Seattle Chess Club January Quads Results

22 players in 5 sections under the direction of Fred Kleist took part in the event at the Seattle CC on Jan 4, 2014. Bryce Tiglon won the top section 2.5-.5. A 3-0 score by Toshihiro Nagase won the next section. Benjamin Brusniak also scored 3-0 to top the third section. Both Boas Lee and John Wheaton scored 2.5-.5 in the 4th section. Perfect 3-0 score by Pratik Padhi topped a 6 player section.

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Seattle Chess Club Extravaganza

Seattle Chess Club
Seattle Chess Club

40 players took part in a two section event at the Seattle Chess Club on Nov 15-17, 2013. 17 players were in the top section. Top score was 5-2 by Roland Feng and Bryce Tiglon. This score pushed Bryce’s rating to 2199. It was 2079 in Jan 2013! They drew with each other in round 5. Two players had 4.5-2.5: Viktors Pupols and Kyle Haining.

23 players were in the Reserve Section won with a 6-1 score by Dan Mathews. In 2nd place at 5.5-1.5 was Stephen Buck. He and Dan drew in round 4. Buck’s rating went over 1800 so this might be his last Reserve Section play as they are usually for players under 1800.