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Alekhine's Best Games of chess 1908-1923

PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, 2011 8:39 pm
by PaulWeaver
Last night I finished playing through this game collection. If routine wins are comparable to getting a hit in baseball and briliiant wins are the equivalent of home runs Alekhine was Babe Ruth! The games in this volume are master's masterpieces. His annotations are second to none. The combination of analytical comments and variations are well balanced and extremely instructive. In the QGD for example he points out that Nc3-e4 is possible if black has allowed white to castle before initiative the Capablanca simplifying manuever. The remark to his game vs. Speyer stands out: "the decision could and should have been brought about by a direct attack upon the king" The final section of this volume deals with exhibition and consulation games. I was not disappointed at all by the quality of the games! The man was great!!!

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