Tournament Announcements

Northwest Chess Open

A fundraising event for Northwest Chess, a six-round tournament on, will be held May 9-10 in memory of Mike Neeley, former NWC editor.

Prizes are subscriptions or subscription extensions. Come play and be part of NWC history; this is the first NWC Open played online, and the only time the event has been held twice in the same year (the first one kind of died from Covid fears, just before everything shut down).

Details in the flyer.


Scholastic Tournament Announcements

NW Regional Scholastic

On 16 May, the grand on-line chess experiment continues with a new event, the Northwest Regional Scholastic Championships!

When shelter-in-place orders forced the delay or outright cancellation of chess events with packed playing halls full of potentially contagious people, the Washington Chess organizers quickly moved to well-planned on-line events. But somebody (naming no names) noticed that not all of the states in the NW region were able to make the shift, possibly leaving kids unable to participate in State Championships this school year.

How about adding a new event? Instead of, or in addition to, the State Championships, how about a Regional Championship? How about the Northwest Regional Scholastic Championship, 16 May, on

There you have it. Check out this link for details.


General announcements

Chess Webinars

At the most recent Northwest Chess board meeting, we decided to do some things to add value for NWC subscribers. Free chess webinars? Check!

Of course we’re talking about on-line events, since our ability to hold in-person meetings is severely constrained at the moment. Can you say… Zoom?

Mondays in May we’ll have webinars from 5:00-6:00 PM, PDT. On 4 May, Chouchanik Airapetian will have a session aimed at kids (wear your PJs and bring your favorite plush friend!), subject “How to choose the right move in the middle game.” Josh Sinanan will host on 11 May, talking about how to play against higher-rated opponents; closing out the May series on 18 May is Idaho’s Alex Machin, taking a player’s perspective on blunders and missed opportunities.

These are all free if you are a NWC subscriber, or $10 if you’re not. Sign up in advance at the online registration portal. You can also view the flyer directly at

Look for more webinar content aimed at NWC subscribers coming in June, too, and watch for ads conveniently located right in the pages of your monthly Northwest Chess magazine.



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Looks like it’s been awhile since the NWC blog has been active, and even longer since I posted anything. Time to fix that!

Two posts I’ll detail shortly:
1) Free Master lectures for Northwest Chess subscribers;
2) Northwest Chess Open, May 9-10, on