2015 WA Elementary & Middle School Chess Championship

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Logo for Event

Your reporter was at the playing site in Spokane for awhile on the Saturday of the event and took some random photos. I am sure there were others with cameras there and if I find links to more photos I will add them to this post. 875 players in 7 sections took part in the Elementary part of the event.

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Becca Lampman ties for 1st Place in 12th All Girls Event.

Becca Lampman of Vancouver, Washington, scored 5-1 (2 draws) the same as 3 others for 1st place in the Under 18 section. “Becca won First Place on tie breaks and was awarded the championship trophy and prize,” so reports her mother to your reporter. The tournament was held April 17-19, 2015 in Chicago, Ill.

CLICK HERE for the USCF crosstables of the 359-player event.

Naomi Bashkansky of Bellevue, Washington, won 1st in the U12 section, reports Jill Lampman to your reporter. Also see “Naomi Wins the US All-Girls Chess Championship Again” on the family’s Chess Travel blog.

Becca won clear first with 8-0 the BLITZ event part of the tournament.
The USCF crosstable for the BLITZ can also be found at the above link.

1st report on USCF website: CLICK HERE.

2nd report on USCF website: CLICK HERE.

Washington State Girls Championship Results

Sangeeta Dhingra won a one game playoff at a time control of G/15; d5 over Naomi Bashkansky. They scored 3.5-.5 in the main event. They drew with each other in the 4th round.

David Hendricks directed the event for the sponsoring Washington Chess Federation. Winner got $500.00 in travel expense money for a national USCF event. The event was held in Bellevue on March 28-29, 2015 and 13 players took part.

CLICK HERE for the USCF crosstable.

For Photos taken by Josh Sinanan and by the TD of the event, CLICK HERE.

Girls Wiinner photo by TD
Girls Wiinner photo by TD

More Info from the TD: Congratulations to Sangeeta Dhingra who won the WA State Girls Championship held Mar 28-29 in Redmond and Bellevue! Sangeeta is a 9th grader attending the International Community School and was rated 1891 USCF. Sangeeta upset Becca Lampman rated 2103 and the winner of this tournament for the prior 3 years with a round 3 upset, trapping her queen in 19 moves. Then Sangeeta and Naomi Bashkansky drew in round 4 and ended tied after 4 rounds with a score of 3.5 each. An Armageddon style playoff round decided the winner with Sangeeta playing Black with draw odds and 12 minutes against Naomi playing white with 15 minutes, both with a 5 second delay – Sangeeta finished with a checkmate. Sangeeta wins $500 to reimburse her travel expenses to the Susan Polgar Invitational later this year. Naomi qualifies to be the Washington representative to another national tournament where each state can send one girl.

2015 WA State Scholastic Chess Championships

The 2015 WA State Scholastic Chess Championships were held on March 7th at Interlake High School in Bellevue and on March 8th at the Seattle Chess Club in Northgate. 169 players took part in 6 sections: K-3U800, K-3U1400, 4-6U1000, 4-12U1400, K-8 U1600, and K-8 Open. The tournament was directed by David Hendricks with assistance from Josh Sinanan, Dan Mathews, Chouchan Airapetian and Duane Polich. Neo Olin, an 8th grader at Dimmit Middle School in Seattle, won the Open section with 5/5 and will represent WA State at the Barber Tournament of K-8 State Champions helding concurrently with the U.S. Open in early August.  Kyle Zhang and Garrett Casey tied for 1st in the U1600 section with 4.5/5 each!

The event has now been rated: USCF crosstable, and also see the Chess Ratings Northwest report.
Top boards round 4

Washington High School Team Championship

State Team Championship 2015
1. Interlake
2. Lakeside
3. Garfield
4. Redmond
5. (tieOverlake
5. Sehome
7. (tie) Seattle Prep
7. International Community School
9. (tie) Ferndale
9. Eastlake
11. (tie)Ingraham
11. Bellevue
11. Issaquah
11. Snohomish
11. LaCenter
16. (tie)Othello
16. Blaine
18. Kamiak
19. Roosevelt
20. Mariner
21. (tie) Auburn-Riverside
21. Meridian
23. Decatur
24. (tie) O’Dea
24. Squalicum
26. Mabton

Chess Ratings Northwest Crosstables for the above and other events held at same time and place. CLICK HERE.

Noah Fields is WA State High School Champion!

Noah Fields, a 9th grader from Charles Wright Academy in Tacoma, won clear first place at the WA High School Individual Championship. Noah is a long-time student of IM Georgi Orlov, and his rating has now passed 2100 for the very first time. Along the way, he defeated both of the master-level He Brothers in back-to-back games and held a draw against expert James Colasurdo to clinch the title! For his victory, Noah will represent Washington State at the Denker Tournament of High School Champions this August held alongside the U.S. Open in Phoenix.

The tournament took place Jan. 23-24, 2015 at Lakeside School in Seattle and attracted over 90 players, including two National Masters and a handful of strong experts and class A players. The majority of players took part in the Reserve U1200 section. The tournament was directed by Ben Radin with assistance from WHSCA President Siva Sankrithi and organized by WCF Tournament Coordinator Dan Mathews. It has now been USCF rated: See the crosstable.

Colasurdo vs. Fields at the 2015 WA High School Individual Championship.
Colasurdo vs. Fields at the 2015 WA High School Individual Championship.

Anath Gottumukkala wins WA Junior Open

Reported by WCF president Josh Sinanan.

Recent International Community School graduate Anath Gottumukkala (rated only 1278 USCF, 1634 NW) won clear first at the Washington Junior Open on MLK Monday (Jan. 19, 2015) with 4/4!  For his victory, Anath is seeded into the 2015 WA Premier and 2016 WA Junior Closed.

This was only Anath’s 8th USCF-rated event.  Along the way, he defeated Fred Davis (1850), Arjun Thomas (1781), Quentin Chi (1952), and Toshihiro Nagase (1987) for a performance rating of 2387. See a future edition of Northwest Chess for one or more of his games and a report on the event.

Anath Gottumukkala with trophy at 2015 Washington Junior Open
Anath Gottumukkala with trophy at 2015 Washington Junior Open

Daniel He repeats as winner of Washington Junior Closed

Congratulations to Daniel He for winning the Washington Junior Closed two years in a row! This is a six-player annual invitational tournament of the best junior chess players in Washington. Daniel He finished with 4 of 5 points, drawing twice but going undefeated. Ethan Bashkansky finished a close second with 3.5, drawing three times (including to He) but also going undefeated. All players in the event, including Daniel’s brother Samuel, are rated above 2000 USCF. (A USCF crosstable will be posted when available.) Daniel qualifies as a seed in the Washington State Championship to be held in Seattle in February. Results reported by TD and WCF Scholastic Director David Hendricks.

Daniel He, winner of 2015 Washington Junior Closed.
Daniel He, winner of 2015 Washington Junior Closed.

Kingco Scholastic Chess League report

Patrick Van Dyke Reports on Facebook

KingCo Chess League Week 5 Update:

Only five weeks in our regular season, and Interlake A won the KingCo regular season title in rather anticlimactic fashion, with a 5-0 drubbing of their D team.

Redmond looked well on their way to locking up second place in the league, but stumbled a bit with a 3-2 loss to Bellevue.

The race was on for the final two spots in the Championship Round Robin. Issaquah A made a huge statement early with a 5-0 defeat of their own B team. Mercer Island made their case with a 4-1 win over Bothell. Overlake also tried to get into the conversation with a 3-2 win over Interlake C.

Two matches were still quite unclear quite late. Interlake B looked better much of the match before eventually falling 3-2 to Skyline. Meanwhile, ICS and Eastlake were deadlocked 2-2 before 3rd board Rohan Bhatt of Eastlake created a nifty little mating net in the N+Ps ending over ICS’s Eli Smith.

This created a tie for the final spot in the Round Robin between Eastlake and Bellevue, setting up a blitz playoff when we realized the unthinkable had happened: three of Bellevue’s five players went home! Eastlake won the blitz tiebreak by forfeit, and hopefully will send a much-needed lesson about sticking around for tiebreaks.

In the KingCo playoffs, four teams will square off for the first four places:
(1) Interlake A [23/25], (2) Redmond [16/25], (3) Issaquah A [14.5/25], (4) Eastake [13.5/25]. They’ll play a round-robin over the next three matches for the right to be called the KingCo Champion.

To determine the remaining playoff berths, a double-elimination “bracket” (it’s not strictly a bracket) features the following Round 1 matchups:

(12) Bothell [4.0] versus (5) Bellevue [13.5]
(8) Mercer Island [12.5] versus (9) Skyline [12.0]

(The winners of these two matches face-off in a winner-to-state match, while the losers of these two matches face-off in a loser-out match.)

(7) ICS [12.5] versus (10) Interlake B [12.0]
(11) Issaquah B [5.5] versus (6) Overlake [12.5]

(The winners of these two matches face-off in a winner-to-state match, while the losers of these two matches face-off in a loser-out match.)

Team pages and more tiebreak information is available at kingcochessleague.wordpress.com.