2015 WA State Championship Results

Roland and TrophyBelow are the final results of the 2015 WA State Championship, Premier, and Invitational Round Robins in order of tie-breaks.
A link to the USCF rating report can be found here.
Full results with crosstables can be viewed here.
Games from the first weekend can be found here and from the second weekend here.


NM Roland Feng 2295 6.5 1st $1,440
FM Costin Cozianu 2466 6.0 2nd $800
NM Bryce Tiglon 2258 5.5 = 3rd/4th $400
FM Curt Collyer 2313 5.5 = 3rd/4th $400
FM Tian Sang 2350 5.0 5th $160
FM David Bragg 2200 4.0
NM Daniel He 2227 4.0
FM William Schill 2215 3.5
NM Samuel He 2233 3.5
LM Viktors Pupols 2202 1.5


Derek Zhang 2061 6.5 1st $450
Kyle Haining 2090 6.0 = 2nd-4th $166.67
NM Michael MacGregor 2188 6.0 = 2nd-4th $166.67
Kevin Gafni 2077 6.0 = 2nd-4th $166.67
NM David Levine 2200 5.0 5th $50
NM Harley Greninger 2158 4.0
Cameron Leslie 2081 3.5
James Colasurdo 2059 3.5
FM Paul Bartron 2120 3.0
Anath Gottumukkala 1278 1.5


Chouchanik Airapetian 2017 7.0 1st $225
Neo Olin 1910 6.5 2nd $125
David Arganian 2000 6.0 3rd $75
Badamkhand Norovsambuu 2056 4.5 = 4th/5th $25
Alan Bishop 2000 4.5 = 4th/5th $25
Vikram Ramasamy 1880 4.5 = 4th/5th $25
Ryan Ackerman 1842 4.0
Michael Hosford 1954 3.5
Travis Olson 1860 2.5
Joseph Kiiru 1891 2.0

Thanks to everyone for taking part and making this such a wonderful event!  Any feedback/suggestions to improve the tournament are welcome.

Van Dyke sweeps Seattle Club Championship with perfect score

Congratulations to Patrick Van Dyke for dominating the annual Seattle Chess Club Championship, winning with a perfect 7-0 score, while second place (Fred Kleist and Michael James Hosford) was 2.5 points behind with 4.5 of 7. The 17-player event was held on Friday evenings in September and October at the club. Despite his perfect score, Van Dyke only gained 22 rating points (2141 to 2163) due to his initial high rating and the lower ratings of all his opponents. See the USCF crosstable.

The Seattle CC November Quads were held on Saturday November 1, 2014 in three sections. Section winners were Roland Feng (2 of 3 points); Peter O’Gorman and Boas Lee (2.5 of 3) and Sujatha Chalasani (2.5 of 3). See the USCF crosstable.

Two-way tie in Seattle October Tornado

Two local expert-rated chess players, Ethan Bashkansky and Kyle Haining, drew each other and tied for first, with 3 of 4 points, in the Seattle Chess Club October Tornado, held on October 12 at the club. Each player also had a half-point bye. “Tornado” refers to the relatively fast time control, G/60 with 5-second delay. There were 13 players altogether, with four scoring 2.5 to tie for 3rd – 6th place. The tournament was directed by Fred Kleist as usual.

See the USCF cross table.

More September Portland and Seattle results

Portland Chess Club September Quads (Tuesday evenings 9/9 to 9/23):
The upper section, run as a 6-player Swiss, was won by Sean O’Connell with 2.5 of 3 points. The middle section was won by Arliss Dietz with a perfect score of 3. The lower section was won by Ken Harry with 2 of 3 points.
USCF crosstable link.

Portland Chess Club Game/60 (Saturday 9/27):
Phillip Seitzer tied Jason Cigan for first place; each scored a perfect 4 points in the four-round event. Seitzer is now rated 2190, close to master strength, and Cigan is rated 2132.
USCF crosstable link.

Seattle Chess Club September Tornado (Sunday 9/28):
Gabriel Tafalla emerged the winner, scoring 3.5 of 4 points, and raising his rating nearly 100 points from 1821 to 1916.
USCF crosstable link.

NM David Golub wins Seattle Fall Open

NM David Golub, who also plays for the Seattle Sluggers, won the Seattle Fall Open held at the Seattle Chess Club, September 19-21, 2014. Golub scored 4.5 of 5, drawing only FM Nick Raptis, who tied with Samuel He with 4 points. (Raptis and He also drew.) Samuel He raised his rating to the master level, from 2197 to 2219. There was also a reserve section, won by Neal Bonrud with 4.5 of 5.

USCF crosstable link.

Ivanov wins Seattle August Tornado

Making only his second USCF tournament appearance, Ventsislav Ivanov won the Seattle Chess Club August Tornado held August 24, 2014 with a perfect 4.0 score. Ivanov raised his regular provisional rating to 1997, and his quick provisional rating to 1716. Tied for second place were Viktors Pupols and Brendan Zhang, each drawing two games (including against each other) for a score of 3.0, and Neo Olin, also with 3.0. USCF crosstable link.

Some recent event results

Seattle July Tornado (sometimes called the Sunday Tornado), held July 27, 2014 at the Seattle Chess Club. Ethan Bashkansky and Zixiao Han draw each other and tied for first with 3.5 out of 4 points. Both are now expert-rated, with Han having a provisional rating. See the USCF crosstable.

Tacoma Open, held August 2, 2014 at the Tacoma Chess Club. The winner was Bryce Tiglon with a perfect score of 3.0. He raised his USCF rating to 2247. See the USCF crosstable.

Vancouver Open was held by the WCF August 9-10, 2014 in Vancouver, Washington. There were three sections. David Golub won the Open section with an impressive 4.5 out of 5 score, drawing only Nick Raptis (who finished second along with Kevin Gafni with 4.0) in the final round. Golub is now rated over 2300, as is Raptis. See the USCF crosstables.