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Table of Contents (Nov. 2012)
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Idaho Chess News by Jeffrey Roland……………………………..18
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Portland CC Championship

Club Championship Starts October 2 (in lieu of quads)

USCF-rated 5-round Swiss. Registration and round 1 take place October 2,
at the Portland Chess Club. Doors open around 7 pm. Visitors and spectators are welcome.

Time Control: 40 moves in 90 minutes, and additional 30 minutes to end the game (40/90 SD/30).
Entry Fee: $10.
Membership: Club Membership and USCF is required and can be purchased/renewed at registration.
Registration: 7-7:30 PM on October 2.
Rounds: Begin each Tuesday @ 7:30 PM.

Scholastic Chess in Oregon

Clackamas K-12 Open will occur on Saturday, October 20, 2012

Location: Clackamas High School

14488 SE 122nd Ave
Clackamas, OR 97015 USA

Description: This tournament is open to all K-12 players of all skill levels and it is Clackamas High School Chess Club’s first event. It will have multiple grade based sections which will reward individual performance as well as team performance.

• All K-12 players of all levels are welcome to play.
• This tournament is NWSRS rated. No annual membership fee or prior tournament playing experience required.
• Participation in this tournament counts towards the OSCF State Championship tournament attendance requirements.
• All sections are NWSRS rated. Latest NWSRS ratings will be used for pairings. Participants without ratings will be assigned a rating for pairing purposes of 100 times their grade (i.e. 6th grade x 100 = 600).
• Ties will be broken by SwissSys pairing system (Tie break order- Cumulative, Opponent’s cumulative, Solkoff, Performance of Opposition).
• Bring chess clocks, notation paper & pen/pencil. (Boards and sets provided.)
• Parents/coaches bring additional chess sets, book, etc… to keep everyone busy between rounds.
• 100% Pre-Registered Event. No on-site registrations accepted. Online registration through
• Entry deadline is 11:59 pm, Tuesday, 10/16/12. Cost is $25. A family discount is offered. The cost for two siblings is $40 and three siblings is $50. Late registration is offered on Thursday 10/18/12. The cost is $40. There is no family discount if you register late. No extensions will be given after that time.

TO REGISTER, send an e-mail to Ed Addis at The Subject line should be titled CHS Chess and include the player(s) name, school, grade, and your phone number in the message. You may also call (503) 658-7809 with the information.

HALF POINT BYE: Playing soccer in the morning or afternoon or simply cannot make it to every round, but you still want to play? Participants can request a Half Point Bye(s) for any round for any reason. All requests must be sent by e-mail to Ed Addis at by Thursday October 18, 2012.

PAYMENT: Please send your check or money order payable to (Please note player name, grade, and school attending):
Clackamas HS – Chess Club
14428 SE 122nd Ave
Clackamas, OR 97015

All entries on or after 10/12/12 must pay on site by cash or check.

Location Details

Clackamas High School – West Campus
14428 SE 122nd Ave
Clackamas, OR 97015

SECTIONS: All sections will play 5 rounds using the Swiss pairing system. We will avoid pairing team members against each other as much as possible (i.e, after 3 rounds the 3-0 score group has 4 individuals and 3 are from the same school). Tournament organizers reserve the right to add or combine sections depending on the number of registrations.

HIGH SCHOOL SECTION: Students in grades 9th – 12th. Notation required.

MIDDLE SCHOOL SECTION: Students in grades 6th – 8th. Notation highly recommended.

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL SECTION: Students in grades 3rd – 5th. Notation recommended

PRIMARY SCHOOL SECTION: Students in grades K – 2nd. Notation would be great, but is not expected.

TIME CONTROL: For all sections is Game in 30 minutes with 5 second delay. Games started without clocks may have chess clocks placed on them when 40 minutes has elapsed from the start of the round with 10 minutes remaining for each contestant.


8:15 – 8:45 am —- CHECK IN
9 AM—————— 1st Round
10:15 AM———— 2nd Round
11:30 AM————- 3rd Round
12:30 PM————–LUNCH
1:30 PM ————– 4th Round
2:45 PM————— 5th Round
4:15 PM—————-AWARDS

INDIVIDUAL AWARDS: For those finishing in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place and all individuals with a Plus Score (3 points or higher) in each section.

TEAM AWARDS: Six Trophies will be awarded to top 2 teams representing a High School, Middle School, and Elementary/Primary School. The number of entries from any one school is not limited, but only the top four individual scores will be used to determine the team’s total.

Contact: Ed Addis
Phone: (503) 658-7809

Wrap-up on Chess Life online

GM Yasser Seirawan reminisces with former USCF Executive Director, Frank Niro, at the Northwest Chess hospitality table in Vancouver. Phoro credit: Al Lawrence

Al Lawrence’s final report for Chess Life Online gives mention of NWC ‘stalwarts’ and has another shot of the Pupols-Seirarwan photo. The piece is positive towards the Vancouver venue and it also gives some acknowledgement to the Webster University team sweep of the G/15, blitz and open events.

Click here to view the article.

Webster University team members Andre Diamant, Manuel Leon Hoyos (seated) and Vitaly Niemer completed an unprecedented sweep of the Blitz, Open and G/15 events at the 2012 US Open in Vancouver, WA. Photo credit: Susan Polgar Chess Daily News and Information.

Hoyos earns title, Bryant tentatively earns seed into next US Closed

Viktors Pupols and Yasser Seirawan, reenacting a photo shot nearly 40 years earlier. This will likely be the cover photo for the September 2012 Northwest Chess magazine. Photo credit: Jeffrey Roland.

GM Manuel Leon Hoyos won an Armageddon playoff with the white pieces to earn the title of 2012 United States Open Chess Champion. Hoyos finished with an 8-1 record, the same as GM Dmitry Gurevich and FM John Bryant of California. The top two players on tiebreak (Hoyos and Bryant) were seeded into the playoff for an extra $200 in prize money and the championship trophy. An Armageddon style playoff is a one game blitz match of 5 minutes vs. 3 minutes (in this case with 5 second delay), black having draw odds. Hoyos is the reigning Mexican Champion currently attending Webster University in St. Louis. Bryant, as the first American finisher on tiebreaks, will be seeded into the next U.S. Closed Championship, assuming that the current qualifying rules remain unchanged for 2013. The final crosstable is located here.

Report from Rusty Miller

Results of Clark County Players (local to Vancouver, WA):

Andy May 6.5 points out of 9 games played
Samir Sen 5.5 out of 8
Matthew Goshen 4 out of 6
Alec Ho 5 out of 8
Daniel Ho 5 out of 8
Viajko Lakic 5.5 out of 9
Micah Smith 5.5 out of 9
Becca Lampman 5 out of 9
Sarah May 4.5 out of 9
Aaron Nickoski 4.5 out of 9
Milton Colpron 4 out of 9
Frederick Davis 3 out of 8
Jon Strohbehn 3.5 out of 8
Russell Miller 4 out of 9
James Schroeder 3.5 out of 6
Richard Banner 3.5 out of 9
Alexander Barrett 3 out of 9
Joshua Feener 3 out of 9
Rick Nicoski 2 out of 8
Greg Bradburn 2 out of 9

517 players total with 19 from Clark County. Three players tied for 1st place with 8 points out of 9: Grandmaster Manuel Hoyes of Mexico, Grandmaster Dmitry Gurevich of Illinois and FIDE Master John Bryant of California.

The United States Chess Federation hopes to return to the Pacific Northwest in the next 6-10 years. The 114th US Open will be in Madison WI. and 115th in St. Louis MO.
The event is held once a year and moves around the country. It was last held in this area in Portland Oregon in 1987 with 532 players and 1966 in Seattle Washington with 201 players. 8 players who played in Seattle also played in Vancouver.

Andy May played in the one day Blitz tournament and tied for 7th to 14th place. 129 players took part. Sarah May placed 2nd in the 2012 US Women’s Open.

People who played in Seattle 1966 and Vancovuer 2012:

Rusty Miller
Mike Murray
Joe Brandenburg
Anthony Saidy
Ronald Gross
Sam Sloan
Viktors Pupols
David Rupel

Historic photo reenacted (Pupols & Seirawan) click here. From the Idaho Chess Association web site.

Webster University makes a clean sweep.

Top Northwest & BC finishers (6 or more points out of 9):

GM Seirawan, Yasser WA 2674 7.5
Breckenridge, Steven OR 2349 7.0
FM Raptis, Nick OR 2330 7.0
Sohal, Tanraj S BC 2199 7.0
FM Roper, David WA 2288 6.5
Lee, Nathan Y WA 2123 6.5
May, Andy P WA 2121 6.5
Erichsen, Dan BC 2104 6.5
Lee, Megan WA 2101 6.5
Esler, Brian John OR 2060 6.5
Zavortink, Matt WA 2051 6.5
Tobin, Sean OR 2025 6.5
Saputra, Yogi OR 1990 6.5
Sinanan, Joshua WA 2259 6.0
Gay, Daniel OR 2212 6.0
Pupols, Viktors WA 2200 6.0
Greninger, Harley G WA 2197 6.0
Lessler, Peter WA 2177 6.0
Patterson, Roger BC 2165 6.0
Edwards, Derek WA 2163 6.0
Yu, Corbin OR 2150 6.0
Wang, Michael WA 2148 6.0
Sellers, Matthew B OR 2128 6.0
Rupel, David WA 2109 6.0
Dixon, Dakota WA 2108 6.0
Kleist, Frederick K WA 2098 6.0
FM Bartron, Paul R WA 2096 6.0
Herrera, Robert OR 2044 6.0
He, Daniel Ming WA 2030 6.0
Arganian, David G WA 2002 6.0
Rowles, David WA 1939 6.0
Robinson, Marcus OR 1898 6.0
Warrier, Krishnan V WA 1885 6.0
Kiiru, Joseph K WA 1833 6.0

For USCF online coverage by Al Lawrence, click here.

Gary Dorfner’s final US Open report:

US Women’s Open
There were only 6 players taking part in this event.
The winners were: 1st Chouchanik Airepetian from WA
4.5 $650.00, 2nd Sarah May from WA 4.0 $400.00,
3rd Sandra Pahl from WI 2.5 $275.00, 1st U2000
Naomi Bashkansky from WA 2.0 $225.00, 1st U1800
Dawn Fields from WA 1.5 $225.00, 1st U1600 Emily
Saletan from WA 1.0 $225.00.

Prize amounts US Open Main Event
The winners were: 1st-3rd GM Manuel Leon Hoyos from Mexico, a student at Webster University in St. Louis, GM Dmitry Gurevich from IL & John Daniel Bryant from CA 8.0 $4667.00 each. Hoyos also won the $200.00 Playoff Bonus, 4th-8th Yasser Seirawan from WA and the Netherlands, Alexander Shabalov from PA, Andre Diamant from Brazil, also a student at Webster University, Justin Sarkar from NY & Salvijus Bercys from NY 7.5 $820.00 each;
Master 1st-4th Deepak Aaron from NY, Steven Breckenridge from OR, Ian Thompson from England, Nick Raptis from OR, Kevin Mo from PA, Sean Vibbert from IN, Francisco Guadalupe from TX 7.0 $643.00 each;
Expert 1st Tanraj Sohal from BC 7.0 $2400.00, Expert 2nd-4th Daniel Gater from IN, Nicholas Karas from CA, Jeremy Mandelkern from FL, Steven Cooklev from IN, Nathan Lee from WA, Andy May from WA, Dan Erichsen from BC, Megan Lee from WA, Andrew Rea from VA, Zhaozhi Li From IL, Joshua Sheng from CA, Brian Esler from OR, Matt Zavortink from WA, Sean Tobin from OR 6.5 $150.00 each;
1st Class A Yogi Saputra from OR 6.5 $2400.00. 2nd-4th David Rowles from WA, Marcus Robinson from OR, Krishnan Warrier from WA, Joseph Kiiru from WA & Jennifer Skidmore 6.0 $420.00 Each;
1st Class B Howard Zhong 6.0 $2400.00, 2nd-4th Yu Ji from BC, Ethan Neff from WA, Christopher Burris from OR, Tian Peng from IL & Aaron Grabinsky from OR. 5.5 $420.00 each;
Class C 1st-4th Ranjeet Singh from WA, Ben Brusniak from WA, Brian Liou from WA & Bert Rutgers from WA 5.0 $950.00 each;
Class D 1st-2nd Chris Devon from CA & Wesley Esko from WA 5.0 $1100.00, 3rd-4th Valentin Molchanov from OR & Karl Cui from BC. 4.5 $300.00 each;
1st Class E Edward Strong from WA 4.5 $1200.00, 2nd Geoffrey Kenway from OR, 4.0 $600.00, 3rd-4th Jonathan Yau from OR, Terrance Li from WA, Pavel Buzek from WA, John Ornes from OR, Brian Chen from WA, Audrey Whitmer from WA & Rinna Yu from BC 3.5 $86.00 each;
Unr. 1st John Dimick from WA. 5.0 $700.00, 2nd Eric Pacini 4.5 $400.00 3rd Corey Tache from OR, 4.0 $200.00.