Seattle Chess Club July Tornado Results

Part of playing room at Seattle CC

16 players in 4 quads took part on July 6, 2013 at the Seattle Chess Club. Fred Kleist was the tournament director. Michael Lin of California scored 2.5-.5 to win the top section quad. Kyle Haining and Anthony He both scored 2-1 to top the 2nd quad. Dalton He’s score of 3-0 won his section. Breck Haining scored 2.5-.5 to win the 4th section.

CLICK HERE for USCF crosstable of the event.

16 Players Take Part in Seattle CC June Quads

Fred Kleist of Seattle directed the 4 quads held on June 8. Michael Lin of California won the top quad with 3-0 and pushed his rating above 2200. Ben Wyde scored 3-0 to top his quad. 2.5-.5 by Rafik Robeal won his quad. Another 3-0 score by Freya Gulamali topped her quad section. Time control for the event was Game/120; d5.

USCF Crosstables click HERE.

Seattle Chess Club May Quads Results

One of many wall hangings at the Seattle Chess Club
One of many wall hangings at the Seattle Chess Club

26 players in 7 sections played at the Seattle Chess Club on May 11, 2013. Fred Kleist handled the TD tasks. Section A had all master rated players and 3 of the 4 players in the section scored 2-1: Nat Koons of Kenmore, David Bragg of Bothell and Viktors Pupols of Kingston. Section B was won with 2-1 score by Skylor Fryberg. Section C was won by Bellevue resident Faris Gulamali 3-0. Section D winner at 2.5-.5 was Boas Lee. Section E top finisher at 2.5-.5 was Eric Zhang of Sammamish. Ilya Tsemekhman scored 3-0 to win the 5 player Mini-Swiss Section.