Napavine Scholastic Event Results

Chess4Life held a tournament in Napavine, Washington, at the Napavine Elementary School on March 15, 2014. Darren Campbell was the tournament director.
6 different sections were held with players from several different school districts in the area taking part. Two players scored 3-1, Adin Stratton of Napavine Elementary and Haarika Yajamanam of Olympic View Elementary in Oak Harbor in the Beginners 2-3 section. 6 players in this section.
6 players also in the K-3 under 800 rated section. A 4.5-.5 score by Travis Vestal of Centralia Christian School topped the section.
Samir Amin of Olympic View Elementary in Lacey and Nathaniel Serl of Napavine Elementary both scored 4-1 in the 8 player Grade 4-6 section.
Brian Lee of Napavine Elementary won Section Grades 4-6 under 800 rated with 5-0. 9 players in this section.
15 players in the Grades 7-12 Open Section. Another 5-0 score won this section. That player was Ian Richards of Onalaska Elementary/Middle School.
10 players in the Beginners Grades 4-8 section. 4-0 score by Daryl Leischner of Rochester Middle School topped the section.
Your reporter visited the school before the event and left some old chess magazines to be handed out at the tournament.

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Chess4Life Bellevue Catholic Challenge Results

The Chess4Life group ran a scholastic event on March 8 in Bellevue, Washington. Lane Van Weerdhuizen was the director.

24 players took part in their first tournament, Beginner Section. Adam Chung of St. Brendan in Bothell won that section with 4.5-.5.

The K- 2nd Grade Section for those rated under 800 was a three way tie all with 5-0 by Dexter Farewell, William Huddleston and Henry Laun. All are students at St. Joseph’s in Seattle. 20 players in this section.

The K-8 Open section had 7 players. Perfect 5-0 score by Alexander Simmons of St. Joseph in Issaquah won it.

The rated under 900 in grades 3-4 had two 4-1 scores to top the section, Mason Flaat and Daniel Bomberger. Both students at St. Louise in Bellevue.

Section for 5th-8th graders and rated under 900 was won with 5-0 score by Alexius Oropesa of St. Brendan in Bothell.

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Shelton View Scholastic Results

Lockwood Elementary School in Bothell, Washington on March 8, 2014 was the site of a large K-6 chess event limited to Northshore School District students. The sponsor was the Shelton View Elementary Chess Club. Chess4Life was the directing group with Elliott Neff the chief TD.

The Kindergarten section of 9 players was won with 5-0 score by the top rated player in the section, Venkatram Chandra of Canyon Creek Elementary School in Bothell. All the other players were taking part in their first rated tournament.
The Grades 1-3 section had 54 players. 24 of them in their first rated event. The winner at 5-0 was Anirudh Rajesh of Shelton View Elementary in Bothell.
The Grades 4-6 section of 62 players was won by two players from Bear Creek Elementary in Woodinville, WA with 5-0 scores, Tshaan Puri and Revanth Pothukuchi . Only 10 players in this section were playing in their first rated tournament.

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The top three teams were: Bear Creek Elementary of Woodinville, Shelton View Elementary of Bothell and Kokanee Elemtary of Woodinville.

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Shelton view tournament final team standings (HTML table).

Chess4Life Bellevue Presidents Day Results

A scholastic event on Feb 17, 2014 at Redmond Chess4Life Center was held in three sections under the direction of Patrick Pisani.

The K-1 section had 9 players and was won with a 5-0 score by Brandon Jiang of Bellevue Children’s Academy.
17 players in the Grade 2-3 section was topped by Andy Huang of Congar Ridge Elementary in Bellevue with a 4.5-.5 score.
The Grade 4-6 section of 16 players was won by Akshay Bablani of Lakeside Middle School in Seattle with a 4.5-.5 score.

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Chess4Life Scholastic Chess Event Results

The Chess4Life Bellevue Center held a tournament on January 20, 2014 for kids. The 21 player open section was won by Tarik Kameric with 5-0. 18 players took part in the U800 rated section. The winner, Shakti Senthil also scored 5-0. The U500 rated section was a tie between David Balin and Bharadwa Duggaraju at 4.5-.5. The drew with each other. Lane Van Weerdhuzen was the tournament director.

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