Three-way tie in Oregon Open

This year’s Oregon Open, held Aug. 30-31 and Sept. 1, 2014 at the Lloyd Center DoubleTree in Portland, ended in a three-way tie for first in the Open Section. Nick Raptis, Daniel He and Micah Smith all went undefeated with two draws, scoring 5.0 out of 6.0. (Raptis and He drew each other in the final round.) The Reserve Section was swept with a perfect 6.0 score by Abhinav Brahmarouthu, raising his rating to over 1800. Grisha Alpernas was the TD, and the Portland Chess Club was the host club. USCF crosstable link.

See photos by Russell Miller on Flickr of this event, including a few of the top players.

Ivanov wins Seattle August Tornado

Making only his second USCF tournament appearance, Ventsislav Ivanov won the Seattle Chess Club August Tornado held August 24, 2014 with a perfect 4.0 score. Ivanov raised his regular provisional rating to 1997, and his quick provisional rating to 1716. Tied for second place were Viktors Pupols and Brendan Zhang, each drawing two games (including against each other) for a score of 3.0, and Neo Olin, also with 3.0. USCF crosstable link.

Pupols wins Washington Senior

Continuing his long and amazing chess career, Viktors Pupols won the Washington Senior Adult Championship held at the Tacoma Chess Club, August 16, 2014. Pupols scored 3.5 out of 4, drawing only longtime expert and Tacoma Chess Club member Paul Bartron, who finished second with 3.0 points. USCF crosstable link.

Report by TD Gary Dorfner: The 2014 Wash. Sr. Adult Championship was won by Viktors Pupols, 3.5. He drew Paul Bartron who finished second. U2000 went to Steve Buck. Richard Gillmann took home U1700 and Stephen Burnworth claimed the U1400 prize. There were only 7 players who showed up for this event.

Portland CC August 2014 Quad 45 event

The Portland Chess Club holds a monthly quad tournament (known as a “Quad 45” because of the 45-minute time control) that usually takes place on the third Saturday of each month. This tournament is billed as a great way for new players to get introduced to the PCC and USCF-rated tournament chess as well as for seasoned veterans to battle against similarly rated opponents. The format is a 3-round quad, G/45; d5. One section may run as a 6-player Swiss depending on the number of players.

The August 2014 event top-rated section ended in a 2.5-point tie between Karl Stump and Jeff Jack Austin after the two players drew each other in the first round. See the USCF crosstable.

For more details on this monthly tournament, see the PCC website or the NWC calendar pages.

Some recent event results

Seattle July Tornado (sometimes called the Sunday Tornado), held July 27, 2014 at the Seattle Chess Club. Ethan Bashkansky and Zixiao Han draw each other and tied for first with 3.5 out of 4 points. Both are now expert-rated, with Han having a provisional rating. See the USCF crosstable.

Tacoma Open, held August 2, 2014 at the Tacoma Chess Club. The winner was Bryce Tiglon with a perfect score of 3.0. He raised his USCF rating to 2247. See the USCF crosstable.

Vancouver Open was held by the WCF August 9-10, 2014 in Vancouver, Washington. There were three sections. David Golub won the Open section with an impressive 4.5 out of 5 score, drawing only Nick Raptis (who finished second along with Kevin Gafni with 4.0) in the final round. Golub is now rated over 2300, as is Raptis. See the USCF crosstables.

Portland June Summer Open and G/60 Events

Portland CC Summer Open (June 21-22)

Goffe vs. Murray at the Portland Summer Open.
Goffe vs. Murray at the Portland Summer Open.

As reported by Brian Berger, “Preregistration numbers for the Portland Chess Club’s Summer Open tournament gave the first hint that a full house could be expected. And a full house it was, as 42 players gathered to test their playing skills–many of them new faces to this reporter.” The Open section was won by Seth Talyansky, with an impressive 4.5/5, drawing only Matt Dalthorp. Brian’s full story will appear in the August issue of Northwest Chess. The photo, taken by Brian, shows some of the action, with the game Michael Goffe (L) vs. David Murray in the foreground.

Portland CC June G/60 (June 28)

Richards vs. Buerer at the Portland CC June G/60.
Richards vs. Buerer at the Portland CC June G/60.

As reported by Brian Berger, “With still a threat of showers looming on the day of the Portland Chess Club’s Game 60, 18 resolute chess aficionados decided to spend their Saturday in over-the-board combat, TD’d by the recently returned world traveler (see the July issue of Northwest Chess) Neil Dale.” The contest was won by Jason Cigan, taking all four games. Once again, Brian’s full story will appear in the August issue of Northwest Chess. The photo, taken by Brian, shows some of the action, with the game Jerrold Richards (L) vs. Harry Buerer in the foreground.

Paul Bartron wins again

Paul Bartron was the winner of the $100 dollar prize at the Evergreen Open in Tacoma on June 7, 2014. Though he played with stiff competition (he played against Arjun Thomas, H.G. Pitre and Joe Kiiru), he managed to win all three rounds in the modified tournament. Second place was a tie between Pitre, Thomas, and Kiiru. The last tournament with a $100 prize will be the Puget Sound Open on July 12 with four rounds. Maybe some more players will come to give Paul and the other players more competition. Paul has annotated his game against H.G. Pitre, and the game may appear in the August edition of Northwest Chess.

Five of the players in the Evergreen Open: Gary Dorfner, Steve Buck, H.G. Pitre, Joe Kiruu and Paul Bartron
Five of the players in the Evergreen Open: Gary Dorfner, Steve Buck, H.G. Pitre, Joe Kiruu and Paul Bartron

2014 Washington Championship Results

Reported by WCF secretary Gary Dorfner. See the event webpage for more details, crosstables, photos and links.

The Wash. State Championship and Premier were held at the Seattle Chess Club on Feb. 8-9 and 15-17, 2014. There were 10 players in each section, played as a round robin. The winners were:

Championship Section: 1st Nat Koons 5.5, 2nd—4th Daniel He, David Golub and Josh Sinanan 4.5 each, 5th Bryce Tiglon and Ignacio Perez 4.0 each.

Premier Section: 1st Bill Schill 5.0, 2nd Mike MacGregor 4.5, 3rd-4th Satyajit Malugu and Megan Lee 4.0, 5th Dave Rupel and David Bragg 3.0 each.

The TD was Fred Kleist.

Washington G/60 Championship Results

Report by WCF Secretary Gary Dorfner:

The Washington G/60 tournament was held at the Tacoma CC on Nov. 9th. 7 players showed up for this event. The winners were: 1st Viktors Pupols 4.0 $40.00, 2nd Ralph Anthony 3.0 $30.00, U1600 Richard Sewell 2.0 $25.00, U1400 Ronald Purbaugh 1.0 $25.00. TD for this event was Gary Dorfner. There was one upset when Ralph Anthony (1716) defeated Paul Bartron (2138).

USCF crosstable link.