2015 Oregon Senior

Carl Haessler of Lake Oswego Oregon won the event with 5-0 score.
Held August 1-2, 2015 at the Portland Chess Club. There were 20 players. This is the fifth time the event has been held for players age 50 and older. David Yoshinaga and Gregory Alpernas handled the TD tasks. This was an Oregon Chess Federation sponsored event.

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History of the Event.
15 players at the Oregon City Chess Club in 2014. Carl Haessler of Lake Oswego won with 5-0 score.
19 players at the Oregon City Chess Club in 2013. Victors Pupols of Kingston WA won with 4.5-.5
28 players at the Oregon City Chess Club in 2012. David Rupel of Olympia WA and Mike Morris of Portland tied for first with 4-1.
17 players at the Oregon City Chess Club in 2011 was the first one. Mike Morris and Steve Deeth tied for first with 4-1.

Jerrod Richards and Brian Berger have both played in all 5 events held. The following people have played in 4 of the 5 events: Carl Koontz, Mike Hasuike, Mike Morris, Christpher Burris, Carl Haessler, Gregory Markowski and Dave Prideaux.

New Oregon Jr. Champ

Yogi Saputra, a senior at Clackamas High School, won the 2014 Oregon Junior Closed. The event was a 6 player round robin played at G/90; d5 time control. He was the top rated player in the event and scored 3.5-1.5. The sponsoring affiliate was the Oregon Chess Federation. Michael Morris of Portland was the tournament director for the event held November 8-9, 2014.

See the USCF crosstable.

Portland results: Club Championship & Oregon Class

Two important events recently concluded in Portland:

2014 Portland Chess Club Championship

This 5-round 16-player event, held on consecutive Tuesdays September 30-October 28, ended in a three-way tie, with Nick Raptis, Brian John Esler and Alex Grom scoring 4 of 5 points, each losing only one game to one of the other co-winners. See the USCF crosstable.

Oregon Class Championships

The Oregon Class Championships were held November 1-2, 2014 at the Lloyd Center DoubleTree Hotel, sponsored by the Oregon Chess Federation. Winners by class were as follows: Master/Expert – Aaron Grabinsky and Yogi Saputra (4 of 5 points); Class A – Seth Talyansky (4 of 5) with two draws; Class B – James McAleer and Aaron Nicoski (4 of 5) each with two draws; Class C – Jack McClain (4 of 5) with two draws; Class D (U1400) – Tony Midson and Karl Wallulis (4 of 5) each with either two draws or a draw and half-point bye. Both raised their rating to over 1400. See the USCF crosstable.

Photo description (by Mike Morris): The C Section had a stand-alone winner in the person of Jack Woo McClain, who turned his 4.0 points into hard cash, to the tune of $260—a lot of money for a very young player, who should have taken pity on a second-round player who must be nearly seven times his age!

Jack Woo McClain shows prize check from Oregon Class.

Jack Woo McClain shows prize check from Oregon Class.

2014 Oregon Championship Results

Nick Raptis, during round 1 of the 2014 Oregon Championship. Photo credit: Russell Miller

Nick Raptis of Portland repeated his win of 2013 to take 1st place in the 2014 Oregon Championship with 7-2 score. 2nd place in the 10 player round robin went to Daniel Gay of Tigard at 6.5-2.5. A former state champion Corey Russell of Medford took third place. Both he and Raptis had 6 points going into the last round. They were paired and Raptis won the game.

Raptis has quite a history in the event. He has won in 2014, 2013, 2001 plus a tie for 1st in 2005. He first played in 1992. 2014 was the 17th time for him to play in the annual tournament first held in 1961. See the complete list of winners and crosstables in the NORTHWEST CHESS website under history.

Gregori Alpernas was the chief TD for the FIDE and USCF Rated event held at the Portland Chess Club. Jon Fortune and Neil Dale were other TDs helping out.
Check the Portland Chess Club website for all the game scores.

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Group photo by Russell Miller includes the TD.
Group photo by Russell Miller includes the TD.

In the picture: seated (left to right) Aaron Grabinsky, Carl Haessler, the tournament director Grisha Alpernas, FM Corey Russell, Steven Deeth; standing (left to right) Corbin Yu, Lennart Bjorksten, FM Nick Raptis, Daniel Gay, Brian Esler, Jason Cigan.

Oregon Class Championships 2013 Results

57 players in 6 sections played chess Nov 2-3, 2013 at Lloyd Center Double Tree Hotel. The Oregon Chess Federation was the USCF affiliate and Grisha Alpernas of Lake Oswego was the Chief TD with Jonathan Fortune of Tualatin as his assistant. Carl Haessler of Lake Oswego and Steven Deeth of Beaverton both scored 3.5-1.5 to top the Top Section of 10 players. Micah Smith of Vancouver scored 4-1 to win the A Section of 11 players and push his rating over 2000. The B Section of 14 players was won with 4.5-.5 score by David Murray of Portland. His rating went up to Class A. The C Section had 12 players and a 4.5-.5 top score by Dagadu Gaikwad of Beaverton whose rating went up to Class B. The D was a win for Aaron Probst of Ridgefield, WA at 4.5-.5 over 9 other players.