Portland CC April Game in 60 results

Nick Raptis
photo by Russell Miller, not taken at Seattle Spring event but at a Portland event.

Nick Raptis of Portland once again won the Portland Chess Club’s monthly Game in 60 event. This time with a 4-0 score. 27 players took part in the event held April 27 under the direction of Gregori Alpernas of Lake Oswego. Sean O’Connell of Hubbard, OR finished clear 2nd with 3.5-.5. 3rd – 7th place with 3-1 scores were: Gunther Jacobi, Micah Smith of Vancouver WA, Dillon Murray of Gresham, Aaron Nicoski of Vancouver WA and Ralph Anthony of Mukilteo, WA.

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Nick Raptis Wins Harmon Memorial 5-0

Sean Tobin reports on Facebook:

Congratulations to my good friend Nick Raptis who won the HARMON MEMORIAL in a last round thrilla! Way to go champ!! Nick sacked his Queen for a Rook, Knight and pawn and won in style against a super solid expert. No easy task with all the marbles on the line in the final round. Congrats to Jerry Sherrard (Shared top U2000!), Jason Cigan, Adam Culbreth, Scott Levin (Shared top U2000!), Daniel Gay, Mike Goffe, Nathan Khingratsaphone, Dean Di Pietrantonio, Jazon Samillano, Brian Berger, Tom Greger and Mike Hasuike for playing in the big event. Scott Levin revealed himself to be a giant killer just before our match starts this Wednesday by taking down ultra tough Daniel Gay and solid expert Richard Gutman … finishing on 4 out of 5! Adam Culbreth took down a solid 1800 in the final round to land feet first in a big old stack of greenbacks! Congrats to all of my many friends who participated in this event!

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David Rupel of Olympia was 2nd with a 4.5-.5 score.

The crosstable with the prize money won can be found on the Portland CC website, CLICK HERE.

Support Plaid Pantry stores as a donation from them made for a larger prize fund for this event than in previous years.

Portland Chess Club March Quads Results

Portland CC Officers and Dues
Portland CC Officers and Dues

Played March 5-26, 2013 at the Portland Chess Club was the monthly Quads Event under the direction of Mike Morris of Portland. Time control for the event was 40/90, SD/30 d5. The Upper Section of 8 players was won with 3-1 by Jerry Sherrad of Portland. This result pushed his USCF rating above 2000 for the first time in his 9 year playing career. 4 players took part in the Lower Section. A 2-1 score was recorded by both Sean O’Connell of Hubbard, Oregon and Arlis Dietz of Portland.

Your reporter was at the Club on March 26 with his camera. Not all the players were there that day.

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Portland CC March 2013 BLITZ

The Portland Chess Club plans to hold a BLITZ tournament with G/5 time control on the Third Thursday of each month. The first one was held on March 21 with 8 players taking part. Mike Morris of Portland was the tournament director. Yaman Tezcan of Portland finished in 1st place with an 11-3 score. BLITZ is a new rating system started by USCF. It appears that your regular USCF rating is used for your first rating.

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Portland Spring Open 2013

Nick Raptis of Portland won yet another chess tournament. This time the Portland Chess Club, Portland Spring Open 2013 held March 16-17. His score of 5-0 topped the 16 player Open Section. The Reserve Section had 21 players and ended in first place tie at 4-1 between Aaron Nicoski of Vancouver Washington and Peter Donchenko of Portland. Gregori Alpernas of Lake Oswego handled the direction.

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Nick Raptis photo by Russell Miller
Nick Raptis
photo by Russell Miller

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