Harmon Memorial TLA

Clark Harmon
Clark Harmon

May 2-4 or 3-4 Harmon Memorial

2 Sections. Open & Reserve (U1800): 5SS, 30/90, SD/60 d5, (2-Day Option, Rd. 1, G/60 d5). Seattle Chess Club, 2150 North 107th St., Seattle, WA 98133. 206-417-5405. $$1,000/b40. Open: $200-125, U2100 $100, U1900 $100. Reserve (U1800): $150-100, U1600 $75, U1400 $75, U1200 $75. Foreign ratings used for players with no USCF rating. EF: $50 if postmarked or online by 04/30, $60 at site. Free entry for GMs, IMs, WGMs. Registration: Fri. (5/2) 7-7:45pm. Rds.: Fri. 8pm, Sat. 12:30pm & 6pm, Sun. 11am & 4:30pm. 2-Day Schedule: Registration Sat (5/3) 9-9:45am. Rds.: Sat 10am, then merges with 3-Day Schedule. Bye: limit 2, request before end of Rd. 2. Memb. Req’d: $25 ($19 juniors). OSA. ENT: Checks payable to Washington Chess Federation. Mail to: Dan Mathews, 749 Somerset Ln., Edmonds, WA 98020-2646. Info: danomathews01@gmail.com, 425-218-7529. : www.nwchess.com/onlineregistration. NS. NC. W.

President’s Cup Result

Photo by Duane Polich.
Photo by Duane Polich.

Duane Polich reports on Facebook: (edited and additional info by Russell Miller)

The Washington State President’s Cup took place February 15th and 16th at the Seattle Chess Club. 68 players took part. The event ended in a three way tie for first. Peter Lessler of Seattle , Samuel He of Redmond, WA and Patrick Van Dyke of Maple Valley, WA each ended up with 3.5 points. Samuel He came out on top and took the seed into the 2015 Premier event by coming out on top in a grueling blitz playoff match that went into double overtime. The event was held as a replacement for the Invitational tournament, so more people could watch the State Championship and Premier which was going on at the same time.

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There are more pictures on the Facebook post, CLICK HERE.

Washington Junior Open and Reserve Results

Tournament Director David Hendricks.
Tournament Director David Hendricks.

Lots of kids played chess on January 20, 2014 under the direction of David Hendricks. Two players topped the Open section with 3.5-.5 scores, Kyle Haining of Lake Forest Park and Derek Zhang of Bellevue. Haining won the G/10 playoff game. The Under 1600 rating section was topped by two 4-0 scores Nate Getz of Bellevue and Revanth Pothukuchi of Bothell. The under K-3 1400 section had one perfect 5-0 score by Gene Yeng of Bellevue. The K-1 under 800 also was won with 5-0 score by Aaron Bogolyubov of Bellevue . The 4-12 under 1400 section had two 4.5-.5 scores by Jared Huang of Shoreline and Justin Chen of Bellevue. Grades 2-3 under 800 section had a perfect 5-0 score by Ethan Saw of Bellevue. Grades 4-6 under 900 rating section also had a 5-0 score by Ashley Mead of Edmonds.

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Top 10 Players to take part in WCF events in 2013

Top Rated Players for Affiliate

(Players With 1 or more Events by this Affiliate in Last Year are shown.)

Rank USCF ID Name State Rating Date Published Events
1 12869121 FM COSTIN COZIANU WA 2478 2013-04-01 1
2 20058328 IM RAY KAUFMAN CA 2398 2014-01-01 2
3 12626859 FM SLAVA MIKHAILUK WA 2385 2013-07-01 1
4 12470662 FM NICK RAPTIS OR 2375 2014-01-01 3
5 14160594 FM TIAN SANG WA 2330 2013-09-01 2
6 12517518 FM CURT D COLLYER WA 2299 2014-01-01 4
7 13631615 ROLAND FENG WA 2273 2014-01-01 6
8 12826891 JOSHUA CHRISTOPHER SINANAN WA 2254 2014-01-01 5
9 12689583 FM IGNACIO PEREZ WA 2246 2013-07-01 2
10 13483694 DAVID GOLUB WA 2238 2014-01-01 4

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2013 Washington Class Results

149 players in 10 sections, including reentered players, took part.

USCF Crosstables CLICK HERE. See page of photos on the NWC website.

The master section with 20 players was won with a 5.5-.5 score. Nick Raptis of Portland was that player. At 4-2 were: Roland Feng, Bryce Tiglon and Daniel He.

Expert Section with 17 players was a 3 way tie for 1st with 4.5-1.5 scores by Ethan Bashkansky, Sara May of Vancouver WA and John Donjas of British Columbia.

Class A section of 25 players was a two way tie for 1st place at 5-1 by Micah Smith of Vancouver WA and Skylor Fryberg.

Class B Section had a clear winner at 5.5-.5 score by Travis Olson. There were 30 players in this section. At 4.5-1.5 score group were Dan Mathews and Naomi Bashkansky.

Class C Section drew 15 players to the event. Two players scored 5-1: Trevor Jung and Robin Li-Yang Tu and only one player Howard Hare scored 4-2.

Class D Section had 32 players and another 5.5-.5 score. That score was by Neil Doknjas of British Columbia. Three players had 4.5-1.5: Jason Yu, Andreas Farny and Nate Getz.

Class E Section was topped by Emily Saletan with 5-1. Those with 4-2 were Jed McCaw, Alexius Buntaran and Alexander Popescu.

9 players took part in a Under 1000 rating section. Another 5.5-.5 score won this section. George Michailov. Only one 4-2 score by Ethan Huang in this section.

A BLITZ tournament of 10 players was won by Yaman Tezcan with 9.5-.5. In second place at 6.5-3.5 was Luke Pulfer.

Fred Kleist of the Seattle Chess Club was the chief TD with assistance from Gary Dorfner of the Tacoma Chess Club. Mostly players from Washington but several from British Columbia. The event was open to all.

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Washington G/60 Championship Results

Report by WCF Secretary Gary Dorfner:

The Washington G/60 tournament was held at the Tacoma CC on Nov. 9th. 7 players showed up for this event. The winners were: 1st Viktors Pupols 4.0 $40.00, 2nd Ralph Anthony 3.0 $30.00, U1600 Richard Sewell 2.0 $25.00, U1400 Ronald Purbaugh 1.0 $25.00. TD for this event was Gary Dorfner. There was one upset when Ralph Anthony (1716) defeated Paul Bartron (2138).

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Tri-Cities Open Results

Group Photo of players in the event.

Washington Chess Federation reported on Facebook:

FM David Bragg and NM Josh Sinanan tied for first place at the Tri-Cities Open with 4/5 points. 20 players took part. The tournament was run by WCF officers Josh Sinanan, Dan Mathews, Duane Polich, and Robert Allen.

Report by WCF Secretary Gary Dorfner:

The Tri-Cities Open was held in Richland, Wash. There were 20 players in all. They came from California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho. The winners were: 1st-2nd Josh Sinanan and David Bragg 4.0 $75.00 each, U2000 Mark Havrilla, Steve Fabian and Michael Hosford 3.0 $16.75 each, U1700 Dan Mathews and Olga Cherepakhin 3.0 $25.00 each, U1400 Alden Ortolano and Donald Shoemaker 2.0 $25.00 each. TD’s for this event were Dan Mathews and Robert Allen.

USCF crosstable link.

Challengers Cup

The annual Washington Chess Federation event drew 66 players in two sections of 33 players each. The Seattle Chess Club was the playing site with Fred Kleist directing. Curt Collyer of Seattle won the Challenger section with 3.5-.5. Reserve Section ended in a tie for first at 4.5-.5 between Robert Allen of Tacoma and Vikran Ramasamy of Kirkland. All but one lone player from British Columbia were from Washington.

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Information added by WCF Secretary Gary Dorfner:

The Washington Challengers’ Cup was held Oct. 26-27 at the Seattle Chess Club. There were in all, 33 players in the Open and 33 players in the Reserve. The winners were: Open Section 1st Curt Collyer 3.5 $255.00 (he will be seeded into the state championship); 2nd Josh Sinanan, Dereque Kelley, David Bragg, Harley Greninger and Bryce Tiglon 3.0 $32.00 each; 1st U2100 Jofrel Landingin 2.5 $125.00; 1st U1900 Nicolo Gelb 2.5 $125.00. Reserve Section 1st-2nd Robert Allen and Vikram Ramasamy 4.5 $157.50 each; 1st U1600 Breck Haining and Zuberi Wilson 3.0 $47.50 each; 1st U1400 Eugene Chin 2.0 $95.00; 1st U1200 Cheyenne Zhang and Augustus Herbst 1.5 $47.50 each. TD for this event was Fred Kleist.