Susan Polgar Foundation Girls Invitational

SPGI 2013 111medThe girls in the 2013 SPFGI tournament in St. Louis. Six Northwest players are participating.

Frank Niro is Chief TD. Martha Underwood and Jeff Roland are Assistant TD’s.

The six girls in no particular order from the Northwest represented in the tournament are:

Becca Lampman (WA)
Alexandra Botez (Canada)
Carmen Pemsler (ID)
Andrea Botez (Canada)
Olga Cherepakhin (WA)
Jessica Ross (OR)

Wrap-up on Chess Life online

GM Yasser Seirawan reminisces with former USCF Executive Director, Frank Niro, at the Northwest Chess hospitality table in Vancouver. Phoro credit: Al Lawrence

Al Lawrence’s final report for Chess Life Online gives mention of NWC ‘stalwarts’ and has another shot of the Pupols-Seirarwan photo. The piece is positive towards the Vancouver venue and it also gives some acknowledgement to the Webster University team sweep of the G/15, blitz and open events.

Click here to view the article.

Webster University team members Andre Diamant, Manuel Leon Hoyos (seated) and Vitaly Niemer completed an unprecedented sweep of the Blitz, Open and G/15 events at the 2012 US Open in Vancouver, WA. Photo credit: Susan Polgar Chess Daily News and Information.