1st Annual Rose City Sections

2015 the Portland Chess Club held a different kind of event from what they usually hold. Sections of players by ratings.

The Open/U1900 section had four players score 3-1: Nick Raptis, Lennart Bjorksten and Jason Cigan plus Christopher Burris. There were 15 players in this section.

The U1700 section had 7 players and Gavin Zhang topped the field with 3.5-.5.

The combined U/1500 and U1300 had 7 players. Nathan Lee scored 3.5-.5 to top this section.

Micah Smith and Michael Lilly handled the TD tasks.

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2015 Clark Harmon Memorial

35 players took part in the tournament held at the Portland Chess Club on April 11-12, 2015.

Lennart Bjorksten won the event with a 4.5 – .5 score. Three players scored 4-1: Nick Raptis, Jason Cigan, Becca Lampman.

Mike Janniro and Mike Morris handled the TD tasks. This event alternates between sites in Washington and Oregon in memory of Clark Harmon a many time Oregon Chess Champ, a chess organizer from the late 1950s until the time of his death several years ago.

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Portland Spring Open results

(L) Lennart Bjorksten vs Nick Raptis

Lennart Bjorksten vs Nick Raptis; Photo Credit: Brian Berger

One of the TD’s reports:
Mike Lilly – Congratulations to the winners:
Open –
first under 2000 BRENT BAXTER

Reserve –
tie for first & second Jack Woo McClain and Conor O’Sullivan
first under 1600 Danny Phipps


Some late February results

Results and USCF cross tables for some tournaments held (or completed) in the Northwest in late February:

Spokane Winter Championship (ended Feb. 26) – Darren Russell won with a perfect 5.0 score, raising his rating from 1898 to 1955. USCF cross table link.

Seattle February Tornado (Feb. 22) – Dereque Kelley won with a perfect 4.0 score, raising his rating from 2192 to 2208. USCF cross table link.

Portland February G/60 (Feb. 28) – Nick Raptis and Michael Goffe tied for first, each with a perfect 4.0 score. Had there been another round, they would have played each other in this 31-player event. Raptis, who is also the Oregon chess champion, is now rated 2402, and Goffe 1931. USCF cross table link.

Raptis starts new year with Gresham win

Nick Raptis started the new year right by winning the annual Gresham Open, held Jan. 3-4 at the Mt. Hood Community College. Raptis scored 4.5 of 5, drawing only Lennart Bjorksten, who finished in a three-way tie for second place with Aaron Grabinsky and Yogi Saputra, all with 4 points. Raptis is a frequent winner in the Oregon section of the Northwest Chess Grand Prix, and this was one of the first two GP events of the new year, along with the Seattle Saturday Quads. See the USCF crosstable, which shows results for all 47 players directed by Neil Dale.

Portland Chess Club Nov G/60 Event results

Couple of young players at the event. Megan Cheng and Marcus Chi-Kin Leung
Couple of young players at the event. Megan Cheng and Marcus Chi-Kin Leung.

Photo Credit: Brian Berger.

Phillip Seiter of Portland scored 4-0 to top 17 other players on Nov 22 in an event held at the Portland Chess Club. Neil Dale was the tournament director. Phillip appears to be a fairly recent resident of Oregon. He has lots of events in California and Ohio that I noticed on the USCF MSA pages.

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November Portland CC Quad 45 Event results


Micah Smith and Mike Lilly directed the event held Nov 15th at the Portland Chess Club. They had 12 players in two sections including two unrated players.

Time control for these events is G/45 with 5 second delay. Mike Lilly won the 8 player Swiss with 3-0. Two players scored 2.5-.5 in the 4 player quad for the higher rated players who took part, Jeff Austin and Moshe Rachmuth.

Brian Berger took the photo of Micah Smith at the computer that helps run Portland CC club events. Sure a lot less work than the old days of pairing cards and hand written wall charts and makes reporting to USCF to get the event rated quick and easy.

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