Washington Challenger’s Cup Report

From Washington Chess Federation Facebook page.

GM Dmitry Skorchenko and LM Viktors Pupols tied for first place in the annual Washington Challenger’s Cup each with 3.5/4, which took place Nov. 7-8 at Seattle Chess Club. For his victory, Viktors is seeded into the 2016 WA State Championship in February. The tournament was directed by Fred Kleist and hosted by the Washington Chess Federation. It attracted 60 players in two sections, Open and Reserve U1800. Travis Elisara of Tumwater won clear first in the reserve section with a perfect 5/5!”

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Pupols at Challenger's Cup.
Pupols at Challenger’s Cup.

Portland CC Championship

Sign on a street near the Portland Chess Club. Photo Credit: Russell Miller
Sign on a street near the Portland Chess Club. Photo Credit: Russell Miller

From the website of the chess club.

“Club Championship (Sept 29-Oct 29): The annual Portland Chess Club Championship, which is open to all PCC members, takes place in October (sometimes starting in late September as was the case this year) in place of the Tuesday Quads. Mike Morris, PCC life member and longtime board member, won with 4.5/5, gaining around 70 rating points and winning $50. He beat defending champion FM Nick Raptis, who finished 2nd with 4/5, on the last round to take the title. Brian Elser finished 3rd with 3.5/5. Roland Eagles won the $25 U1800 prize with 3/5 and gained around 65 rating points.”

Mike was also the TD. CLICK HERE for the US Chess Crosstable.

Oregon All Stars Results

On Oct 9, 2015 there was a many sections scholastic event held in Salem. Jeff Dobbins was the chief TD.

Chess Ratings Northwest Crosstable, CLICK HERE.

The US Chess Crosstables for 16 sections can be found, CLICK HERE.

More info can be found on the Oregon Scholastic Chess Federation website, CLICK HERE.

16 kids Played in their first US Chess event. 121 took part in US Chess rated sections.

Portland Fall Open Results

National Chess Day was Oct 10, 2015. For the 2nd year in a row the Portland Chess Club held their annual Fall Open on this weekend. Last year 44 player took part and this year 30 did.

Mike Janniro of Portland was the TD and played an extra game. All the event winners were from Portland.

Nick Raptis and Seth Talyansky tired for 1st place in the upper section with 4-1. Seth topped Nick in round 4. Roland Eagles and Eric Erard also scored 4-1 to win the lower section of the event.

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TD Janniro on left with Upper Section co winner Seth Talyansky. Photo Credit: Brian Berger
‘TD Janniro on left with Upper Section co winner Seth Talyansky. Photo Credit: Brian Berger

Nick Raptis of Portland and OnLine BLITZ

There are online blitz tournaments and Nick Raptis of Portland, Oregon plays quite often. He won the one played Sept 28, 2015 with a 6-1 score. The time control is G/3 +2.

Events are played on Internet Chess Club website and rated by US Chess. There were 39 players in the event. Will try to get Nick to write something for NORTHWEST CHESS about this type of tournament play.

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Eastern Washington Open Results

Tournament Winner: Michael Cambareri on left and TD Kevin K. Photo Credit: Annete Wayland
Tournament Winner: Michael Cambareri on left and TD Kevin Korsmo.
Photo Credit: Annette Weyland

Kevin Korsmo directed the 30 player event on Sept. 26-27, 2015 for the Spokane Chess Club.

Michael Cambareri won with a 5-0 score. Unrated Karl Reutter scored 4-1 to take 2nd place clear. Kevin reports: “Karl is a west side kid who played some scholastic chess and is a junior at Gonzaga.” He has a Northwest Scholastic rating of 1156 based on 105 games

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Seattle Fall Open Results

The Seattle Chess Club held their annual Seattle Fall Open on Sept 18-20. Nick Raptis of Portland Oregon won the Open Section 4.5-.5. Bryce Tiglon and IM Ray Kaufman plus Dereque Kelley Jr. tied for 2-4 with 4-1. Bryce took a 4th rd 1/2 bye and drew with Nick in round 5. 46 players took part in the Open Section.

The 35 player Reserve Section was won by Joseph Truelson with 4.5-5. It appears from looking at his US Chess information that he is a scholastic player who lived in Minnesota until this year and now lives in Washington since he has played in several Washington events. Fred Kleist was the tournament director.

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