Coffee Time Quick Chess Event on March 7 results.

Nick Raptis won a 10-player G/15 event at Coffee Time in Portland. For the USCF Crosstable, CLICK HERE.

Editor’s Note: The annual Northwest Open was held at the Tacoma Chess Club the same day, in three groups (of 6, 4 and 3 players). The group winners were Viktors Pupols (3 of 3), Murlin Varner (2.5 of 3) and Michael Munsey (2 of 2). For the USCF crosstables, click here.

Coffeetime May 2013 Results

Coffee Time has bagel sandwiches also.
Coffee Time has bagel sandwiches also.

Michael Pendergast of Portland scored 4-0 to win the May Quick Chess event at Coffee Time,  712 NW 21st Ave. in NW Portland. 21 players took part in the G/15 event. Galen Pyle of Portland was the TD. All the players were from Oregon but your reporter. Melt Bistro & Bar, 716 NW 21st Ave., Portland gave a gift certificate to all the players.

CLICK for Crosstable.
Photos of my visit to the playing site and the area around Coffee Time in NW Portland.
CLICK HERE for photos.