crushing the center counter

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crushing the center counter

Postby PaulWeaver » Tue Apr 15, 2014 3:29 pm

Paul Weaver - Chess Titans (level 10) 4/15/14 Scandinavian 1 e4 d5 2 exd5 Qxd5 3 Nc3 Qa5 4 d4 c6 5 Bc4 Nf6 6 Ne2 (aiming to prevent the capture of the knight by ... Bg4 which can not be blocked by f3) b5 7 Bb3 b4 8 Na4 (reckoning on getting the knight back into play via Bd2 and a3) e5 9 exe5 Qxe5 10 0-0 (white is way ahead in development here!) Bg4 11 f3 Be6 12 Nf4! (black is hard up here. One can easily credit that he is going to lose material) Bd6 13 Re1 Bc5+ 14 Kh1 Ne4 15 Rxe4 Qd6 16 Qxd6 Bxd6 17 Bxe6 fxe6 18 Nxe6 Kf7 19 Ng5+ Kg8 20 Re8+ Bf8 21 Nc5 (a little ruthless play here) Nd7 22 Rxa8 Nxc5 23 Be3 Nb7 24 Rb8 Nd6 25 Bc5 h6 26 Bxd6 hxg5 27 Rxf8+ Kh7 28 Re1 and white won
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