Richland March Madness Results

Lots of kids in Richland Washington on March 1, 2014 under the direction of Gregg Delmon Dillingham.

Lots of clear section winners:
Section K-1 under 800 rating was won by Colin Shen of Sacajawea Elementary School in Richland with 4.5-.5 score. 24 players in this section.
Section K-3 Open another 4.5-.5 score won, Patrick Kovels of Christ The King School in Richland. 10 players in this section.
The Grade 2-3 section had 39 players and a clear winner at 5-0, Bishan Zheng of Lewis & Clark Elementary School in Richland.
26 players in the Grade 4 under 800 rated section and another 5-0 score by Jocelyne Neri of Virgie Robinson Elementary in Pasco.
The Grade 4-6 Open had 27 players and another 5-0 winner, Christopher Rausch of Lewis & Clark Elementary in Richland.
Also a perfect 5-0 score in 41 player Grade 5-6 under 800 rating section by Santos De Lee of John McLoughlin Middle School in Pasco.
Only 11 players in the Grade 7-12 section won by three players with 4-1 scores: Tony Ngo of John McLoughlin Middle School, Elijah Perez of Bethlehem Lutheran School in Kennewick and Marcus Hernandez of John McLoughlin Middle School.