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My Latest Moves

PostPosted: Sun Mar 31, 2013 10:19 pm
by PaulWeaver
I've been looking at Petrosian's games lately. Clarke is a good commentator. I saw Tigran taking apart a couple of Dutch Defenses, a dashing game vs. a Nimzoindian vs. Ilgenevsky, Grand strategy vs. Bondarevsky in the black side of a Benoni in which white played exd5 (Petrosian got the upper hand by ... b5! undermining the d pawns support. In that ending Clarke is right that 70 ... g5 is a slip which should have thrown away the win but he goofed in the analysis. After ... Nd6+ Kd2! is the right move. Incidentally Black has a win after Kb1? which allows a mating finish with ... a3! the latest game I looked at was his domolition of Barcza with the King's Indian Attack. Clearly Bobby took note! An amazing pileup of the point f6 takes place in that game.

Today I played the Russian at the square. After demolishing him with the Ruy I fell in a R vs. B ending in a hard fought battle. I looked up the ending afterward and confirmed what occurred to me on the bus ride home: the defender has to head for the corner square opposite the color of his bishop and he draws! One learns something new everyday!

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