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Stephen Buck wins Evergreen Empire Open

Quad 45 results

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Stephen J. Buck won the 6-player Evergreen Empire Open held June 6, more about
2015 at the Tacoma Chess Club. Buck scored 2.5 of 3 possible points, page
raising his rating from 1700 to 1719. The event was directed by Gary Dorfner, who also was one of the six players. See the USCF crosstable.