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a pair of games under the microscope

PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2012 8:32 pm
by PaulWeaver
These days I am primarily a student of the game, though not that ambitious. I recently looked at Nimzovich-Tarrasch 1914 and Capablanca-Marshall 1918. Turning to I discovered that these games had a lot of commentary. Life Master AJ Goldsby did 20(!) pages of analysis on Nimzovich-Tarrasch. I also discovered a youtube presentation of this game. Of course the all star move in that game was ... d4!! by Tarrasch, the move which set up all the fireworks. It was pointed out that Tarrasch passed up a mate in two and went in for a long winded mating sequence. Playing through Capablanca-Marshall I observed that Capa really had to watch his step or Marshall would have blasted him. Capa got considerable praise at for finding his way through the maze over the board. Anyway, it does my heart good to see that others are looking at these old chestnuts and subjecting them to scrutiny.

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