finding a mate in 10

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finding a mate in 10

Postby PaulWeaver » Thu Oct 14, 2010 10:18 pm

In this case I was analyzing a correspondence game which began 1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 d5 3 exd5 Qxd5 4 Nc3 Qd8?? 5 Nxe5 f6 6 Qh5+

At the time I thought it was a simple win of the exchange. It is a little more complicated than that. More details later. It is a game in progress.

Anyway I got to analyzing what happens if black plays 6 ... Ke7. There is a simple win of the exchange to be had. But much better is getting the king! Here is the line:

7 Qf7+ Kd6 8 Ne4+! Kxe5 9 f4+!!

the simple mates are

1) 9 ... Kc4 10 Qc4 mate

2) 9 ... Kf5 10 Ng3+
a) 10 ... Kxf4 11 d4+ mates
b) 10 ... Kg4 11 Be2+ Kxf4 12 d4 mate

3) 9 ... Kxf4 10 d4+!!
a) 10 ... Kxe4 6 Bd3 mate
b) 10 ... Kg4 11 Be2+ Kf5 12 Ng3 mate
c) 10 ... Kf5 11 Ng3+ Kg4 12 Qh5 mate

4) 9 ... Kxe4 10 d3+!! Kf5 11 g4+ Kxg4 12 Rg1+ Kh4 13 Be3! and black will only delay the mate by sacrificing the queen and bishop.
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