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The book on Steinitz

PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2011 10:56 pm
by PaulWeaver
This thin volume (containing 80 games) published by Dover sat on my shelf many years. I recently took it off the shelf and gradually played through all the games in the book. Steinitz was awesome! Soltis wrote that he was the first great attacking player to become a defensive master. This man was ahead of his time. Any modern player would understand well what was going on when he retreated his knight. He understood building. Among the first to do so. Witness his games against Anderson, Blackburn, and the botched game vs. Lasker in the 1896 match. A very interesting pair of games are the Petroff affairs with Pillsbury from 1896. Unbelievable the way the 60 year old master goes head to head with the great champion and walks away with two creditable victories. Incidentally he beat the man +4, 2= in that tournament to finish 2nd!

The annotations are generally very good and what's nice is that they are concise. These games are well worth playing through and will reward study of them.

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