Roland Feng and David Golub win 2015 Seattle Seafair Open

Roland and Golub

FM Roland Feng and NM David Golub topped the 70-player field of the 2015 Seattle Seafair Open, each scoring a perfect 5 wins from 5 games. The tournament was hosted by Seattle Chess Club July 24-26 and directed by the inimitable Fred Kleist, who paired the entire event by hand! A slew of players tied for 2nd with 4 points: FM Bill Schill, Bada Norovsambuu, and Anthony He. The tournament has now been rated: USCF Crosstable.

Anthony and Jason

Roland Feng repeats as 2015 WA Open Champion!!

Roland and JoshThe 2015 WA Open was held at the Lynnwood Convention Center over Memorial Day weekend May 23-25. A strong attendance of nearly 200 players took part mostly from Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia.  WCF Tournament Coordinator Dan Mathews and WCF President Josh Sinanan organized the event, which was directed by Fred Kleist with assistance from WCF Secretary Gary Dorfner. WCF Scholastic Director David Hendricks ran the scholastic tournament on Saturday, which attracted a record 112 players.  The full tournament rating report can be found here. Photos from the event can be found here.

Washington’s youngest ever State Champion and newly minted FM, Roland Feng, continued his hot streak and won the Open section with 5.5/6.  Half a point behind him were IM Raymond Kaufman and CM Tanraj Sohal, who drew their last round game on board 1 to tie for second with 5.0. Four players tied for third with 4.5: FM Costin Cozianu, CM Joshua Doknjas, NM Bryce Tiglon, and NM Samuel He.

Other winners include:

Trey Michaels, 1st Place Premier Section

Michael Schemm and Mary Kuhner, =2nd Premier Section

Mika Mitchell, Ishaan Puri, Neil Doknjas, Travis Olson =3rd Premier Section

Robin Tu, 1st Place Reserve Section

Dan Mathews, Jacob Mayer, Francisco Lopez, Patrick Huang, Brock Grassy, Vignesh Anand = 2nd-5th Place/1st – 2nd U1550 Reserve Section

Ethan Wu, 1st Place Booster Section

Daniel Shubin, Garrett Casey, Owen Xuan, Daniel Wilke, Holden Sweeden = 2nd – 4th Place / 1st U1100 Booster Section

APP at Lincoln Dragons from Seattle shine at Elementary Nationals

DSC_3281 Lincoln full team2015 USCF National Elementary (K-6) Championship, Nashville, TN

FINAL RESULTS Main Tournament
K-1 CHAMPIONSHIP SECTION – 4th in the United States of America
Owen Xuan – 6 points – (10th Place Individual Trophy)
Samuel Tran – 5 points – (30th Place Individual Trophy)
Griffin Rosenberg – 4 points
Nathan Race – 3.5 points
K-5 CHAMPIONSHIP SECTION – 9th in the United States of America
Markus Olson – 4 points (1st Place 900-999 Class Award)
Minda Chen – 4 points
Dylan Xu – 4 points
Bennett Rosenberg – 3.5 points
Ciaran Walsh – 3.5 points (1st Place U800 Class Award)
Arya Gharib – 3 points (3rd Place U800 Class Award)
K-3 CHAMPIONSHIP SECTION – 22nd in the United States of America
Sophie Szeto – 4 points (3rd Place 700-799 Class Award)
Anjali Walsh – 2.5 points
Stuart Bushfield – 2.5 points (3rd Place 600-699 Class Award)
K-3 U800 SECTION – 27th Place
Angela Chen- 4.5 points
Alexander West – 4.5 points
Ava Gharib – 3 points
Eleanor Karis-Sconyers – 2.5 points
Adam Race – 4 points – (1st Place 1000-1099 Class Award)
Blitz Tournament
K-6 Blitz – 7TH PLACE
Dylan 7.5 (47th place overall)
Bennett 6.0 (2nd place 1100-1199 Class Award)
Ciaran 6.0 (2nd place U800 Class Award)
Adam 5.5
Markus 4.0
Owen, Josh, and Georgi
Owen 8.0 (1st place 1100-1199 Class Award)
Sophie 7.0 (1st place 700-799 Class Award)
Anjali 6.0 (1st place Unrated Award)
Samuel 5.5 (2nd place Unrated Award)
Griffin 5.0
Nathan 3.0
Bughouse Tournament
Bennett/Markus: 7.0 (of 12), 19th place
Owen/Stuart: 6.0 (of 12), 40th place
Adam/Krutin: 5.0 (of 12), 43rd place
Griffin/Nathan: 5.0 (of 12), 51st place

2015 WA State Scholastic Chess Championships

The 2015 WA State Scholastic Chess Championships were held on March 7th at Interlake High School in Bellevue and on March 8th at the Seattle Chess Club in Northgate. 169 players took part in 6 sections: K-3U800, K-3U1400, 4-6U1000, 4-12U1400, K-8 U1600, and K-8 Open. The tournament was directed by David Hendricks with assistance from Josh Sinanan, Dan Mathews, Chouchan Airapetian and Duane Polich. Neo Olin, an 8th grader at Dimmit Middle School in Seattle, won the Open section with 5/5 and will represent WA State at the Barber Tournament of K-8 State Champions helding concurrently with the U.S. Open in early August.  Kyle Zhang and Garrett Casey tied for 1st in the U1600 section with 4.5/5 each!

The event has now been rated: USCF crosstable, and also see the Chess Ratings Northwest report.
Top boards round 4

2015 WA State Championship Results

Roland and TrophyBelow are the final results of the 2015 WA State Championship, Premier, and Invitational Round Robins in order of tie-breaks.
A link to the USCF rating report can be found here.
Full results with crosstables can be viewed here.
Games from the first weekend can be found here and from the second weekend here.


NM Roland Feng 2295 6.5 1st $1,440
FM Costin Cozianu 2466 6.0 2nd $800
NM Bryce Tiglon 2258 5.5 = 3rd/4th $400
FM Curt Collyer 2313 5.5 = 3rd/4th $400
FM Tian Sang 2350 5.0 5th $160
FM David Bragg 2200 4.0
NM Daniel He 2227 4.0
FM William Schill 2215 3.5
NM Samuel He 2233 3.5
LM Viktors Pupols 2202 1.5


Derek Zhang 2061 6.5 1st $450
Kyle Haining 2090 6.0 = 2nd-4th $166.67
NM Michael MacGregor 2188 6.0 = 2nd-4th $166.67
Kevin Gafni 2077 6.0 = 2nd-4th $166.67
NM David Levine 2200 5.0 5th $50
NM Harley Greninger 2158 4.0
Cameron Leslie 2081 3.5
James Colasurdo 2059 3.5
FM Paul Bartron 2120 3.0
Anath Gottumukkala 1278 1.5


Chouchanik Airapetian 2017 7.0 1st $225
Neo Olin 1910 6.5 2nd $125
David Arganian 2000 6.0 3rd $75
Badamkhand Norovsambuu 2056 4.5 = 4th/5th $25
Alan Bishop 2000 4.5 = 4th/5th $25
Vikram Ramasamy 1880 4.5 = 4th/5th $25
Ryan Ackerman 1842 4.0
Michael Hosford 1954 3.5
Travis Olson 1860 2.5
Joseph Kiiru 1891 2.0

Thanks to everyone for taking part and making this such a wonderful event!  Any feedback/suggestions to improve the tournament are welcome.