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this year

PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2013 11:21 am
by PaulWeaver
Last year marked the 100th anniversity of Rubinstein's greatest year. This year? The centennial of St. Petersburg 1913, the tournament which sent Alekhine and Nimzovich to the same site for the grandmaster tournament a year later.

Thoughts on All the fanboys of Magnus Carlsson have something to cheer about. Here's hoping the red tape can be cut somehow and their man gets a shot at the belt. Here's hoping that Nakamura does do something this year and be more than a modern day Walter Browne and actually walk and the walk.

I ran across a great link not so long ago which supports my thought that ratings are inflate to the tune of 100-150 points. Garry and Bobby deserved their high ratings but 2800 for Carlsson? What's this 2700 crap for Tom, Dick and Harry grandmasters? Back in the day Portisch, Spassky, Korchnoi and Petrosian sported 2600+ ratings and todays ratings want to tell me that these players are weaker than today's chess gods?

Me? I'm hoping that Mamyrov (the Shark) continues his strong play (I'm not taking the Mindgames Rapids mediocre result seriously) and continue his climb into the world elite. Congrads to the man on tying the knot last year.

My own play? Perhaps some serious activity down at the square after a hibernation year.

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