WIM Megan Lee Lecture

Date: February 9, 2018
Site: Seattle Chess Club
Organizer: Josh Sinanan
Here is the flyer.
The game presented can be viewed here.
Megan presented a lecture featuring highlights from her recent victory at the 2017 North American Open in Las Vegas.  The lecture was followed by a brief Q&A session and a chance for autographs.  About 12 spectators attended.

WIM Megan Lee.
Audience members enjoying the lecture.
About a dozen spectators were present at the lecture.

Chess in Equatorial Guinea

Story submitted by Seth Talyansky, email talyanskys@catlin.edu.

We, the leaders of the Catlin Gabel Chess Club, investigated the circumstances of chess in Equatorial Guinea (EG), the only Spanish-speaking country in Africa, as a project for Spanish class. After Seth’s saga of efforts to connect us with people in EG, which we recount in an article for the July issue of the Northwest Chess magazine, we received a message from Mr. Federico Ele Rano, a passionate advocate for chess in Equatorial Guinea. According to him, the chess players in the country number two dozen, none FIDE-rated. The first “semi-professional” tournament in Equatorial Guinean history was held recently in Malabo, the capital. Federico is looking to establish both scholastic and general competitive chess in EG. In particular, he is seeking help with acquiring chess materials. We’re fundraising for sets, clocks, and books for donation to EG. We have created an online GoFundMe page at https://www.gofundme.com/chess-supplies-to-equatorial-guinea.

Please see the July issue of NWC (when available) and/or the linked page for more information.

Inland Empire Open article

Posted by Spokane Chess Club on facebook:

April 29-30
Top seeds Michael Cambareri and Mark Havrilla won this year’s Inland Empire Open with scores of 4.0. Mark beat Michael in round four, but was held to a final round draw while Michael scored a comeback victory in a fascinating game where his opponent had four pieces for a queen! Michael had the only perfect score after the first day’s action while Mark took a Saturday night bye to enter their showdown battle one half point behind.
A total of 29 players (and one house player) took part in this year’s installment of Spokane’s oldest weekend tournament. While Michael had the perfect score after the first day and Mark was the only returning player at 2.5, there were nine other players who finished the first day with 2.0 scores. That made for a bunch Wallaceof closely contested games on the final day — and the bunched up standings reflected the close nature of the competition. Four players finished third with scores of 3.5: Brad Bodie, Jonathan Geyman, Dan McCourt, and Karl Reutter. Jonathan, a rapidly rising provisionally-rated player, was also the top score in class C, while the other three also shared the class A prizes. The class B prizes were shared by Jason Cross and Kevin Korsmo with scores of 3.0. Second place in class C was shared by Walter van Heemstede Obelt and Ron Weyland, both of whom scored 2.5. Walter’s accomplishment was particularly impressive in that he was only able to play the first day due to work commitments.
Steve Wallace(3.0) won the class D first prize. Second in that section (at 2.5) was shared by Logan Faulkner and Rob Harder. Rob also scored a 606 point upset victory in the first round to claim the top upset prize. The tourney also featured six unrated players participating in their first USCF tourney.

CLICK HERE for USchess crosstable

Note: Jonathan Geyman also won the open division at the small unrated Lou Domanski Chess Festival in early April, beating James Stripes in round four. The last round had two teenagers on board one. Jonathan and Benjamin Nylund, who recently moved to Idaho from New Zealand. The Lou Domanski Chess festival had been known as the Sandpoint Community Chess Festival until renamed three years ago. It was started by Lou Domanski 26 years ago. Stripes has been the event’s TD since 2009.

Kornelijs (Neil) Dale RIP

Long time tournament director for the Portland CC.

Photo Credit: Russell Miller

The info available on USChess website starts in 1991. I believe he played and directed events before that. He was the tournament director for 10 Oregon Closed Championships, the first one in 1994. He directed many events at the Portland Chess Club site and other places also such as Newport and Mt. Hood Comm. College where he was a teacher. He organized and directed many Gresham Opens held at the college. From the USChess website his last rating was 1501. He played in 122 events the first one listed was the Linn-Benton Open 11/18-19/1992. He was chief TD for 359 events the first being 1991 Oregon City Open 11/30-12/1/1991. His game data shows 438 games played at regular rating and 60 quick rated games. He was a USChess level: local tournament director He was born in 1933. He died Dec 21, 2016.

From Facebook
Carl Haessler said: “Neil was a great man and a lifelong chess friend. He will be remembered as a true legend of Oregon chess. Player, Promoter, Organizer and Director … he did it all, and did so for over 40 years. As a Chief TD his kind but firm demeanor was equally effective at the State Championship and at numerous local scholastic events.”

Photo below by Brian Berger

Portland June Summer Open and G/60 Events

Portland CC Summer Open (June 21-22)

Goffe vs. Murray at the Portland Summer Open.
Goffe vs. Murray at the Portland Summer Open.

As reported by Brian Berger, “Preregistration numbers for the Portland Chess Club’s Summer Open tournament gave the first hint that a full house could be expected. And a full house it was, as 42 players gathered to test their playing skills–many of them new faces to this reporter.” The Open section was won by Seth Talyansky, with an impressive 4.5/5, drawing only Matt Dalthorp. Brian’s full story will appear in the August issue of Northwest Chess. The photo, taken by Brian, shows some of the action, with the game Michael Goffe (L) vs. David Murray in the foreground.

Portland CC June G/60 (June 28)

Richards vs. Buerer at the Portland CC June G/60.
Richards vs. Buerer at the Portland CC June G/60.

As reported by Brian Berger, “With still a threat of showers looming on the day of the Portland Chess Club’s Game 60, 18 resolute chess aficionados decided to spend their Saturday in over-the-board combat, TD’d by the recently returned world traveler (see the July issue of Northwest Chess) Neil Dale.” The contest was won by Jason Cigan, taking all four games. Once again, Brian’s full story will appear in the August issue of Northwest Chess. The photo, taken by Brian, shows some of the action, with the game Jerrold Richards (L) vs. Harry Buerer in the foreground.

NWC Banner Visits the Vancouver WA Chess Club

NWC Banner Visits the Vancouver Washington Chess Club on May 20, 2013.

NWC Banner Visits the Vancouver Washington Chess Club on May 20, 2013.

The club meets at the Vancouver main library on C and Evergreen in downtown on Mondays 5pm to 7:45pm. There is a kids group that meets 4pm to 5pm the same day.

Usually there have been more people attending the club than appear in this photo. The weather was very nice on the Monday I took my camera. Play is just skittles some times with clocks. The library has a number of chess sets and boards.

Cedar Hills Crossing Chess Club

Took my camera and the NWC Banner to Beaverton on Friday May 3, 2013. The club organizer Sean Tobin talked the mall management into letting chess be played in a empty store front. It was the TGIF May chess tournament that I visited. There is some space behind a barrier where the tournament play happens if the turnout is small. Casual play takes place near the front of the store. There were people of all ages when  I was there. Some pictures are below.

NWC Banner laying in the front window of the store front.
NWC Banner laying in the front window of the store front.


Round 1 play.


Brian Berger with cap.


Kids on large set.


Little girl there with her dad.

Tacoma Chess Times News from Tacoma CC

TACOMA CHESS TIMES 1/21/2013 by Vivi Bartron

Don’t forget to come to the general membership meeting Friday night Jan. 25th at 8:30 pm. Your input is needed.


Minutes from last meeting
Financial report
Tournament report
Membership report
Other officer reports

New Business:
Results from survey conducted last Oct.
New computer for club to replace one that was stolen last fall.

Special membership for services rendered
Patriot membership for 1 year for $20.00
Other items; promoting the club & events, membership blitz, things aimed at the kids.

Mike MacGregor is 2012 Tacoma Chess Club Champion.
Mike MacGregor successfully defended his title for the 2nd year in a row.
He won all 7 rounds of the TCC Championship & he won the Oyster Bay Classic 4-0. He also tied for 1st in the Oregon Open with 4.5.