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using knowledge

PostPosted: Wed Oct 23, 2013 7:39 pm
by PaulWeaver
Last night I was playing the Chess Titans program on my computer and an opportunity came up to transpose to a K and P ending. I thought on an old comment I read by Bent Larsen in annotation to one of his games (I think vs. Uhlmann in his '71 candidates match) "I sat there checking and rechecking the variations. If the King and Pawn ending doesn't win it may lose!" Anyway I transposed into it and to my surprise the computer played a weak line (I had envisioned a position where my queen is on h6 his pawn on g7 and his king on f8) and I won easily. I ran across a good post on the Fischer page at Seems Fischer had read the 1,000 chess books he had. Something to take note of! Read some and my god it is like throwing mud at a barn's door: some of it sticks!

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