National Chess Day in Vancouver WA

National Chess Day was Saturday October 13, 2018.

On that day a Simultaneous Exhibition by Grandmaster James Tarjan was held at the Vancouver Mall, 8700 NE Vancouver Mall Drive, Vancouver WA near Macy’s entrance to the mall by the large chess set on the lower level that gets a lot of play. Play took place over 14 boards and took about 3 hours. A mixture of adults and kids and one woman took part. This was a free event for players and spectators. The grandmaster won all his games.

The organizer was Russell (Rusty) Miller e-mail:

The sponsors were: Vancouver Mall, Northwest Chess, US Chess provided chess mags, Chess Butler provided chess books for prizes e-mail:, Esther Schrader, EinsteinWise Academy provided the sets and boards and their website is:, IQ Credit Union in Vancouver WA provided the pens for players to keep a score of their game.

Pictures of the event can be found on Russell’s flickr account:

Portland CC Fall Open Results

On National Chess Day weekend, Oct 12-13 49 players took part in a two day event at the Portland Chess Club. Lennart Bjorksten scored 4.5-.5 to top the 21 players in the Open Section and win $250.00. Perfect 5-0 score by Vinka Doddapaneni won the $175.00 top prize in the Reserve Section. Chief TD: GREGORI ALPERNAS

Crosstable on Portland CC website CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE for USCF crosstable.