Kingco Scholastic Chess League report

Patrick Van Dyke Reports on Facebook

KingCo Chess League Week 5 Update:

Only five weeks in our regular season, and Interlake A won the KingCo regular season title in rather anticlimactic fashion, with a 5-0 drubbing of their D team.

Redmond looked well on their way to locking up second place in the league, but stumbled a bit with a 3-2 loss to Bellevue.

The race was on for the final two spots in the Championship Round Robin. Issaquah A made a huge statement early with a 5-0 defeat of their own B team. Mercer Island made their case with a 4-1 win over Bothell. Overlake also tried to get into the conversation with a 3-2 win over Interlake C.

Two matches were still quite unclear quite late. Interlake B looked better much of the match before eventually falling 3-2 to Skyline. Meanwhile, ICS and Eastlake were deadlocked 2-2 before 3rd board Rohan Bhatt of Eastlake created a nifty little mating net in the N+Ps ending over ICS’s Eli Smith.

This created a tie for the final spot in the Round Robin between Eastlake and Bellevue, setting up a blitz playoff when we realized the unthinkable had happened: three of Bellevue’s five players went home! Eastlake won the blitz tiebreak by forfeit, and hopefully will send a much-needed lesson about sticking around for tiebreaks.

In the KingCo playoffs, four teams will square off for the first four places:
(1) Interlake A [23/25], (2) Redmond [16/25], (3) Issaquah A [14.5/25], (4) Eastake [13.5/25]. They’ll play a round-robin over the next three matches for the right to be called the KingCo Champion.

To determine the remaining playoff berths, a double-elimination “bracket” (it’s not strictly a bracket) features the following Round 1 matchups:

(12) Bothell [4.0] versus (5) Bellevue [13.5]
(8) Mercer Island [12.5] versus (9) Skyline [12.0]

(The winners of these two matches face-off in a winner-to-state match, while the losers of these two matches face-off in a loser-out match.)

(7) ICS [12.5] versus (10) Interlake B [12.0]
(11) Issaquah B [5.5] versus (6) Overlake [12.5]

(The winners of these two matches face-off in a winner-to-state match, while the losers of these two matches face-off in a loser-out match.)

Team pages and more tiebreak information is available at

KingCo Chess League Starts 2014-15 Season

Patrick Van Dyke reports on Facebook:

KingCo Chess League: Round 1:

The KingCo Chess League got underway today at Interlake High School. Fourteen teams, representing ten unique schools, gathered for the inaugural round. In the first of five Swiss rounds, the favorites mostly prevailed by 5-0 or 4-1 scores. The big surprise: 10th ranked Issaquah A held 3rd ranked Interlake B even to a 2.5- 2.5 draw.

While most of the overall match scores were relatively predictable, some of the games themselves were not. The most notable near-miss: Mercer Island’s Carlin Chuck was well on his way to a draw in a N+2P vs. N+2P ending when he lost on time against Redmond’s NM Daniel He.