Oregon All Stars Results

On Oct 9, 2015 there was a many sections scholastic event held in Salem. Jeff Dobbins was the chief TD.

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16 kids Played in their first US Chess event. 121 took part in US Chess rated sections.

OES Aardvark Scholatic Tournament Results

Photo Credit: Dennis Chang
Photo Credit: Dennis Chang

Oregon Episcopal School in Portland Oregon on March 8, 2014 was the site of a 6 section event directed by Dennis Chang.
18 players in the Kings Section had two players score 3.5-.5, Praveer Sharan of Oak Creek School in Lake Oswego and Colin Lin of Jacob Wismer Elementary School in Portland.
Rooks Section of 20 players had a 5-0 winner, Mason Bagoyo of Whitford Middle School in Beaverton, Oregon.
Bishops Section had another 5-0 score winner, Egan Wong of Jacob Wismer Elementary.
Knights A Section with 24 players top score was 4.5-.5 by Kelly Ryu of Sylvan Middle School in Portland.
Knights B Section also 24 players top score was 5-0 by Neeraj Javadekar of Stoller Middle School in Portland.
Pawns Section winner was Nathaniel Tan of Orenco Elementary School in Hillsboro. He had a perfect 5-0 score in the 29 player section.

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March Madness Scholastic Event

On March 8, 2014 Jerry Ramey directed 4 section event of scholastic chess at South Eugene High School in Eugene Oregon.

Aaron Grabinsky a home schooled student of Coquille, Oregon with a 4-0 score won the 8 player Elite 8 section.

With 3.5-.5 Nathan Arthurs of Lincoln Middle School in Pullman Washington won the Advanced section in which 14 players took part.

The Intermediate Section of 21 players had a top scorer at 5-0, Jimmy Wang of Edison Elementary School in Eugene, Oregon.

23 players in the Novice Section. 4.5-.5 by Andy Xing of Prairie Mountain Elementary School in Eugene, Oregon won that section.

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The top two sections were USCF dual rated. CLICK HERE for those crosstables.

2nd Annual Wildcat Classic Scholastic Results

Redland Elementary School in Oregon City, Oregon held a tournament on March 1, 2014. April Albers was the tournament director.
The Kings section was won by Ethan Allison with 5-0.
The Rooks section winner with 4-1 was Allen Shang of Lake Oswego Junior High.
Grace Trieu of Woodstock Elementary School in Portland won the Bishops section with 5-0.


For The Love of Chess Results

Conger Elementary School in Klamath Falls, Oregon was the site on Feb 22, 2014 of Oregon Scholastic Chess Federation qualifier tournament. Marvin Dykstra was the tournament director. 20 players took part.

Tai Pruce-Zimmerman of Klamath Falls, an adult played in his first Chess Ratings Northwest event and won the tournament 5-0.

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2014 Metzger Winter Classic Scholastic Event Results

Tigard Oregon was the site of this event with the sponsoring USCF affiliate being the Oregon Scholastic Chess Federation. Jeff Risher was the Chief TD. A perfect 4-0 score by Corbin Frias of Beaveton won the 16 player USCF rated event Kings section which was dual rated by USCF and Chess Ratings Northwest.

Another 4-0 score won the Rooks Section and that was by Kushal Pai of Portland over 25 other players.

The Bishops A section of 31 players was won by another perfect score, 5-0 by Melissa Phung of Hillsboro. The Bishops B section of 18 players was a three way tie for 1st at the 4-1 score by William Guo of Portland, Anish Goswami of Wilsonville and Jacob Strayer of Hillsboro.

The Knights A section had 24 players and topped by a 5-0 score by Orie Zadok of Portland. The Knights B Section also finished with a 5-0 score by Linus Hoyt of Portland.

The event was held January 11, 2014.

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