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a kodak moment at the square

PostPosted: Sat Jul 02, 2011 10:56 pm
by PaulWeaver
Last night I stopped by the square on my way home and there were some games in progress. One game caught my eye. It was being played with nice wooden pieces. It was a 5 minute game. A young oriental young man was playing white. the opening was a King's Indian, kingside fianchetto by white. No exchanges had taken place in the center yet. Black had played ... a5. I expected out of him ... exd4 followed by ... Nc5. He played something else. white surprised him with c5! black responded ... dxc5 and white played dxe5. rather than play ... Bxe5 which would give up his dark squared bishop to Nxe5 black moved his knight. White proceeded to get some great play with Bd6 and allowed black to take back a move when he left his queen hanging. the interesting development started with white playing Bc2 and Qd3. Observing I thought that black would defend with Bg8 (his King was h8. This is important) Anyway he moved his Knight on f5 and white played Qh7 which was mate but white didn't notice it was checkmate. Now black played Kg8! Still leaving his King in check. Only later on many moves later get his king out of check. About this time I winked at a fellow spectator who also knew what was going. He I remarked to him (a true kodak moment. He say anything. I remarked "I'm not going to interfere in the fight." Eventually white went on to lose on time in a completely won position. What is interesting is that black denied his king had been on h8. When I started watching the king was on h7 defending the pawn on h6.

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