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a good position

PostPosted: Thu Sep 12, 2013 12:04 am
by PaulWeaver
in the game Ward-Weaver 9/9/13 white lost on time in the following position: white: Kg1, Rf1, Ra1, f2, c2, b2, a3, h3, g3, Qf3, Be3, Nc3, Nd4

black: c4, d5, Nf6 a6, h7, g7, f7, Qc7, Kg8, Re8, Rc8, Bb8, Ba8

it is black's move. white has just got through playing g2-g3 which was forced by ... Ba7-b8. After looking at this position after the game 1 ... Ba7! appears to be the best move, keeping the pressure on and white's knight on d4 stalemated e.g. 2 Ndb5 Rxe3! or 2 Nf5 d4!! with great tactical play for black. After 1 ... Ba7 black has ... Qe5 followed by ... Rb8 to intensify the pressure.

comments and analysis are welcome.

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