2013 Idaho Scholastic Championship

Nathan Jiang (left) vs. Savanna Naccarato (right) at the 2013 Idaho Scholastic Championship. Photo credit: Jeff Roland
Nathan Jiang (left) vs. Savanna Naccarato (right) at the 2013 Idaho Scholastic Championship. Photo credit: Jeff Roland

The 2013 Idaho Scholastic Championship was held March 16, 2013 at the Vineyard in Boise, Idaho. 274 Students played in this 34th annual championship tournament.

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Championship Section


1st Place – Nathan Jiang (Eagle, 9th Grade)
2nd Place – Tyler Lopez (Borah, 12th Grade)
3rd Place – Savanna Naccarato (Sandpoint, 10th Grade)

Grade 12
1st Place – Megan Jones (Wood River)
2nd Place – Nick Care (Boise)

Grade 11
1st Place – Cody Gorman (Renaissance)
2nd Place – Tristan Arnold (Boise)

Grade 10
1st Place – Kory Puderbaugh (Meridian Technical)
2nd Place – Desmond Porth (Wood River)

Grade 9
1st Place – Carmen Pemsler (Riverglen)
2nd Place – Michael Abernathy

Barber K-8 Champion
1st Place – Jacob Nathan (3rd Grade)
2nd Place – Blake Magnuson (Northstar, 6th Grade)

1st Place – Borah HS, Boise, Idaho (10 points; 43 Solk)
2nd Place – Wood River HS, Hailey, Idaho (9 points; 47 Solk)

Grade 8 Section

1st Place – Robert Jiang (Lowell Scott)
2nd Place – Sebastian Chao (Lewis and CLark)
3rd Place – Brayden Riley (Fresco)
4th Place – Nathan Stouffer (Rood River)
5th Place – Kieran Arnold (Hillside)

1st Place – Lewis and Clark MS, Boise, Idaho (5 points; 22 Solk)

Grade 7 Section

1st Place – Jo Wang (Heritage)
2nd Place – Lucas Knoll (Sage)
3rd Place – Alethea Chaney (Ambrose)
4th Place – Dylan Porth (Wood River)
5th Place – Ari Berg (Sage)

1st Place – Sage International, Boise, Idaho (8 points; 38 Solk)
2nd Place – Lewis and Clark MS, Boise, Idaho (7 points; 34 Solk)

Grade 6 Section

1st Place – Isaac Blake (Cynthia Mann)*
2nd Place – John Chen (Lowell Scott)*
3rd Place – Anthony Luo (Lowell Scott)
4th Place – Jordan Nielsen (La Mia Terra)
5th Place – Noah Jarvis (Northstar)
6th Place – Elias Willerup (Washington)
7th Place – Garrett Stouffer (Wood River)
8th Place – Brooklyn Mayer (Sage International)
9th Place – Olivia DeAngelis (Riverstone International)
10th Place – Michael Kappelman (Lake Hazel)

* Tie-breaks gave the bigger 1st place trophy to Isaac Blake, but Isaac Blake and John Chen are considered to be co-champions of the 6th grade.

1st Place – Lowell Scott, Boise, Idaho (8½ points; 30½ Solk)
2nd Place – Sage International, Boise, Idaho (7 points; 31½ Solk)

Grade 5 Section

1st Place – Kevin Yang (Valley View)
2nd Place – Adam Pettyjohn (Cynthia Mann)
3rd Place – Lance Thrall (Pioneer)
4th Place – Sabrina Ripley (Pioneer)
5th Place – Taylor Nicholas (Sage International)
6th Place – Leah Abernathy
7th Place – Andras Britschgi (Sage International)
8th Place – Braxton Quintero (Payette)
9th Place – Zane Barckholtz (Hailey)
10th Place – Carson Barningham (Cecil Andrus)
11th Place – Natalie Adams
12th Place – Amelia Mussler-Wright (Washington)
13th Place – Laurel Wheaton (Washington)
14th Place – Austin Hunt (Washington)
15th Place – Seth Moore (Washington)

1st Place – Pioneer Elementary, Boise, Idaho (8½ points; 36½ Solk)
2nd Place – Washington Elementary, Boise, Idaho (6½ points; 40½ Solk)

Grade 4 Section

1st Place – Daniel Duan (Riverside)
2nd Place – Ryan Ripley (Pioneer)
3rd Place- Jonah Banta (Washington)
4th Place – Elijah Thibodeau (Cynthia Mann)
5th Place – Rosie Hill (Northstar)
6th Place – Henry Neal (Galileo)
7th Place – David Hoehler (Riverstone International)
8th Place – Keegan Jones (Sage International)
9th Place – Matt O’Meara (Riverside)
10th Place – Aidan Gray (Galileo)
11th Place – Vishvesha Sridhar (Collister)
12th Place – Carl Tomchak (Collister)
13th Place – Nathaniel Adams
14th Place – Austin Li (Cecil Andrus)
15th Place – Jacoby Smith (Riverside)

1st Place – Riverside Elementary, Boise, Idaho (11½ points; 41 Solk)
2nd Place – Galileo Magnet, Meridian, Idaho (10 points; 39 Solk)

Grade 3 Section

1st Place – Rayan Mahin (Challenger)
2nd Place – Nathan Bommerbach (Payette)
3rd Place – Logan McDougal (White Pine)
4th Place – James Liu (Collister)
5th Place – Frederick Zhang (White Pine)
6th Place – Vincent Giordano (Cecil Andrus)
7th Place – Colin Dempsey (Sage International)
8th Place – Isaac Fishman (Collister)
9th Place – Ryan Thrall (Pioneer)
10th Place – Bennet Pierce-Loayza (Sage International)
11th Place – Darci DeAngelis (Riverstone International)
12th Place – Nathan Edvalson (Cecil Andrus)
13th Place – Max Keller (Sage International)
14th Place – Miles Nielsen (La Mia Terra)
15th Place – Ryan Grubb (Galileo)

1st Place – Sage International, Boise, Idaho (12½ points; 61 Solk)
2nd Place – Cecil Andrus, Boise, Idaho (11½ points; 58½ Solk)

Grade 2 Section

1st Place – Daniel Fernandez (Collister)
2nd Place – Verah Arnold
3rd Place – Ryan Marquardt (Galileo Magnet)
4th Place – Tyler Erben (Challenger)
5th Place – Justin Siek (Collister)
6th Place – Owen Stouffer (Bellevue)
7th Place – Ben Siegenthaler (Sage International)
8th Place – Jieming Mei (Riverside)
9th Place – Wency Suo (Riverside)
10th Place – Alexander Wong (Sage International)
11th Place – Paul Sawyer (Longfellow)
12th Place – Moten Samuel (Northstar)
13th Place – Jaydin Morin-Bishop (Payette)
14th Place – Akshay Shyam (Cecil Andrus)
15th Place – Erik Tomten (Washington)

1st Place – Collister Elementary, Boise, Idaho (10½ points; 41½ Solk)
2nd Place – Sage International, Boise, Idaho (8 points; 39 Solk)

Grade 1 Section

1st Place – Lucas Coltrin (Summerwind)**
2nd Place – Alex Kitsinger (Collister)**
3rd Place – Mercedes Fernandez (St. Marys)
4th Place – Ryan Hughes (Challenger)
5th Place – Nathan Smith (Payette)
6th Place – Jacob Edvalson (Cecil Andrus)
7th Place – August Mussler-Wright (Washington)
8th Place – Emma Palmer (Washington)
9th Place – Ethan Li (Cecil Andrus)
10th Place – Dallan Riley (River Valley)

** Tie-breaks awarded first place (and the top trophy) to Lucas Coltrin and second place to Alex Kitsinger, but they are considered to be co-champions of the first grade.

1st Place – Cecil Andrus, Boise, Idaho (9½ points; 32 Solk)
2nd Place – Payette Primary, Payette, Idaho (7½ points; 32½ Solk)

Kindergarten Section

1st Place – James Wei (Pioneer)
2nd Place – Daniel Zhang (Cecil Andrus)
3rd Place – Samuel Li (Riverside)
4th Place – Oliver Nathan
5th Place – Dylan Waugh (Galileo Magnet)

Chess Event in Vancouver WA March 23

Prairie High NHS hosts Wizards’ Chess tourney

“Prairie High School National Honor Society is hosting a Wizards’ Chess tournament with Harry-Potter-themed activities and a costume contest from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. March 23 at the school, 11500 N.E. 117th Ave. Cost is $5 or five cans of food to be a chess piece and $4 or four cans of food to be a player.

Just like in the Harry Potter books and movies, pieces will represent a chess piece on the life-size chess board. Players will compete in a sudden death tournament playing chess on the life-size board or small boards. All proceeds benefit the North Clark County Food Bank.”

Scholastic Chess in Spokane

Spokane Chess Club (reports on Facebook)
Excitement at March Madness Tournament

The March Madness scholastic chess tournament finished with an exciting battle on the top board in K-7. Alex Popescu had won all four previous games, and was playing Shawn Lewis who had lost one game in an early round. A crowd gathered as Shawn nursed his initiative in a position with equal material, including opposite colored bishops, and had a bit over two minutes to just over one for Alex. The players maneuvered quickly, looking for tactics, and a few pawns were exchanged. Alex tried to trade queens, while Shawn kept up checks and threats against the remaining pawns. Shawn had five seconds left when Alex reached zero and Shawn claimed victory. That left third-grader Alex in a tie for first with Shawn and Shohom Bandyopadhyay (4.0 each). Alex, by playing up, was not eligible for first place in his grade, but placed second overall in his section. Shawn took home the Grand Champion trophy and Shohom was first place in fifth grade. One-half point behind the leaders were the top seventh grader, Trevor Murphy, and another third-grader, Tariq Ravasia. Ray Johnson, Reo Reyes, Ethan Wu, Merrick Bonar, and top fourth-grader, A.J. Stenbeck finished with 3.0.

In the K-3 section, James Gunn won all five games and took home his third Grand Champion trophy for the 2012-2013 school year. Second place went to the top second-grader, Seth Arthurs, with 4.0, losing only to James. Andre Vivier was third with 3.5 and won the trophy for top third-grader. They were followed by Jack Morris, Isabella Rigutto, Ryan Eaton, Gabe Gustafson, and top first-grader, Sam Morris. Isabella won biggest upset, due to her win over a player rated 127 points above her.

In K-12, four played shared first and split the prizes for first through third, taking home $40 each. They were David Blue, Jacob Gray, Kevin Eaton, and Levi Goris. Tristan Udby won a book for his position in fifth place (3.5). At 3.0, Matt Mackinney and Steven Walton each won $30 for biggest upset and best unrated, respectively.

Saint George’s School won the team trophy in K-6 with 17 points for the top five players. Medals were awarded to Northwest Christian and Coeur d’Alene Charter Academy for each scoring a 9.5 with teams of three in K-12. This was the first event in several years with three viable mini-teams in the HS/MS section.

Josh Reports on WA High School Individual

Hi Everyone, Congratulations to Xiaoman Chu, a freshman from St. George School in Spokane, for winning the 2013 Washington State High School Individual Championship! He tied for 1st with 4/5 along with Megan Lee and David Inglis. For his victory, Xiaoman is invited to represent WA in the Denker Tournament of High School Champions, held concurrently with the U.S. Open in Madison, WI in August.

The playoff games were played at the Seattle Chess Club on March 2. Colors were drawn at random and the following games were played at a time control of G/90 + 30 sec. increment.

Schedule for the playoff (first person listed gets white):

9:30 David – Megan. Result: 0-1
2:00 Xiaoman – David Result: .5-.5
6:30 Megan – Xiaoman. Result: 0-1

Here is the final round game:
[Event “WHSCA Individual Playoff”]
[Site “Seattle Chess Club”]
[Date “2013.03.02”]
[Round “3”]
[White “Lee, Megan”]
[Black “Chu, Xiaoman”]
[Result “0-1”]
[ECO “C68”]
[WhiteElo “2163”]
[BlackElo “1907”]

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 a6 4. Bxc6 dxc6 5. O-O Bg4 6. h3 h5 7. d3 Qf6 8. Nbd2 Bd6 9. Re1 Be6 10. Nf1 c5 11. c3 Qe7 12. Ng3 f6 13. Nh4 Qf7 14. Ngf5 O-O-O 15. Be3 g6 16. Nxd6+ cxd6 17. b4 g5 18. Nf5 Qc7 19. Ng3 g4 20. h4 Ne7 21. Nf1 d5 22. exd5 Bxd5 23. Bxc5 Nf5 24. Ne3 Nxh4 25. c4 Bf3 26. gxf3 gxf3 27. Nf5 Rhg8+ 28. Ng3 f5 29. Kh2 f4 30. Rg1 fxg3+ 31. fxg3 e4 32. Qf1 Rxd3 33. Qh3+ Rg4 34. Rgd1 Nf5 35. Rxd3 exd3 36. Rd1 Nxg3 37. Kg1 Nf5+ 38. Kf1 Qe5 39. Re1 Re4 40. Re3 Rxe3 41. Bxe3 Kc7 42. Bf2 Ne3+ 43. Bxe3 Qxe3 44. Qg3+ Kb6 45. c5+ Ka7 46. c6 Qe2+ 47. Kg1 Qd1+ 48. Kh2 Qc2+ 49. Kh3 Qg2+ 50. Qxg2 fxg2 51. Kxg2 bxc6 0-1

Above from a Facebook report by WCF President Josh Sinanan.

Randy Kaech Reports on WA High Team


Six high school teams from the Northwest Chess League qualified and attended the season-concluding State Chess Team Championships, held this year at Interlake High School in Bellevue on February 8 and 9, 2013. The competition was tough, as evidenced by the top three finishers (Lakeside, Interlake, Garfield) having an average chess rating of 1750. After the 445 games of chess were finished, here’s how it settled:

Chess State Team 2013 Final Standings:
1st Lakeside
2nd Interlake
3rd Garfield
4th Eastlake
5th Newport
6th Roosevelt
7th Ferndale
8th Overlake
9th Ingraham
10th Issaquah

Northwest League:
7th Ferndale
15th Ferndale B
20th Lynden Christian
24th Sehome
26th Blaine
28th Meridian

In the State Junior Varsity event, Ferndale’s Ben Witzel went undefeated and untied and is the 2013 Washington State JV Champion:

1st Ben Witzel, Ferndale
7th Bailey Westman, Ferndale
10th Drake Likkel, Lynden Christian
12th Brady Hornstra, Lynden Christian

Full Event Crosstable. Photo below submitted by Duane Polich.


Northwest Grade Level Championships

A large scholastic event was held in Bellevue on Feb 9th. under the direction of Mr. Van Weerdhnizeh.

K Section: 1st Raphael Thaler of John Stanford International 5-0, 20 players
1st Grade: Terrence Digel of West Woodland Elementary 5-0. 32 players
2nd Grade: Raphael Menon of John Stanford International 5-0, 32 players
3rd Grade: Aditya Singh of Cherry Crest School 5-0. 42 players
4th Grade: Andreas Farny of Leschi Elementary 4.5-.5, 42 players
5th Grade: Tobias Menon of John Stanford International 4.5-.5, 30 players
7-12 Grades: Jonah Kolar of Salmon Bay Elementary, 8th Grade, 5-0, 13 players


Washington High School Individual Championship

The Washington High School Individual Championship was held at Lakeside High School on Jan. 25-26. There were 78 players playing in 3 sections.

The winners were:

  • Championship Section (1st to 3rd): Megan Lee, David Englis & Xiaoman Chu 4.0 each. Correction (2/12): The playoff for the championship section is scheduled for March 2 at the Seattle CC. Update (3/3): Xiaoman is the champion! … see the March blog post on this topic for details.
  • Reserve Section: 1st Daniel Metz, 5.0,  2nd-5th Corey Wukelic, Nathan Nelson, Bailey Westman & Billy Kang 4.0 each.
  • Premier Section: 1st Alex Koh 4.5, 2nd-3rd Nicholas Xing & Thomas Thongmee 4.0 each.

The prizes were trophies. The TD was David Ellinger. Reported by Gary Dorfner.

Washington Junior Open and Reserve Sections Tmt.

Compiled by Russell Miller from the USCF cross table and the Scholastic Ratings list plus the Seattle CC ad in the Jan issue of NORTHWEST CHESS.

On January 21, 2013 in Redmond WA a lot of scholastic players took part in a one day event in Redmond WA under the direction of David Hendricks.
Open Section of 30 players had three players with 3.5-.5 scores tie for 1st-3rd places: Marcell Szabo, 6th grade Hamilton Middle School; Trey Michael,
8th grade St. Louise and Toshihiro Nagase 6th grade Lakeside Middle School.

Josh Sinanan provided some info about the 2013 WA Junior Open Playoff Games:
Congratulations to Marcel Szabo for winning the 2013 WA Junior Open! He tied for 1st with 3.5/4 along with Toshihiro Nagase and Trey Michaels. For his victory, Marcel is seeded into the 2014 WA Junior Closed and the 2013 WA Premier.

The playoff games were played at the following time control: White starts with 10 minutes (no delay), Black starts with 8 minutes and receives draw odds. By virtue of having superior tiebreaks, Toshihiro was awarded a bye and got to face the winner of Marcel and Trey. Marcel picked black from a random draw and won via unstoppable checkmate against Trey.

Marcel and Toshihiro then played for the championship. Toshihiro selected white from a random draw. Marcel played the Budapest Gambit and won a piece with some well calculated tactics, forcing resignation on move 42.

Results of other sections:

U1600 Section had 27 players with a clear winner at 4-0 in Edward Strong, 12th grade Garfield High School.
K-1 U800 section drew 12 players and was won with 5-0 by Eugene Fong, 1st grade Somerset Elementary.
K-3 U1400 section had 25 players and a tie for 1st with 4.5-.5 between William Fang, 2nd grade Window School and Krushal Dhingra, 3rd grade Bellevue Children Acad.
2-3 U800 sections had 32 players with a clear 5-0 winner: Dylan Walker, 2nd grade Samantha Smith Elementary.
4-6 U900 section had 36 players and another clear 5-0 winner: Oliver Reese 4th grade Mark Twain Elementary.
4-12 U1400 section also had a clear winner at 4.5-.5 with 22 players taking part: Kevin Song 5th grade Medina Elementary.

Cross tables can be found here

High School Chess League Report

FROM Northwest Washington Scholastic Chess Ememo 219
by Randy Kaech

Two rounds yet to go, which will be played Monday evening, January 14 at Ferndale HS, 6:00 p.m.
The top eight teams qualify to play in the Washington State High School Chess Team Championships, held February 8 and 9 at Interlake High School in Bellevue, Wa.

25.5 Ferndale
23.0 Lynden Christian
17.5 Lynden
17.5 Ferndale B
17.0 Ferndale C
15.0 Sehome
15.0 Meridian
14.5 Blaine
13.5 Mount Baker
13.5 Burlington-Edison
12.0 Ferndale D
11.5 Sedro-Woolley
8.0 Bellingham
4.5 La Conner

Round 5 Results:
5.0 Ferndale A vs 0.0 Sehome
3.0 Lynden Christian vs 2.0 Ferndale B
0.0 Meridian vs 5.0 Lynden
3.0 Blaine vs 2.0 Sedro-Woolley
1.0 Ferndale D vs 4.0 Ferndale C
5.0 Burlington-Edison vs 0.0 Bellingham
0.0 La Conner vs 5.0 Mount Baker

Round 6 Results:
4.0 Ferndale A 1.0 Blaine
4.5 Lynden Christian 0.5 Lynden
2.0 Sehome 3.0 Ferndale B
2.0 Bellingham 3.0 Mount Baker
5.0 Ferndale C 0.0 Sedro-Woolley
2.5 Ferndale D 2.5 Burlington-Edison
0.0 La Conner 5.0 Meridian