Results of Portland CC Winter Open

Sign on a street near the Portland Chess Club. Photo Credit: Russell Miller
Sign on a street near the Portland Chess Club. Photo Credit: Russell Miller

Good turnout for the 2015 Winter Open held at the Portland Chess Club. 24 players in both sections. A near record turnout per research by Micah Smith of Vancouver.

Not only the same numbers of players the same score for top two finishers of both sections, 4.5-.5 and 4-1.

Open section winner was Nick Raptis of Portland. 2nd place to Seth Talyansky of Portland. Reserve section winner was Jazon Samilano Portland with 2nd to Michael Rabadan of Yakima.

TD tasks handled by Lennard Bjorksten and Michael Morris both of Portland.

US Chess Crosstable CLICK HERE.

2015 Washington State Women’s Championship

Group PhotoThe 2015 WA State Women’s Championship was held December 12-13 at the Seattle Chess Club.  Seven players took part in one open section:

  • WFM Chouchanik Airapetian (2080 USCF, 2086 FIDE, ARM)
  • Badamkhand Norovsambuu (2038 USCF, 2017 FIDE, MGL)
  • WCM Naomi Bashkansky (1976 USCF, 1695 FIDE, USA)
  • Kerry Van Veen (1548 USCF, USA)
  • Minda Chen (1337 USCF, 1522 NWSRS, USA)
  • Karen Schmidt (813 USCF, USA)
  • DI Anjali Walsh (680 USCF, 1311 NWSRS, IRL)

The tournament was co-organized by WCF Member-at-Large Chouchanik Airapetian and WCF President Josh Sinanan.  Carol Kleist directed the event.

Congratulations to WFM Chouchanik Airapetian for winning the tournament with 3.5/4 points!  “Chouchan” is originally from Armenia and has played in several U.S. Women’s Championships over the course of her chess career.  She now lives in Mercer Island with her husband and two children, where she teaches and promotes chess full time through education.  For her victory, Chouchan is seeded into the Invitational section of the 2016 WA State Championship.  More photos from the tournament can be found on facebook here.  The USCF rating report can be found here.

2015 WA Class Championships

The 2015 WA Class Championships were held at North Seattle Community College from Nov. 27-29. 160 players took part, mostly from Washington, Oregon and British Columbia.  The winners in each section were as follows:

Master 2200+: FM Roland Feng $500

2015-11-29 19.11.15

Expert 2000-2200: FM Paul Bartron $400

2015-11-29 20.37.09

Class A 1800-2000: Vikram Ramasamy (6-0!) $300

2015-11-29 21.11.25

Class B 1600-1800: Robin Tu $300

2015-11-29 21.04.35

Class C 1400-1600: Jason Zhang $300 and Zeren Gao (unr.)

Class D 1200-1400: Brandon Jiang $300

Class E 1000-1200: Graham Cobden $200 and Rishi Hazra (medal)

US Chess (USCF) crosstables for the 2015 Washington Class Championships.