Sluggers Week 2 Report

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by Mark Smith and Curt Collyer

In the second week of the US Chess League season, the Seattle Sluggers scored a convincing 3-1 victory over the Minnesota Blizzard.

In an energetic game on board 1, IM Georgi Orlov lost on the black side of a Nimzo-Indian (starting with the Two Knights Tango) to IM John Bartholomew. Orlov’s piece play on the kingside was vigorous, but his queenside development lagged.  21…Qg6 seemed, to Fritz, to be the tipping point as the evaluation jumped from +0.68 to +2.1.

While that loss unfolded, IM Michael Lee gained an advantage in his English against IM Sean Nagle. To those of us in the commentary room, Lee’s position seemed to be accomplishing  very little until it suddenly accomplished very much, especially after Black’s self-destructive 18…Ke7. The hand of a magician created a rout out of a molehill.

David Golub’s Benko Gambit looked smooth against Kevin Wasiluk. Golub’s grip strengthened bit by bit as he dominated the a and b files and eventually captured White’s passed a pawn. He made it look easy and will no doubt influence others to play the Benko.

Bill Schill varied from GM practice on move 10 against a Sicilian Najdorf played by Andrew Titus, soon winning a pawn and nursing the small advantage to victory. A big slip by Titus on move 52 enabled Schill to convert to a pawn race in which he queened well ahead.  Schill’s skillful grit paid off in the longest game of the match.

Final score of the match:   Seattle 3.0 – Minnesota 1.0

Some photos from the match can be found here.

Breckenridge Simul at Portland CC

Michael Lilly? of Portland Chess Club reported on Facebook

Steven Breckenridge’s simultaneous exhibition was a success tonight (Saturday 18 July 2015). Against 18 players, Steven was 16-1-1. A win was achieved by Santiago Tenesaca, and a draw was secured by Prashant Periwal. Congratulations are due to all.

2012 Oregon state co-champion Steven Breckenridge. Photo by Jeff Roland. Perfect through two rounds.
2012 Oregon state co-champion Steven Breckenridge. Photo by Jeff Roland.

Photo taken in 2012.

PNW Players among Winners of Long Running California Event.

Arthur Stamer Memorial Winners (1964-1993)

The Mechanics’ Institute Chess Club’s longest-running tournament was held June 6–7, 2015. Here is a list of previous winners, that includes many well-known names. The 1974 event, won by many-time Oregon state champion Clark Harmon, was the best-attended, with 117 entries.

1964 William Addison
1965 Earl Pruner
1966 Duncan Suttles
1967 Earl Pruner and Dennis Fritzinger
1968 John Blackstone and Jude Acers
1969 Earl Pruner
1970 Julio Kaplan, Gilbert Ramirez, Dennis Fritzinger and Jairo Gutierrez
1971 James McCormick and David Blohm
1972 Rex Wilcox
1973 Craig Barnes
1974 Clark Harmon
1975 Craig Barnes and C.Bill Jones
1976 Roy Ervin, Jeremy Silman, and Frank Thornally
1977 John Watson
1978 Peter Biyiasas and Paul Cornelius
1979 Peter Biyiasas
1980 Nick deFirmian
1981 Viktors Pupols
1982 Peter Biyiasas
1983 Nick de Firmian and Jeremy Silman
1984 Peter Biyiasas
1985 Zaki Harari
1986 Nick deFirmian
1987 Dov Gorman
1988 Alex Savetti and Sid Rubin
1989 Marc Leski and Elliott Winslow
1990 Gregory Kotlyar
1991 Igor Ivanov, Richard Koepcke, Greg Hjorth and Jim Eade
1992 Walter Browne and Renard Anderson
1993 Nick deFirmian, John Donaldson, Marc Leski and Emmanuel Perez

From MECHANICS’ INSTITUTE CHESS ROOM NEWSLETTER by IM John Donaldson. For the rest of the list up to 2014, CLICK HERE.

Capablanca in Portland Oregon 99 years ago.

Edward Winter CHESS NOTES posted the below recently. CLICK HERE for his CHESS NOTES website.

9366. Capablanca in Portland

Russell Miller (Vancouver, WA, USA) sends two games which have been found by Casey Bush on page 4 of the Sunday Oregonian, 23 April 1916. They were the only simultaneous games which Capablanca did not win during his stay in Oregon.”

José Raúl Capablanca – R.T. Leonard
Portland, 6 April 1916
Queen’s Gambit Declined
1 d4 d5 2 Nf3 Nf6 3 c4 c6 4 Nc3 e6 5 e3 Bb4 6 Bd3 O-O 7 O-O Nbd7 8 Qc2 h6 9 Ne2 dxc4 10 Bxc4 Re8 11 e4 e5 12 Qb3 Qe7 13 dxe5 Nxe4 14 Ned4 Nb6
15 Bxf7+ Qxf7 16 Qxb4 c5 17 Qe1 Qd5 18 Nb5 Re7 19 Nc3 Nxc3 20 Qxc3 Bg4 21 Bf4 Bxf3 22 gxf3 Rf8 23 Rfd1 Qf7 24 Qxc5 Rc7 25 Qd6 Rc6 26 e6 Qg6+ 27 Bg3 Rxd6 28 Rxd6 Nc4 29 Rd4 Qxe6 30 Kg2 Qf7 31 Rf4 Qd5 32 Re4 Rxf3 33 Kxf3 Nd2+ 34 Ke2 Nxe4 35 Rd1 Nxg3+ 36 hxg3 Qxa2 37 Rd2 b6 38 f4 a5 39 Ke3 b5 40 g4 a4 41 g5 hxg5 42 fxg5 b4 43 Kf4 Qf7+ 44 Kg4 Qf8 45 Rd4 a3 46 bxa3 b3 47 White resigns.

José Raúl Capablanca – H. Kurth
Portland, 6 April 1916
Ruy López
1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bb5 a6 4 Ba4 Nf6 5 O-O Bc5 6 c3 b5 7 Bc2 d6 8 d4 Bb6 9 dxe5 dxe5 10 Qxd8+ Kxd8 11 a4 Bb7 12 axb5 axb5 13 Rxa8+ Bxa8 14 Na3 b4 15 Nc4 Nd7 16 Rd1 f6 17 Ba4 bxc3 18 bxc3 Kc8
19 Rxd7 Kxd7 20 Ncxe5+ fxe5 21 Nxe5+ Ke6 22 Nxc6 Bxc6 23 Bxc6 Rf8 24 Bd5+ Ke5 25 h4 Bxf2+ 26 Kh2 Bxh4 27 g3 Bd8 28 Bf4+
Rxf4 29 gxf4+ Kxf4 30 Kh3 g5 31 Kg2 h5 32 e5 h4 33 e6 g4 34 Kh2 Be7 35 Kg2 Bd6 36 Kh1 Kg3 37 Bc6 Kf4 38 Ba4 h3 39 Bd7 g3 40 Bc6 g2+ 41 Bxg2 hxg2+ 42 Kxg2 Ke3 43 White resigns.

Editors Note: These two games don’t seem to be in today’s databases. Article was in the Oregonian newspaper of 23 April 1916, Byant’s Chess Column. Mr. Winter converted the games in the current notation and added some diagrams but they did not make the transfer from his column to my posting. Capablanca did three simuls in Portland and several in Seattle during his west coast tour.

Number of Chess Events held by some affiliates in WA/OR

I noticed that the Seattle Chess Club was getting close to having 1000 events listed on the USCF website. CLICK HERE The USCF records listed on the website only start in 1991. So the clubs listed below have run lots more events but to get those numbers would take searching of NORTHWESTS CHESS magazines.

As of March 25, 2015, affiliates checked:
Seattle Chess Club 994 events
Portland Chess Club 985 events
Spokane Chess Club 546 events
Tacoma Chess Club 285 events
Washington Chess Federation 216 events
Oregon Chess Federation 38 events

Usually an event is a tournament of some kind but matches between two players count also as an event. Other things that one can find on the USCF website in another place are the number of events a person has directed. Fred Kleist of Seattle has 2209 sections in 850 events.

Dubrovnik defeats Vancouver WA e-mail match

Russell Miller arranged an e-mail chess match between players from Dubrovnik Croatia and Vancouver Washington. It has been proposed by a group in Vancouver that the two cities become sister cities. When the newspaper in Vancouver announced this Russell tried to contact some chess players in Dubrovnik and Vancouver about a 6 board e-mail match. Nothing has come so far of the sister city bit but the chess match happened.

Andy May (V) drew with Ivan Bender, Matthew Goshen (V) lost to Ivo Ivankovic, Micah Smith (V) beat Bajro Saric, Sarah May (V) drew with Zdenko Bender, Russell Miller (V) lost to Faruk Losic and Aaron Probst (V) lost to Srecko Tomic.

To see the chess games click here.

Michael Wang Wins Washington Open

Michael Wang photo by Jeff Roland NWC Editor
Michael Wang photo by Jeff Roland NWC Editor

The 2013 Washington Open was held in 4 main sections. The Open Section of 69 players finished with the top score of 5.5-0.5 by Michael Wang of Kirkland. Three players scored 5-1: Nick Raptis of Portland, Joshua Sinanan of Brier and Yamn Tezcan of Portland.

32 players took part in the Premier Section. Two players scored 5-1: Mark Saarenas and Brett Becker of Carpinteria CA.

Reserve Section had 41 players with three players finishing with 5-1: Justin Yu of Shoreline, Todd Damish and Dalton He.

Booster Section had 57 players and Gilbert Lomboy topped the group with 5.5-0.5. At 5-1 was Neil Doknjas of BC.

199 players are listed on the 4 crosstables. Chief TD as usual was Fred Kleist of Seattle with assistance from Gary Dorfner of Tacoma plus others.

There were several side events one of which was the Washington Blitz won by Nick Raptis 8.5-1.5. 2nd in this 20 player event was IM Ray Kaufman of CA at 7-3.
The event took place May 25-27, 2013 at North Seattle Community College, sponsored by the Washington Chess Federation.

CLICK HERE for USCF Crosstables.