Oregon All Stars Results

On Oct 9, 2015 there was a many sections scholastic event held in Salem. Jeff Dobbins was the chief TD.

Chess Ratings Northwest Crosstable, CLICK HERE.

The US Chess Crosstables for 16 sections can be found, CLICK HERE.

More info can be found on the Oregon Scholastic Chess Federation website, CLICK HERE.

16 kids Played in their first US Chess event. 121 took part in US Chess rated sections.

Washington Kids do well at US Open side events

Photo credit: Angela Fields
Caption: L-R Jon Haskel, Harold Winston, Noah Fields, Neo Olin, Sangeeta Dhingra

WA Fields, Noah Denni 2105 4.5 Denker High School.
WA Olin, Neo Edward 2029 4 Barber K-8.
WA Dhingra, Sangeeta 1909 4 National Girls.

Total points for Washington Players of 12.5 placed them in 3rd place among the states that had players in all three events.

For Info about other states CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE for the article on USCF website about the events.

Noah Fields was among the players who tied for 2nd place in the Denker Tournament of High School State Champs. CLICK HERE for the crosstable.

Washington Girl Did Well In St. Louis

Susan Polgar and Ms. Bashkansky
Susan Polgar and Ms. Bashkansky

Photo Credit: Paul Truong.

Guy Bashkansky reports:

Naomi Bashkansky won 1st place in the Under-12 category at the annual Susan Polgar Foundation Girls’ Invitational Chess Championship in St. Louis, where she represented Washington State. Also, she shared 2nd place in Blitz (speed chess). CLICK HERE for BLITZ Crosstable.

The reward is $1,000 assistance from SPF for her travel to the World Youth Chess Championship in Greece in October.

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Chess School in Seattle

WCF President Joshua Sinanan made a post on Facebook recently.

United States Chess School in Seattle, Washington.


Greg Shahade “It was an honor and a pleasure to work with all of these talented young players over the past four days at our USCS camp here in Seattle. Look forward to seeing all of them again soon! “(Left-right): Daniel He, Noah Fields, Kyle Haining, Joey Kelly, Josiah Stearman, Samir Sen, Becca Lampman, Aaron Grabinski, Megan Lee, Agata Bykovtsev, Bryce Tiglon, Samuel He.

Editor comment: Will be interesting to see if the ratings of these players go up. Appears most have been quite active in tournament play in the last few years. I know Becca is now a college student and maybe some other others are also. I was not able to capture the photo that Josh posted with his comments. Hope to add it later. DONE but names of players might not be in right order. Photo Credit:Breck Haining.

This might be the right order of the above photo: Breck says: “(Left-right): Daniel He, Noah Fields, Kyle Haining, Joey Kelly, Josiah Stearman, Samir Sen, Becca Lampman, Aaron Grabinski, Megan Lee, Agata Bykovtsev, Bryce Tiglon, Samuel He.” In photo I took Aaron is left of Becca. (I took photos from a different angle, which would likely explain this difference.)

Odle Middle School Succeeds in Nashville!


Odle Middle School Succeeds in Nashville
by Ludmila Bashkansky

Following its triumph at the State Elementary championships, the Odle Chess Team continued its winning ways both nationally and internationally.

At the US National Chess Championships in Nashville, Odle sixth graders WCM Naomi Bashkansky, Brian Chen, James Lai, Aidan Lawler, and Richard Yang took home a well-earned 5th place in K-6 section, while at the National K-6 Blitz Championships, the Odle team took Second Place in the nation, just edged out by a powerful New York team.

On the international front, the annual Washington vs. British Columbia Scholastic Chess Tournament was held recently. Each team consisted of two representatives from each grade K-12. Three Odle students helped lead the Washington team to a convincing 29-23 victory: Naomi Bashkansky (6th grade), Richard Yang (6th), and Derek Zhang (7th).

APP at Lincoln Dragons from Seattle shine at Elementary Nationals

DSC_3281 Lincoln full team2015 USCF National Elementary (K-6) Championship, Nashville, TN

FINAL RESULTS Main Tournament
K-1 CHAMPIONSHIP SECTION – 4th in the United States of America
Owen Xuan – 6 points – (10th Place Individual Trophy)
Samuel Tran – 5 points – (30th Place Individual Trophy)
Griffin Rosenberg – 4 points
Nathan Race – 3.5 points
K-5 CHAMPIONSHIP SECTION – 9th in the United States of America
Markus Olson – 4 points (1st Place 900-999 Class Award)
Minda Chen – 4 points
Dylan Xu – 4 points
Bennett Rosenberg – 3.5 points
Ciaran Walsh – 3.5 points (1st Place U800 Class Award)
Arya Gharib – 3 points (3rd Place U800 Class Award)
K-3 CHAMPIONSHIP SECTION – 22nd in the United States of America
Sophie Szeto – 4 points (3rd Place 700-799 Class Award)
Anjali Walsh – 2.5 points
Stuart Bushfield – 2.5 points (3rd Place 600-699 Class Award)
K-3 U800 SECTION – 27th Place
Angela Chen- 4.5 points
Alexander West – 4.5 points
Ava Gharib – 3 points
Eleanor Karis-Sconyers – 2.5 points
Adam Race – 4 points – (1st Place 1000-1099 Class Award)
Blitz Tournament
K-6 Blitz – 7TH PLACE
Dylan 7.5 (47th place overall)
Bennett 6.0 (2nd place 1100-1199 Class Award)
Ciaran 6.0 (2nd place U800 Class Award)
Adam 5.5
Markus 4.0
Owen, Josh, and Georgi
Owen 8.0 (1st place 1100-1199 Class Award)
Sophie 7.0 (1st place 700-799 Class Award)
Anjali 6.0 (1st place Unrated Award)
Samuel 5.5 (2nd place Unrated Award)
Griffin 5.0
Nathan 3.0
Bughouse Tournament
Bennett/Markus: 7.0 (of 12), 19th place
Owen/Stuart: 6.0 (of 12), 40th place
Adam/Krutin: 5.0 (of 12), 43rd place
Griffin/Nathan: 5.0 (of 12), 51st place

National Elementary in Nashville TN

Anthony He of WA won the biltz event at the tournament of over 2,000 players.

CLICK HERE for the Crosstable.

CLICK HERE for the crosstables of all the various sections.

He is 5th on the crosstable for the K-5 Championship section drawing games with two of the kids who tied for 1st.

A number of players from Washington State took part. I only noticed one from Idaho and none from Oregon but might have missed noticing some.

National Junior High Chess Championships

Story contributed by Breck Haining.

Three Seattle Chess Club members, Kyle and Karen Haining and Vikram Ramasamy, played in the National Junior High Chess Championships in Louisville, Kentucky, the last weekend of April 2015. In the National K-9 Bughouse Championship tournament Kyle and Vikram teamed up and won 3rd place. Karen and a boy from Detroit teamed up and won 24th place. 42 teams competed in the bughouse tournament. In the National K-9 Blitz Championship tournament Kyle won 1st place and Vikram tied for 8th place and won 15th place on tie breaks. 181 students competed in the blitz tournament. In the National K-9 Chess Championship tournament, Kyle won 5th place in the K-9 Championship section, Vikram tied for 20th place and won 24th place on tie breaks in the K-8 Championship section, and Karen tied for 5th place and won 13th place on tie breaks in the K-9 Under 1250 section.

Over 900 players from across the nation participated in the chess championship tournament. 140 students competed in the K-9 Championship section. Of these, at least five were National Masters, and another eight had expert ratings. 216 students competed in the K-8 Championship section. Of these, at least four were National Masters, and 15 more had expert ratings.

159 students competed in the K-9 Under 1250 section. 169 students competed in the K-8 Under 1000 section. 183 students competed in the K-8 Under 750 section. 50 students competed in the K-9 Unrated section.

Additional details about the National Junior High School Chess Championships may be found at: http://www.uschess.org/tournaments/2015/jhs/.

Kyle and Vikram with their bughouse trophies.
Kyle and Vikram with their bughouse trophies.